16 Best Deepfake Apps for Android and iOS in 2023

The use of deepfake is not new. The technology that allows a photo or video to be altered to look convincingly authentic is gaining popularity despite the criticism it has received. It does not take a lot of skill to make misleading material for fun. Get started right now by installing some of the best deepfake apps on your phone.
It’s easy to find deepfake apps that can help you make memes or other forms of deceptive content. The vast majority of applications are simple to use, making it quick and simple to make adjustments to your audio and video recordings. There are a lot of options out there, so it shouldn’t be hard to find a useful app.

16 Best Deepfake Apps for Android and iOS

Know that deepfake can be used for good and evil. Keep in mind that the developers of these apps are just trying to spark some imagination and fun.

1. FaceApp


When it comes to editing and beautifying your face on Android and iPhone, no other app comes close to FaceApp’s popularity. It uses AI to ensure a smooth and natural editing experience for your photographs.
While many users employ this tool to improve their selfies, substantial changes can be made to the original photo. It enables you to do things like grow a mustache or a beard, dye your hair a different color, and otherwise alter your appearance. Visualize how you will look in the future as well.
FaceApp also has a powerful video editor where you can add effects to recorded videos. It’s never been easier to edit a live-action video.

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2. Reface


It is the goal of this face-swapping program to help you create convincing deepfake videos and photos. Since it makes use of advanced face-morphing technology, it can completely alter your appearance.
Reface also has face switch technology, which lets you temporarily swap faces with someone else. Nobody will be able to tell it’s a fake because to its lifelike facial expressions and fluent animations. Laugh together with your pals and see how they react. Face swapping and gender switching are only two of the many other features available in Reface.

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3. MyHeritage


It’s a terrific idea to put motion to the faces in your old images to make your family history come to life. MyHeritage’s groundbreaking new feature, Deep Nostalgia, makes this possible. Artificial intelligence is used to recreate and re-unite you with your most treasured past experiences.
Entering many names into this program produces a family tree. The advanced matching engine of MyHeritage allows for automated database searches. Somewhere in the world’s 81,000,000+ family trees is where your ancestors are waiting to be found. You may also add color to previously monochrome photos with the colorizer feature on MyHeritage. You can also enhance the image by restoring details that may have been lost, such as clearer faces or brighter colors. This is a great tool for keeping your past in pictures, as the name suggests.

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4. Wombo


Have you ever come across a singing selfie on the internet? Perhaps you’ve ever wondered how some people manage to be so creative when manipulating photographs. This is your chance to find out their secrets.
The singing selfies you can make with Wombo are hilarious and amusing. Essentially, it’s a lip-sync tool that use AI to make your selfies sound like karaoke. You can create a unique selfie in a matter of minutes.
Wombo’s interface is designed for ease of use. To use, simply launch the app, pick a song, and add a selfie. Check out how Wombo takes your standard selfie and turns it into a bizarre musical performance. Are you going to spill the beans to your pals?

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5. Jiggy


One more of the best free deepfake apps is Jiggy, which can be used to fabricate engaging content for social media. This app for mobile devices is a miracle. It uses state-of-the-art technology to bring to life still photographs that may be used in places like stickers, GIFs, and even short films. Make fun of your friends and family with the material provided here.
Jiggy offers many features, including full-body exchange, but not only that. More than a hundred unique dances and GIFs are available for use when bringing still images to life. It’s instantaneous, so you can skip the editing process altogether.
Is the final result to your satisfaction? Have fun with your pals and spread the humor by sharing this. In addition, Jiggy is quite easy to operate. To use Jiggy, all you need to do is select a dance and submit some photos.

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6. Face Swap Booth

Face Swap Booth

You’ll love this deepfake apps if you’re like swapping faces. In order to achieve more humorous and unexpected outcomes, Face Swap Booth was developed.
Swap out your face with that of a loved one, a celebrity, or a famous figure. Once you’ve swapped out photos, you can do a lot more with them utilizing the sophisticated editor features. If you like the results, you can even keep the faces to use in future shots.
This program has an advanced facial recognition system that can quickly and accurately identify people in images. You can even switch out your face with one of other renowned faces.

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7. FaceMagic


In order to change the people’s faces in a picture, video, or GIF, FaceMagic employs advanced AI techniques. Making funny expressions takes only a few seconds and a few basic gestures. Drop in a picture from your gallery, and FaceMagic will do its deepfake magic.
It can switch appearances, but it also has other magical abilities. Pick a picture, and with a little magic, you can make it move. Maybe you and your pal would like to swap faces and become famous!
Another important aspect to consider is the capability to change genders. This app allows you to see how your appearance might look in another gender. Laughter is guaranteed if you show these photos to your loved ones.

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8. Anyface


If you want to shock your friends with a new look, Anyface is a great tool to use. You can make your pictures come to life with just one click using this app. Any photograph will do to work deepfake wonders. In just a moment, a new person’s visage will replace the old one.
There are a lot of fun options in this app. If moving the images around isn’t enough for you, try giving the images a voice. It has phrases that can be used to give static images voices. One of the best deepfake programs, it also lets you apply gorgeous filters to the final product.
Anyface’s easy-to-navigate interface makes it a program that anybody can benefit from. You can rest assured in your editing talents because there are straightforward editing tools available. Boost the quality of your material and the service you provide to your users.

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9. Deepfake Studio

Deepfake Studio

With their face swapping software, Deepfake Studio has set a new standard. When replacing the faces of people in photos stops being funny, you can always do it with the faces of performers in a music video.
This is made easier with the facesets included in Deepfake Studio. With up to 500 photographs in each faceset, you can try out any number of different looks. As a result of being able to make your own facesets, everything is going to get better from here on out.
This solution, like the great majority of deepfake applications, is powered by AI technology that guarantees a smooth change. Deepfake Studio can upscale low-resolution images to provide high-quality results.

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10. Faces


Please share this hilarious face-altering tool with everyone you know. This program allows you to make hilarious videos and gifs for any event, be it a celebration or simply for fun. To take pictures, it employs your front-facing camera, so make sure it works correctly.
You may make a hilarious and unique photo by combining your face with several humorous frames using Faces. It also has a wide selection of accessories including wigs, glasses, hats, and masks that can be used to dress up your selfies, gifs, and movies. In just a few easy steps, you can show the world what you’ve made.
This deepfake program, called Faces, can even switch people’s faces mid-conversation. Having fun by switching appearances with loved ones, pets, and even famous people.

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11. Cupace


Cupace should be considered by everyone who like simple cut-and-paste editing. Create memes and other comedic images using this bare-bones, user-friendly image editor. The process is straightforward. Copy and paste a person’s face from one picture to another. As for the rest, that’s it!
Plan your course of action for optimal results before beginning facial surgery. To get a clean cut around your face, use a magnifying lens if you need to. Images can be improved by adding text and stickers.
That’s a great replacement for the face swapping option. It not only helps you edit photos better, but also produces better outcomes overall.

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12. FaceLab Photo Editor

FaceLab Photo Editor; deepfake apps

There’s a good chance that several of your pals already have this app on their phones. Among the best deepfake programs is FaceLab, which has many useful functions such as a gender-switching option, an aging app, and a beard effect.
You can always look your best by using FaceLab. You can play around with different age effects to see what works best for you. Gender swap can also be used to envision how one might appear if they were the opposing gender. Furthermore, your go-to app for a more masculine appearance would be beard effect.

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13. SpeakPic

SpeakPic; deepfake apps

Millions of people have downloaded SpeakPic because it has everything needed to create deepfake material. A picture can come to life, and you can also enter text. SpeakPic provides everything you need to modify your own photos or those of your favorite celebrities. The translation feature of deepfake apps is hilarious. You can select from a wide variety of narrator voices to create a personalized experience. Thankfully, there are a variety of language options for the voices.

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14. iface

iface; deepfake apps

The iPhone app iface makes it simple to switch your face. This application uses artificial intelligence to quickly and easily create unique videos for you. This program has everything you need to transform your image into a memorable scene from a popular film or to play a practical joke on your pals.
Additionally, you may publish your work on platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Snapchat. Make sure that your videos are private by editing the tags and descriptions.

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15. Copy Replace Face Photo Editor

Copy Replace Face Photo Editor; deepfake apps

This iPhone app offers a simple face-altering feature, similar to Cupace. Cut out your own face and superimpose it on a different picture. This picture editor was developed for those who value tradition over modernity when it comes to altering their appearance. Once installed, you’ll have access to many features like collage, face blend, and face bomb. You can fix damaged photos and give yourself a new hairstyle using this feature.

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16. FaceLab Old Face

FaceLab Old Face; deepfake apps

FaceLab Old Face is a great choice if you’re looking for a way to get some filter-based laughs. Tools like as “aging effect,” “gender change,” and “beard filter” are just a few of the many enhancement options available in this deepfake apps package. You may also use a face morph to try out different looks on your face and observe the differences for yourself. You’ll never get bored with this program because of all the different ways you can change an image.

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This article will help you choose a cool tool to create false, realistic content by providing a selection of the best deepfake apps available today. Is there something you’ve settled on?

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