10 Best Wear OS Watchfaces Apps to Use in 2024

Who doesn’t want to buy an excellent smartwatch? Smartwatches not only complement your appearance but also make a fashion statement. They have replaced the classic watch that we once wore due to changing trends. The designers’ daily introduction of newer styles and better technologies assures that people’s enthusiasm for these watches does not wane.
Imagine having the ability to modify the display of your smartwatch! Wouldn’t that be fantastic? WearOS for Android allows you to change the look of your wristwatch by changing the watchface. Their distinguishing characteristics make them an attractive product. Most smartwatches include a watchface.
However, you can change the watchfaces on your Android wear by utilizing specific apps, which is why this post exists. This article discusses the top WearOS watchface apps for improving the appearance and display of your wristwatch.

What exactly is a watchface?

A WearOS program can be used to describe a watchface as a service. Using the app, you may choose a watchface and have it displayed on your wristwatch. After installing a wear app, the user get access to a variety of watchfaces and can customize them using a watchface selector.
A plethora of apps are available on the market to assist you in selecting and applying different watchfaces. We have compiled a list of the top ten watchfaces apps available for download. Examine the key features carefully before deciding which one you want.
If you are a developer, Android Wear allows you to create your own watchfaces for your smartwatch, allowing you to display the time in novel ways by utilizing your wearable device’s display and interaction capabilities.
Data from the user’s body sensors, such as steps and heart rate, may also be received to show the user’s physical activity. However, due to the limitations of these devices in terms of screen size and battery life, the development of watchfaces necessitates specific considerations.
WearOS, like Android, has a plethora of customization choices and is supported by an active community, albeit on a smaller scale. Even though Google isn’t paying much attention to WearOS, third-party developers are hard at work creating some excellent watchfaces for the platform.
Because Google has already created the necessary infrastructure for developers, it will be easy for them to customize the home screen to include new widgets, ambient modes, and other features.
If you own an Android wristwatch and are looking for the most appealing watchfaces compatible with WearOS, you’ve come to the right place. You may get the greatest watchfaces for your smartwatch by browsing through our selection below.

Why are editable and customisable watchfaces more popular than standard watchfaces?

People nowadays prefer an editable and changeable watchface in smartwatches over a default one for a variety of reasons. The following are the most essential reasons:

  • A changeable watchface allows you to change the design and appearance of your wristwatch to your liking.
  • You don’t have to settle for a simple, uninteresting watchface. You can try out the different styles and then choose the one that best fits your personality.
  • You can change the colors, themes, and designs whenever you want.

10 Best Wear OS Watchfaces Apps to Use in 2024

The watchfaces listed here are compatible with all WearOS watches, which means you may use them with your Fossil, TicWatch, or Oppo watch. Without further ado, here is a list of some of the best watchface apps to try out.

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1. Facer Watchfaces

Facer Watchfaces

You may use the Facer app to apply bespoke and branded watchfaces to your smartwatch. You can choose from thousands of designed watchfaces for your WearOS wristwatch.
Facer watchfaces app contains a large collection of watchfaces. You can select your favorites and save them to your library. Some watchfaces are eerily similar to the watchfaces of prominent companies from popular TV episodes and series.
You may experience the Facer app’s eye-catching features by downloading it for free from the Google Play store. You can choose a watchface from the free area or one from the premium part. Not only that, but you can also tweak the existing watchfaces and make your own.

2. TIMEFLIK (MR TIME) Watch Face


TIMEFLIK is a watchface software that allows you to choose the appropriate watchface for your Android wear and create a custom watchface based on your preferences. The TIMEFLIK app’s library contains over a million design variations. You can easily choose from these and change your watchface every day.
You can choose from a variety of complementing designs, or you can go with a premium design for your watchface. Purchasing a premium subscription grants you access to VIP designs that are launched every week. You can also remove advertisements that may interfere with your design experience. Take advantage of the 7-day trial period, enjoy changing your watchface every day, and dazzle everyone with the beautiful design.

3. Pixel Minimal Watchface

Pixel Minimal Watchface

The Pixel Minimal Watchface, as the name suggests, offers battery-efficient watchfaces. It also supports widgets and offers an easy-to-use interface. It includes four unlocked widgets to enhance your experience. This app is distinguished by its economical battery usage and minimalist design. In the event of an AMOLED screen, you can alternatively choose a completely black background.
The Pixel Minimal Watchface app does not access any of your personal information, so you do not need to be concerned about privacy. You can upgrade to the premium version for more features. WearOS 2 and WearOS 3 are both supported by the Pixel Minimal app. It is compatible with a variety of timepieces, including the Google Pixel watch, Fossil watches, and others.

4. Open Watchface

Open Watchface

The availability of 3D designs is one wonderful aspect of the Open Watchface that sets it apart from the competition. Not only that, but you may either choose one of the pre-existing designs or create your own.
They provide 16 different themes and ten different colors to assist you construct a watchface you’ll like. This design feature is only available to those who purchase the premium edition.
You may also toggle between your smartwatch’s frequent and major complications, as well as the upside and negative. The application is simple to use and does not necessitate much technical knowledge. The primary goal of this watchface software is to assist viewers in obtaining a design with more personalisation and readability.

5. Twelveish – Customizable Text Watchface for Wear


Twelveish is an opersource watchface with its own distinct features. It gives you the option of adding text to your watchface. You can see the following with the watchfaces available in the Twelveish app:

  • The time and week are displayed at the top of the watchface.
  • Just below the time, the date and battery percentage are displayed.
  • Time will also manifest itself through words.
  • You can also choose from 30 different background colors. You can select the one you prefer.

Not only that, but the program includes 16 different date format combinations. The Twelveish software also allows you to swap between 12-hour and 24-hour clock formats. Another feature that will pique your interest in the Twelvish app is its availability in 11 languages.

6. Pear Watchface

Pear Watchface

You can obtain watchfaces with minimal and modern designs by using the Pear Watchface app. The Pear Watchface app’s designs are compatible with all Android watches, whether square or round. You can look through the app’s collection and find the following options:

  • The color pears
  • Simple pears
  • Digital + Pear Sport
  • Utility PEAR
  • Chronograph for pears
  • The pear motion
  • Modular pears
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Using the Pear watchface software, you can now add the date and day of the week to the watchfaces for Android wear.

7. Marine Commander Watchface

Marine Commander Watchface

When using the Marine Commander Watchface, you can only change the watch’s settings from the watch itself, not from any other device. The Marine Commander Watchface allows you to add functions such as fitness tracking, heart rate monitoring, and wristwatch battery level monitoring.
Not only that, but you can also use your watchface to obtain currency conversion rates and a compass. The Marine Commander Watchface also allows you to track your steps and the humidity of the environment. It also serves as a barometer and a thermometer.

8. Ustwo Watchface

Ustwo Watchfaces

The Ustwo Watchface app provides free access to thousands of stunning watchfaces. You can choose from a variety of designs, such as air, blind, museum, inversion, pivot, parallel, and so on. With such a large collection of watchfaces, you can be certain that the app has something for everyone. The Ustwo watchface software allows you to create custom designs and add colors and themes of your choice.
Aside from that, you will have access to themes such as:
Rift Slide Stadium Waves Zodiac Transportation

9. Bubble Cloud Wear OS Launcher

Bubble Cloud Wear OS Launcher; watchfaces

The Bubble Cloud Wear OS Launcher can be used in two ways. It can be used as an expanded watchface.
Continue to use the built-in watchface and swipe the app drawer across the screen.
The Bubble Cloud Wear OS Launcher software is entertaining and functional. You can accommodate more icons on your smartwatch, making it easier to find icons. One may also organize and separate the available apps into clouds.
You can choose from 11 downloaded packages that offer various designs for your watchface. You may also use drag and drop to make changes to a watchface. One may use the Bubble Cloud Wear OS Launcher to automatically control the brightness of your smartwatch and use regular Android icons.

10. Watchfaces – Watchmaker 100,000 faces

Watchmaker; watchfaces

You can have access to fashionable, eye-catching, and outstanding watchfaces designs with Watchfaces – Watchmaker. Even more intriguing, you can pay once and have lifetime access to premium watchface designs.
The app builder provides you with access to 100,000 pre-built watchfaces. You can choose the one you like best and even change it every day based on your mood or the occasion.
In addition, you can apply animations to your watchface. Another notable feature of the watchface app is the ability to generate a parallax effect using the 3D gyroscope. This app also has the following features:
Limit the brightness automatically to save battery life. It includes a LUA engine that allows you to create a stopwatch, calculator, countdown, or whatever you want.


You are now aware of the numerous watchface apps accessible. You can then either enjoy the free designs, make your own design, or select one from the selection of paid designs. A good strategy will make you feel good and will help you make a positive impact on those around you. You can change the design of your device’s watchface to match the occasion, your outfit, or your mood.
Each app has its own set of capabilities that can be used to improve the appearance of your watchface. Go through the list, read about all of the features, and choose the app that best meets your needs. So, now is the time to make your smartwatch more fashionable and gorgeous

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