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13+ Best VPN for Torrenting 2023: According to Security Experts

Looking for the Best VPN Service? If yes, then you’re at the right place.
If you use BitTorrent regularly, you should protect yourself by connecting to a reliable VPN. However, not every VPN offers the speed and protection essential for torrenting. The Internet is an extremely dangerous place. Everyone in this modern age needs to think about online safety. A home virtual private network (VPN) adds an extra layer of security to your Internet connection, but you might not know what it is or how it functions to protect your data.

VPNs: what exactly are they?

A virtual private network (VPN) is a service that encrypts your Internet connection and masks your position so that you can browse privately. Your machine will first connect to a remote server, where it will be encrypted before being sent over the Internet. The thieves can’t seem to figure out your real IP address, so it looks like you’re not there. When used in combination with other security programs like a firewall or antivirus, a virtual private network (VPN) can effectively hide your computer from prying eyes.
As an example, you could be literally located in Istanbul, Turkey, in front of a computer. If someone knows your IP address, they know roughly where you are physically. All Internet traffic can be tracked using these numbers. Using a virtual private network (VPN) to access the Internet is a foolproof way to make it look like you’re in another city, state, or even nation.
When using a virtual private network, the user can select a specific host from which to access the Internet. Any country that has servers available can be chosen. If someone were to look at your VPN-enabled IP address, they might assume you were connecting from the masked place.

Advantages of Using VPN

VPNs have many benefits, one of which is increased protection. VPNs allow users to bypass censorship and access material that is otherwise unavailable in their region. Online anonymity allows you to do away with many content filters while you surf. There are, of course, a plethora of great justifications to take this action. For instance, you can read books and educational resources that aren’t readily accessible in your area.

How to Choose the Right VPN?

Determining your intended VPN usage is crucial to selecting the right and finest service. For instance, certain VPNs can be used for P2P file sharing, movie downloading, and online gaming. The latter cater to anyone who would like access to a huge library of digital books and audio files. For streaming content from services like Netflix and Hulu, some VPNs really shine. Your needs will determine which option is best for you. What you want to invest and how dependable something is also play a role in your decision.

VPN Benefits in Business

There are a lot of pros for using a VPN for business. The biggest risk to companies comes from telecommuting workers who send confidential customer data over the web while doing their jobs. Using a virtual private network (VPN) to connect to the Internet provides an extra layer of protection for all workers. This is a secure way of sending information from the office to an employee’s home.

In what ways can I choose the best VPN?

Multiple Virtual Private Network (VPN) providers are available. In order to limit down your options, consider the following crucial features:

If you want to avoid becoming disenchanted with VPNs, it’s important to find one with fast services to keep your connection operating efficiently, strong security features to keep your connections private, and easy-to-use features. Make sure it’s cheap and that it allows peer-to-peer file sharing.
The 2023 Top Virtual Private Network (VPN) for Torrenting.

13 Top VPN for Torrenting

We’ve researched and tested many VPN services to find the most trustworthy and private one for torrenting. There are strict requirements for download speed, security features, etc., and all of the VPNs on this list satisfy them. The peer-to-peer file sharing feature is also available, but you should be aware that in some countries, this is against the law. In any case, my crew and I do not condone illegal torrenting, so please research the laws in your nation.

1. Surfshark

Streaming media can be accessed quickly and safely with Surfshark, a virtual private network. OpenVPN and IKEv2 are both supported by this VPN program. Protect your Netflix account and personal information by not revealing your address. Use of this program unlocks geo-restricted content and content blocked by your VPN service. Masking your IP address is a foolproof method of hiding your true location and identify online.
As a result of not logging IP and WebRTC addresses, DNS leaks are avoided. Surfshark is virtual private network (VPN) software that offers a specialized server for peer-to-peer VPN connections. This utility allows you to hide your true online identity by exchanging IP addresses with other people using the same server as you.
You can also use the application to save your favorite spots for quick access in the future. The service’s 3200 servers in 65 countries mean it can link an unlimited amount of gadgets. Surfshark allows for private and anonymous web surfing, works with a wide variety of programs, and has excellent help staff. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) that allows torrenting. The program has a free trial period of 7 days and works with multiple operating systems including Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Linux, and Android.
Surfshark protects your privacy by encrypting your data with military-grade AES256 technology. To access YouTube from places that do not permit proxy usage, you can use this VPN. The software has a limited social media footprint, is difficult to configure, and does not allow access to the Tor browser over a VPN.

2. NordVPN

When it comes to virtual private networks (VPNs), NordVPN is widely considered to have some of the safest and most dependable software because it does not snoop on its users or sell the information it collects. All data sent and received through this VPN is encrypted for safety purposes. This secure P2P VPN service is available at no cost, and it can block malicious software and promotional materials.
It’s one of the best virtual private network (VPN) apps for iPhones and Android devices, allowing unrestricted access to a wide variety of video sharing websites. Unblock YouTube and Netflix with over 5,000 servers in 59 nations and a 30-day free trial. With its built-in kill button, it’s the best VPN for torrenting.
The NordVPN app can be run on two devices at once, and the connection bandwidth is chosen at the user’s discretion. The confidentiality of the Domain Name System (DNS) is not a concern when using this VPN service. It’s also one of the fastest VPNs out there, doubles as a Proxy for torrents, and is free. It can be difficult to set up NordVPN with an OpenVPN virtual private network, and the service only allows torrenting on a small fraction of its sites.

3. Express VPN

ExpressVPN’s reliability and security features have earned it widespread praise. Without worrying about going over your data cap or experiencing slowdowns, you can torrent to your heart’s content with limitless bandwidth and data. ExpressVPN’s price is a little higher than that of its competitors, but it’s well worth it. All 3,000 of ExpressVPN’s servers in 90 different nations are torrent-friendly.
ExpressVPN uses perfect forward secrecy and military-grade AES 256-bit encryption to keep your data safe online. As a result, each session will use a different set of encryption keys created dynamically. Data from prior sessions is encrypted and cannot be decrypted even if the device is compromised.
Torrents will pause your download or upload until a secure link is reestablished if your internet connection drops while you’re in the middle of it. ExpressVPN’s mobile app is straightforward and shouldn’t give you any trouble, but it lacks some functions found on the desktop version.
If you have any questions or concerns, you can talk to a representative via live messaging anytime, any day of the week. ExpressVPN provides a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can try it without any financial danger. You can get your money back if you decide you don’t like it.

4. PrivadoVPN

PrivadoVPN has established a name for itself in its short time in business by offering top-tier services at surprisingly affordable rates. There is a free tier that provides 10 GB of data per month and allows you to link one device, and then there are several paid tiers that provide unlimited data and allow for ten connections at once.
Also, they use 256-bit AES encryption and have recently launched ad-blocking and malware protection features that will make your browsing experience safe and clean. PrivadoVPN is based in Switzerland, home to some of the world’s most protective laws for customers online.

5. CyberGhost

If this is your first time downloading torrents, CyberGhost is a great option. It has a simple design that works great for everyday tasks like watching videos, reading, and exchanging data via peer-to-peer networks. Only 80% of the world’s 7,470 computers are P2P-enabled. CyberGhost streamlines the decision-making procedure by including useful data like proximity, usage, and user volume (which reveals additional levels of anonymity).
The desktop software is easy to navigate thanks to its streamlined design and menus. Using a dedicated P2P server is as easy as clicking a button. The mobile software does not split out P2P servers into their own menus. Even though CyberGhost isn’t the fastest VPN, torrenting is doable.
If you’re having problems downloading torrents, you can chat with CyberGhost’s help staff in real time. Using this Proxy or downloading torrents is illegal in China. As long as you join up for more than six months, CyberGhost offers a 45-day money-back guarantee and allows for up to seven simultaneous connections. Keep in mind that if you sign up for only one month, you have 14 days to ask for a return.

6. ZenMate

ZenMate VPN is a top-tier security program that meets all of your needs. They have over 70 locations with computers in 59 of those locations specifically designed for BitTorrent. The P2P servers that ZenMate operates in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada are among the most reliable in the business. It supports OpenVPN protocols and employs military-grade AES 256-bit encryption, making it ideally suited for P2P file sharing. You won’t encounter any buffering issues with the ZenMate because it’s fast enough to process torrents smoothly.
All ZenMate applications come with the DNS leak protection function activated by default. In addition, a kill switch is accessible on Windows and macOS to safeguard you in the event of an unexpected connectivity problem. If you’re trying to download on your mobile device, you’re in for some bad news.
And because they don’t keep any records of what we do, you can stop worrying about that, too. ZenMate can be better if it focuses more on its customers. Not only is the registration system trustworthy, but it also allows for real-time communication. You can try it out for 30 days and get your money returned if it doesn’t work for you.

7. IPVanish

IPVanish provides its users with access to over 1,900 torrenting-ready computers located in 190 different countries. It has lightning-fast transfer rates and top-notch protection for risk-free downloading, making it perfect for peer-to-peer file sharing. You can easily access files and websites with the IPVanish server’s lightning-fast link.
You might slow down a little bit if you’re in a hurry. As it does not record user activity, this VPN is very secure and private. But it’s critical that they keep their base in the USA (part of Five Eyes Alliance).
Torrenting behavior is kept secret with the help of AES 256-bit encryption. IPVanish VPN’s SOCKS5 proxy is useful because it facilitates OpenVPN security methods and quickens connections. The public Internet is very secure, so downloading torrents is a viable option.
One of IPVanish’s drawbacks is that its Kill Switch feature is only compatible with macOS, Windows, and Android. There is no issue if you have no plans to use torrents on iOS or any other platform. You can use PureVPN on an infinite number of devices at once. Plus, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee so there’s no danger in trying it out. Contact the company’s customer care department for a refund if you’re not satisfied.

8. VyprVPN

VyprVPN’s software is streamlined for getting around geographical restrictions and providing stable, high rates. With such a transfer rate, downloading massive data via torrent is a breeze. Only 700 servers in total make up the worldwide server network, but they’re all compatible with torrents. The servers here are all privately held. Put differently, DNS queries are processed in-house. We can rest easy knowing that our data is safer from theft or manipulation by outside parties because of this.
You can remain anonymous while downloading torrents thanks to its chameleon security system. Problems with slow speeds caused by bandwidth throttling are also easily fixed with the aid of this fantastic new feature. Powerful encryption and kill buttons are among the supplementary security and privacy options.
Our testing of VyprVPN shows that its top-tier security will never slow you down. Accelerated seeding and downloading is possible from any host. Intuitive and simple, the VyprVPN software allows for simultaneous connections on up to 30 different gadgets. Plus, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee so there’s no danger in trying it out.

9. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is VPN software designed specifically for Android. This virtual private network (VPN) program gives you safe, anonymous web surfing. VPN software like Hotspot Shield can prevent access to malicious or fake sites and can identify them with ease.
All day, every day, customers can reach out to them for live technological assistance. The tool uses a top-tier encryption protocol (with a 256-bit secret) that is suitable for use in the military (a high-level encryption standard using a 256-bit key). Over 80 nations are serviced by the app’s roughly 3200 servers. The software can be used on up to five different devices.
Hotspot Shield VPN is one of the most reputable and trustworthy free VPNs for torrenting because it does not record user behavior. Secures your data even when connected to a public network. Hotspot Shield is a program that prevents users from visiting certain websites. Using this app/tool is a breeze for accessing otherwise inaccessible video material. When it comes to blocking your efforts to protect your anonymity online, Hotspot Shield is the best free VPN service.
You can try out the program risk-free for seven days, the server speeds are fast, and you can surf the web in complete secrecy. By preventing malicious software from running, this program also enhances the safety and usability of other software used online. Hotspot Shield does not defend against IPv6 or WebRTC leaks, has a high price tag, and does not work with Firefox add-ons.

10. TorGuard

With a strict no-logging policy, AES256 encryption, and an off option, TorGuard is a VPN that is particularly well-suited to P2P file sharing. Never did anyone find out my IP address. This means that secrecy while downloading via BitTorrent is feasible. TorGuard includes a SOCKS5 proxy in addition to port redirection.
All of these options allow torrent to be used in a variety of ways, and they make the protocol easy to employ effectively. TorGuard VPN has a strict no-logging policy. Therefore, it will not reveal any of your online behavior to any third party, be it the government or copyright violators.
There are 64 TorGuard server locations available in 50 different nations, and all of them support Torrent downloads. This means that wherever you are, your connectivity will be reasonably local. TorGuard’s local P2P rates are among the fastest available, so this is fantastic news. Active port redirection is available for this application. By deciding which channel data will travel through, torrent performance can be optimized.
For torrent spreading, this is especially true. It’s conceivable that port forwarding is required for the seeding process to work. When you sign up for TorGuard, you’ll automatically have access to the SOCKS5 proxy. Plus, there’s a button you can click to end things. The server selection is not as user-friendly as some rival VPNs’, and neither can the seed be automatically changed.

11. Windscribe

Windscribe is a trusted VPN that provides extra security and anonymity, making it perfect for BitTorrent users. It is also very accessible, with user-friendly programs and a wealth of web tutorials and guides.
Windscribe VPN has servers in 170 countries, but some of them aren’t appropriate for torrenting and are marked with a P2P icon with a strikethrough. These include WINDFLIX, Indian, and Japanese sites (servers specially designed for streaming). Nonetheless, sixty nations currently have access to P2P-enabled servers.
If you want to download files from a torrent faster, you can either specifically set the SOCKS5 proxy or use port forwarding to send all traffic to your device. By selecting only certain types of information to route through the VPN, you can significantly reduce your data transfer needs with the help of the split tunneling feature. The provider has numerous security protocols and a robust encryption system to keep your data safe while using torrents.
This program from Canada, which is a member of the Five Eyes Alliance, does not keep any kind of logs. For users who don’t use more than 10GB of data, Windscribe provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. While this is certainly a con, it’s important to remember that you can always try out the service for free first.

12. Private Internet Access (PIA)

The Private Internet Access (PIA) program we tested had a fantastic server network and was very reasonably priced. When it comes to torrenting, PIA’s port redirection feature is indispensable. Larger items can now be downloaded and uploaded much more quickly. When using PIA, you can select from among approximately 29,650 servers located in 70 nations that all work with torrents.
The speed and reliability of all global servers are sufficient. Furthermore, it offers unmetered transfer capacity and data, both of which are essential for BitTorrent. This VPN offers top-notch safety functions to keep you safe while using P2P file-sharing applications like BitTorrent. There is no tracking of any kind allowed. Information and actions are protected in this way.
The automatic disable switch, IPv6 and DNS leak protection, and encryption are just some of the extra security and privacy.
The automatic disable switch, IPv6 and DNS leak protection, and encryption are just some of the extra security and privacy features of this program. The combination of these safeguards will ensure that no unauthorized parties gain access to any of your sensitive data. Ad and malware filters are also available, which is a huge help when using torrent sites.
Additionally, PIA allows for simultaneous use of up to ten linked devices. There’s no risk because you have 30 days to try it out for free. You can ask for a refund if you’re not happy.

13. Astrill

When it comes to torrenting, Astrill VPN is extremely fast and dependable. Astrill is an obscure torrent that does exceptionally well with an obfuscation-focused VPN. OpenVPN and IKEv2 are two of the methods it uses, and neither of them broadcasts users’ IP addresses or domain names. It also has the fastest download speeds of any VPN we’ve tested specifically for use with torrents.
The difference between torrenting with and without Astrill was extremely small; we found it to be less than 1% of total downloads. We have a legitimate surveillance policy at Astrill VPN. Astrill VPN records the following session-specific details:

Connection time, IP address, Bandwidths used, Device type, and Application version. These, however, are erased the moment you cut off the connection. The ideal situation would be one in which they were never saved.
The fact that Astrill is subject to Seychelles law is its crowning achievement. Since Seychelles is a haven for privacy, the government there cannot compel Astrill to reveal customer information. It has a death switch, you can prevent certain programs from connecting without a VPN, and it functions somewhere between split tunneling and a contemporary kill switch.
The ability to forward ports is also enabled, which is critical for making torrenting as green as possible. In comparison to competing VPN services, this one is more difficult to set up and use than expected, with a confusing server list and a need for manual calibration to ensure optimal signal strength.


Use a high-quality VPN for torrenting service if you care about your online safety while downloading torrents. VPN programs encrypt data in transit and mask the user’s IP address from the service provider. The issue is that many services prohibit or discourage P2P file sharing and do not provide the level of security and privacy required to maintain anonymity.
After extensive testing and investigation, we discovered the best VPN for torrenting. These VPN for torrenting provide an impressive security protocol, ultra-fast speeds, and advanced features that make P2P file sharing secure, quick, and convenient. Utilizing a VPN for torrent files is highly convenient. However, before launching the torrent client, you must ensure that the VPN is fully operational.
On the other hand, there is a significant possibility that the original IP address will be exposed. This is due to the fact that the torrent client will continue serving the file to other users after it has been entirely downloaded. Therefore, you should always utilize a VPN when torrenting. Additionally, halt the torrent client before turning off the VPN. This will protect your IP address. You must also have faith in the files you download. A VPN does not prevent the downloading of malicious files.

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