15 Best Video Downloader For Chrome in 2023

Google Chrome is the most popular online web browser that provides access to other prominent social media networks. It offers its services to numerous websites, including Facebook, YouTube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo.

Have you ever encountered a slow and sporadic internet connection when viewing online videos? If so, the entire video will be ruined. You must be able to watch this video without interruption. When you attempt to download a video to view later, Google prevents you from doing so. Due to several restrictions, it is impossible to download videos from any internet service. Nonetheless, it is conceivable. With a Chrome video downloader, you may easily download your selected video. Also, the chrome extensions of these video downloaders automatically download videos in a variety of formats.

Best Chrome Video Downloader in 2023

This article lists the 15 best Chrome video downloaders, along with their various features. If you are interested, let’s get started;

1. Coconut video downloader

Coconut Video Downloader

The Coconut video downloader is one of our leading Chrome video downloaders. This tool allows you to download audio and video files. This cost-free software can save audio and video data.

This plugin may be simpler or easier to use. First, open the website from which you desire to download music, a video, or other content. By doing so, you will see a number of options for various resolutions. Choose the desired format, then click the download button to initiate the download. Also, you can modify the parameters to suit your needs.

The Coconut video downloader supports the Mp4 format and is compatible with HLS and Dash files. Also, it includes a recording mode compatible with support recording, allowing it to capture footage that is difficult to download. This tool allows you to download any desired video or audio file in the needed format from any location.

  • Supports HLS and DASH file types
  • There are numerous video file resolutions
  • Capability for recording


  • Identifying them may involve viewing films beforehand.

2. WebVideoDownloader

Web Video Downloader

Do you want to get a chrome video downloader that is easy to use and safe as well?? You should think about Online Video Downloader. This tool allows users to download videos from over 100 websites. Also, it is compatible with common formats such as MP4, MOV, FLV, and others. It allows you to download many videos simultaneously. Hence, you can continue working on a single file.

About quality, this application can store films in a variety of resolutions. You can download videos by selecting the quality you desire. You can download the video to your Laptop by pressing the video resolution

  • Different video resolutions are saved
  • Identifies the many file formats
  • Permits multiple downloads simultaneously


  • Not possible to rename files before to download
  • Limiting qualities

3. Good Video Downloader

Good Video Downloader

Excellent Video Downloader is another fantastic option for Chrome video downloads. It enables the downloading of audio and video content from websites such as Vimeo and Dailymotion, as well as Facebook, Twitter, Chrome, and other social networking networks.

In addition, by examining the file size, you can determine how much RAM it will consume. It is compatible with a variety of file formats, including MP4, MOV, WEBM, and GIF, if file format is important to you.

The intuitive design of this application makes it simple to download files to your local hard drive. Because it features a video player, you can see web videos before downloading them using the built-in video player. There is no possibility to rename the file before to installation, thus you cannot do so.

  • Finds all readily available resolutions
  • Identifies numerous file types
  • Includes a built-in video player


  • No possibility to rename before downloading

4. Video Downloader Plus

Video Downloader Plus

You can use video downloader plus if you want the most effective and efficient video downloader. This tool allows you to download videos from over a thousand social media websites, including Vevo, Dailymotion, and Twitch. Also, it supports other file formats, including FLV, MP4, and MOV. Instead of downloading it, you may view it in a new window by clicking the play button.

The program is so efficient that it can recognize 4K films and adapt to a variety of resolutions. You must upgrade to their Premium service in order to download files in 2K and 4K quality. In addition, their subscription level permits Chromecast streaming of external videos and increases the number of websites that can be downloaded.

  • Specifies several video resolutions
  • Several file formats are supported.


  • Complicated download procedure

5. MiniTool uTube Downloader

Mini Tool uTube

MiniTool is most known for its comprehensive video editing and conversion capabilities, but it is also a potent video processing application. But, it also functions as a Chrome YouTube video downloader.

It provides the tried-and-true online downloading technique to ensure that any YouTube video can be downloaded. Copy the URL of the video you wish to download, paste it into MiniTool’s dashboard, select the output format and resolution, and then click the “download” button.

You can download subtitles, extract audio from YouTube videos, view several videos simultaneously for an exceptional user experience. This downloader is straightforward to obtain and utilize. This downloader has the same number of essential functions. Installing this downloader is the best option.

  • Conversion by lots
  • Gratis and without advertising
  • Download subtitles and audio separately
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  • You must install it.

6. Video Downloader Helper

Video Dowloader Helper

“Video Downloader Helper” is a free add-on video downloader for Chrome. This software successfully downloads videos from multiple websites. Additionally, it can recognize videos streaming on websites other than its own. Videos can be downloaded in their native formats or in 3Gp format. This Chrome video downloader is compatible with the 1080p resolution.

Any online videos you receive via a video-sharing platform are stored on your hard drive for as long as this application is compatible with that website. This program supports HLS and DASH video streaming formats. This application contains one additional unique feature. This feature provides access to an online photo gallery. You can also determine how many concurrent downloads are authorized.

  • It permits the downloading of videos in their original, high-definition quality.
  • Windows, Linux, and Mac computers can utilize it.


  • During the download of many videos, there is a brief stop.

7. Clever Get Video downloader

cleverget home

cleverget homeAre you searching for a downloader capable of downloading 8K videos and more efficient than other software? Then Clever Get is the best option for you, since it can download and convert videos to a variety of formats, including MP4, AVI, FLV, and MP3. It permits users to download numerous videos simultaneously, making it simple to download whole playlists or channels. This software uses advanced technology to swiftly download videos, allowing users to quickly download even big files. It also contains a built-in web browser that allows users to search for and download videos without leaving the application.

Viewers can check a preview of the video before to downloading it to ensure its accuracy. You may transcode and download whole YouTube playlists simultaneously. The software is simple to operate and navigate, especially for non-technical users. Some versions of CleverGet permit users to download subtitles in many languages.

  • Support for numerous format types
  • Bulk downloads
  • Rapid file downloads
  • Integrated web browser
  • User-friendly interface
  • Video preview
  • Convert and download YouTube playlists
  • Download subheadings


  • Features vary depending on version.
  • Not every website is supported.

8. ByClick Downloader

YouTube ByClick

With the aid of the user-friendly software ByClick Downloader, you may download videos from any website. The videos can be downloaded in a variety of file formats, including MP3, MP4, and others. Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer are supported. Using the YouTube ByClick Downloader, even videos longer than 20 minutes can be downloaded.

By utilizing the ByClick Downloader, you can download videos from a few websites. It permits the installation of HD and other video formats. It provides the opportunity to install videos using proxy servers. The software created in recent years to install YouTube videos and audio may have been more effective, efficient, and valuable. The ByClick Downloader includes numerous features.

By contrast, ByClick Downloader flawlessly achieves its goal of enabling the user to swiftly and easily download the desired content from YouTube or other audio sources through a straightforward, straightforward, step-by-step process. ByClick Download contains numerous functions and may be downloaded with a single click.

  • Supports all common output file formats and video of the highest quality.
  • Place the 100 most popular videos in a queue for future downloads.
  • Tag each audio file with ID3 tags.
  • Use the downloaded audio to generate ringtones.


  • Only supports Windows
  • Test Out ByClick Downloader At No Cost

9. Snap Downloader

snap downloader

Do you experience difficulties downloading videos from Chrome? Directly downloading videos from social media platforms such as YouTube, Chrome, Facebook, and TikTok creates a chaotic situation. With a snap downloader, however, videos can be downloaded without difficulty.

In Snap Downloader, video quality can be selected. With the snap downloader, you can also select the size, format, and captions for the image. This application contains various features that simplify the downloading process. Also, you can download videos with captions in fifty different languages in bulk. You may even schedule your files.

Moreover, the snap downloader can also download videos in 8K and 4K resolution. Moreover, the snap downloader is compatible with numerous websites. Use the snap downloader to instantly convert videos to MP3 format. Moreover, this software transforms audio and video. Also, you need not worry about VR video support, as SnapDownloader enables users to save 360° VR videos.

  • Quick conversion between mp3 and mp4
  • Downloads huge files quickly
  • Rapid and dependable downloads


  • One-day trial period only
  • Only compatible with Apple and Microsoft devices

10. 4K Downloader

4K Video Downloader

Are you curious about downloading 4K and 8K videos from several platforms? This software is superior to all others and features an intuitive user interface. In addition, it may download videos in the finest quality possible. To use this tool, simply copy the link and paste it into your browser.

This tool allows you to download high-definition videos without sacrificing any of their original quality. With a simple click, you may download full playlists and channels. Using this tool, you can obtain captions from the Internet and this software. Downloadable subtitles in SRT format are available in fifty different languages.

This tool provides an in-app proxy configuration and automatically downloads complete playlists. It permits the download of 3D videos. It can be used to download YouTube videos for personal use.

  • Automatic Download of Playlists
  • Establish an In-App Proxy
  • 3D video download support
  • Save personal YouTube videos
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  • No cons

11. Uni Converter


Online video converter Wondershare UniConverter permits users to download, compress, edit, burn, and transfer videos. It provides a platform for creating and editing videos. According to my study, UniConverter supports around one thousand distinct video conversion formats.

In addition, it processes data far faster than competing video converters. It transforms films thirty times faster than conventional converters, for example. This online video converter allows for the creation of DVDs and Blu-Ray Discs. The final application is to download and transfer Internet videos to a mobile device.


  • There are numerous formats for video, audio, and images.
  • Cast videos using the TV as a media server
  • HD lossless video conversion
  • Remove lossless audio from a video.
  • Create an animated GIF from a video or photos.


  • Not free tidal

12. The Flash Video Downloader

Flash Video Downloader

I am aware that you are looking for the best Chrome video downloader. In this case, Flash video Downloader is an excellent option to explore. This program makes the process of downloading videos from Chrome quick and simple.

It also allows you to download videos from other social media platforms. Owing to its simplified interface, even beginners may use it effectively. After installing this application, you must make a few modifications to fit your needs. Hence, the method can be finished once and then utilized multiple times.

It may be installed in a few straightforward steps due to its user-friendly interface. In the first step, you need only open the page where you wish to obtain the essential video. After everything is complete, tap the extension’s icon. You will be given the option to download the video, play the video, or copy the link after clicking. The sole restriction of this Chrome video downloader is that only videos of the highest quality can be selected.

  • Straightforward interface
  • Easy and Rapid Downloads
  • Reliable & Honest
  • Support for a Number of Formats


  • Only save videos with the highest available resolution

13. Leawo youtube downloader

Leawo YouTube Downloader

Choose Leawo youtube downloader if you’re looking for the most versatile and effective Chrome video downloader. It can download videos unrestrictedly. The most recent version of this application converts videos at a very rapid rate.

If you are new to this application, you need not worry about its UI, since it is extremely straightforward. This app allows users to download videos in multiple formats. Also, this software can download videos with a resolution of 4K. It permits bulk downloading of video captions. This program’s best feature is its ability to record the screen in many formats. In addition, the videos are downloaded sans YouTube advertisements.

  • The videos are easy to navigate
  • Ordering of the videos in the list
  • Separate media player
  • Different formats
  • The search for files is simplified


  • Incompatible with numerous websites

14. i-Tube Go


Also included on this list is i-tubeGo, another popular Chrome video downloader. You may download and transcode videos from a variety of different sources. Moreover, users can convert music and video files to a variety of formats. The supported file types are WAV, M4A, and MP3. Moreover, it permits the download of audio files via SoundCloud.

The software is capable of downloading audio and video from more than 10,000 social networking websites. Moreover, it can download videos 10 times faster, including videos in bulk. This software can download videos with an 8k resolution. You can download videos in over 20 different formats.

  • Extremely rapidly
  • Built-in browser
  • Advantages Private mode
  • Positives Fluid user experience


  • Ambiguous format names
  • There is no trial offer available
  • Absence of a browser add-on

15. YT Saver

YT Saver

YT saver is the most efficient and dependable Chrome video downloader. It is compatible with YouTube, Dailymotion, Chrome, and Vimeo. You may also download videos from Instagram and Facebook with this app. Also, if you are interested in downloading songs, audiobooks, MixCloud, and FreeSound, you can use this application.

Why is this software the best Chrome video downloader extension? It allows you to download the entire playlist with a single click, setting it apart from other downloaders. Also, you can download movies from the website of your choice. If you wish to edit or trim the video to your specifications, this software has a cutter function. Moreover, you can enable automatic subtitle download to ensure that all downloaded videos contain captions.

The lifetime plan costs roughly $49.95, whilst the monthly plan costs $29.95. There are two annual plans available: the standard plan and the business plan. The cost of the company is $355.95, while the ordinary annual plan costs $39.95.

  • Quick installation
  • Unfailing downloads
  • Across numerous platform
  • Regular updates


  • Download restrictions for the free version


If you frequently encounter difficulties downloading videos from various websites, you should utilize an online video downloader for Chrome. With these Chrome extensions, it is possible to download videos in HD resolution. If you are overly concerned with quality, you should monitor the chrome downloaders listed above.

In this article, we list the top 15 Chrome video downloaders. If you’re intrigued, let’s test them out!

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