11 Best Apps Like Solo Funds & Similar Apps

You don’t want to be stuck in any type of debt, that’s for sure! But there are times when you just done have a choice. Although Solo Funds is an excellent app, you should know that there are others apps too that may suit your needs better.
When looking for funding, most people still start with traditional lenders. However, this option is out of reach for many people. In most cases, the standard procedure cannot be followed because of the applicant’s credit history.
This article discusses some alternatives to Solo Funds that may be able to help you get a loan. It’s great that you can do everything with your smartphone, and it guarantees a quick process too.

11 Best Apps Like Solo Funds & Similar Apps

Do you know what Autonomous Funds are? Use solo funds app to get in touch with potential financiers and seek funding. Therefore, you can apply for a cash loan from Solo Funds in case of an unexpected expense. Despite the obvious caveats, this program is legit and has successfully completed thousands of transactions since 2018.
Peer-to-peer loan sites could be the best choice, but this will depend on your individual circumstances. If you pick the correct application, like Solo Funds, you can get what you need with minimal fuss.
So, if you’re looking for a money emergency app, here are a few options to think about.

1. MoneyLion


Looking for the best alternatives to solo finds? Then MoneyLion is the service for you. Both the Play Market and the App Store feature this program. To apply for a credit at a low interest rate and with minimal hassle, you may want to try this handy app.
People who have borrowed through the MoneyLion website claim you can borrow up to $1,000. You’ll have at least a year from now to make the repayment. Possible preliminary credit check by this tool. Membership, however, exempts you from this prerequisite.
MoneyLion has some advantages, but the funds it offers are relatively small. Aside from that, the system may deduct debt payments directly from your salary. But if you need a loan with no credit check, then you should definitely think about using this program.

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2. Happy Money

Happy Money

Numerous platforms now exist through which individuals can give and borrow funds. One such program is called Happy Money. Previously known as Payoff, this website is now called Happy Money.
With the help of this site, you can organize your credit card bills. By filling out this application, you may qualify for a reduced interest rate and instant credit. In addition, this app allows you to build credit. Happy Money has a wide fan base, and for good cause.

  • The policy of not charging late costs remains in effect.
  • Highlights of the economy are provided in free publications.
  • Payment histories are shared with the three major credit bureaus.
  • The due date is flexible.
  • Investors can also receive money via direct transfer.

The autopay date can be changed, but there are no rebates or other incentives. Without those two things, you won’t be able to co-sign the debt.

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3. Klover


Sure enough, Klover is a mobile application that facilitates payday loans. Its name suggests that it provides access to funds before the regular payment. This program could help you in a time of financial need.
Klover has been around for quite some time. Since there are no additional fees, users greatly appreciate this program. Besides that, if you are a subscriber, the money will be in your account within minutes. However, if you take advantage of the free services offered, you may get your money in as little as two days.
Klover is the best option to consider if you have credit issues, but it also works for people without credit issues. It is imperative, however, that you make your repayment by the due date. When compared to similar apps, this one has a cheap maximum credit limit.

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4. Hundy


Do you know anything about Vola Finance? One program that can compete with the likes of Vola Finance and Solo Funds is Hundy. You can communicate with financiers via this program. Hundy can help you figure out how to get the cash you need, whether it’s for rent or materials. As opposed to the other apps on this list, this one is favored by a large number of users. Numerous features include:

  • A straightforward layout for the user experience.
  • There won’t be any fees for paying it back early.
  • There are no prepayment penalties or monthly interest charges in your lending arrangement.

Nonetheless, Hundy necessitates that deposit amounts be kept constant by debtors. After all, those payments should be regular. This program, however, is a loan app that deserves your attention. As of right now, Hundy is only available on the iOS platform.

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5. LendingClub


Some people like the convenience of payday loan apps, which let them get a loan and pay it back fast. In contrast, LendingClub is the best choice if you need a larger loan sum and more time to pay it back.
You can develop your company further with the help of this program. If you don’t want to deal with traditional establishments, this site is for you. LendingClub does more than just provide loans; they also manage credit cards, mortgages, personal loans, and student loans. Why LendingClub is so popular among its customers:

  • To improve your choices, a cosigner can be added to your loan.
  • Credit is not scrutinized closely in any way.
  • Repayment conditions on LendingClub can be anywhere from three to five years.
  • The application, however, will verify your credit. They can’t give you the money unless your credit score is higher than 600. If that isn’t an option, adding a co-borrower can help your credit score.

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6. Kiva


Do you know what Kiva is? With this program, anyone can make a financial loan over the Internet. If you need money for anything, whether it’s a business or school, the Kiva program is there to help. The service is now available in 77 countries around the globe.
If you want to connect with lenders on Kiva, you’ll need to share your tale. This site’s goal is to supply a risk-free setting in which a large number of people can obtain funds from one another. The program provides full access, of course. Some of the things that set this program apart from others are:

  • There will be no up-front costs incurred.
  • For starters, Kiva won’t examine your credit.
  • The conditions of payment are extremely adaptable.

However, a few Kiva reviewers claim the service only provides loans to very small companies just getting off the ground. Furthermore, the registration procedure is lengthier than the rest of the applications listed here. However, you may want to think about using this program instead of going to a bank or other traditional institution.

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7. Prosper


Try Google to find the best P2P loans. To that end, I recommend looking into Prosper. In terms of investment opportunities, this medium is exceptional. Prosper offers a number of different lending amounts, and even if your credit score is as low as 640, you still have options.
Contrarily, taking on a co-borrower is a great way to boost your credit rating. As an added bonus, Prosper provides a quick credit disbursement, which is not available on many other marketplaces. You can use Prosper to apply for a loan, but the site also provides resources to help you better handle your money. Some additional benefits of using this P2P lending software are:

  • The potential gains are very high.
  • You can get started with a $25 bet.
  • The money could be in your account as soon as three days after you check it.
  • There won’t be any fees for paying it back early.

Reviewers agree that, under certain circumstances, Prosper can get you a loan of up to $40,000. Good news, as you won’t be hit with a hefty interest rate.

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8. LenMe

LenMe; solo funds

LenMe may appear familiar if you’ve used Solo Funds or are on the lookout for alternatives. There is no need to deal with the red tape that comes along with traditional bank loans when you use this service to get the cash you need.
The cost is much cheaper than at regular banks because there is no need to pay for overhead like building up a team or paying for additional services. Aside from that, there is no extensive procedure for checking your credentials. This program is very popular among users because:

  • There are no extraneous fees involved.
  • Borrowing funds is possible at a manageable interest rate.
  • Different lending amounts are available through LenMe.
  • You can take as little as $50.

In spite of criticisms that LenMe does not offer clear pricing or security details, we still think you should give it a shot. For this reason, LenMe is the program to use if you need a loan right away.

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9. Zirtue

Zirtue; solo funds

There are many P2P loan apps available, but Zirtue is among the best. One of the unique features of this software is its ability to facilitate communication with friends and loved ones. Then, at a later time, you can apply for a credit digitally.
Interest is not required to be paid because this app is just a platform, so long as the lender does not demand it. To this point, Zirtue has collaborated with many different organizations all over the world. This means that you can use the app to gain entry to any and all features.
Aside from that, your pal can avoid the bank and give you money straight through Zirtue. A monthly cost is charged to borrowers, but the lender doesn’t have to pay anything. You should still think about downloading this program, especially if you favor borrowing from loved ones over banks.

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10. Vola Finance

Vola Finance; solo funds

Users of Solo Funds may already be acquainted with tools like Albert. If all you need is a cash advance tool that also lets you lend additional funds, Vola Finance is a good option to consider.
This program is one of the many that make it possible to get a cash advance before your regular payday. Connecting a bank account is the only prerequisite. With the system’s approval, you can get up to $300 in hand before your next paycheck comes.
A background check is unnecessary, of course. Aside from that, interest rates are not something you need to worry about. The money is not necessarily going into your bank account right away. A Vola virtual ID is available upon request. This digital card can be used in the same way that physical ones are for making transactions.

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11. Albert

Albert; solo funds

Independent Accounts may have numerous Android equivalents. On the other hand, you should get in touch with Albert if you need encryption services. You can save and invest with ease using this program.
In addition, this service allows you to open a credit account. Financial records would thrive in Albert, it could be argued. Albert’s service costs are significantly lower than those of competing apps.
If you decide to start investing with this program, you’ll be connected with a real person who can give you personalized recommendations. Moreover, buying through Albert does not cost you anything. There is no such thing as a free app that makes you actual money. However, Albert is a great choice if you need a tool that can help you with your investments.

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The use of a peer-to-peer lending platform is an option for those who do not want to go through traditional lender evaluations. There will inevitably be a series of processes to follow. Nonetheless, it will be worth a try.

Choose one of the above-mentioned apps to assist you, such as Solo Funds. Before selecting one, you should evaluate its advantages and disadvantages and ensure that it meets your needs.

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