16 Best Online Services to Monitor Sites Uptime

Let’s discuss how can you get notified when your website has downtime, slowness, or errors!
Although keeping tabs on a website’s accessibility is essential, it’s not always possible to do so. Small and medium-sized businesses, non-profits, and individual bloggers cannot monitor the uptime of their online applications like large corporations can by setting up a command center and monitoring team. There are several potential causes of your website going down, such as a hacked server or a database crash.
You should only ever use a reliable hosting service, as this is the most common cause of website outages. Any website owner or administrator worth his or her salt will have a system in place to let you know if and when the site will be down for maintenance.

16 Top Online Services to Monitor Sites Uptime

The following applications will notify you when your website’s URL becomes unavailable. Go with any of the many free options out there. However, if you’re looking for something to implement internally, you might want to check out an open-source PHP Server Monitor.

1. Uptrends


When an issue is found on your website, Uptrends will notify you via email from multiple locations. It’s user-friendly, and it provides quick access to a wide range of crucial website metrics. It’s possible to tailor the dashboard to your needs, and data may be exported to PDF or Excel. The best aspect is that there is no cost to get started.

2. Dotcom-Monitor


Dotcom-Monitor simplifies monitoring for functionality, performance, and uptime of websites, web apps, servers, APIs, and more. It gives you the ability to quickly identify the cause of performance issues with its extensive suite of enterprise-grade tools and network of more than 25 global monitoring stations. Get notified instantly through phone, email, or text message if there’s a change in the status of something you’re monitoring. Try it risk-free for a whole month!

3. StatusCake


Since its release in 2012, StatusCake has proven itself to be a reliable tool for keeping tabs on your website’s uptime and speed. The extensive features and testing constraints are appreciated by both large corporations and smaller businesses who use the feature-rich free plan. All premium subscriptions include risk-free, no-cost trials. Some of its distinguishing features are as follows:

  • Uptime checks for HTTP/S, TCP/S, DNS/S, SMTP/P, PING, and PUSH.
  • Consistent and immediate notifications by email, text, and other services.
  • Analysis of cause and effect.
  • Tracking the speed of each page.
  • Checking for SSL vulnerabilities.
  • Surveillance of servers scanning for viruses while keeping an eye on domains.

4. Sematext


Sematext Synthetics has powerful monitors that keep tabs on your website and API availability from strategically placed nodes all around the globe, helping you to reduce downtime and MTTR. The frequency of the checks can be set anywhere from once per minute to once per hour.
If you use Sematext, you can be assured that you will have full insight into your system’s health at all times. This is because Sematext monitors SSL certificates, tracks your system’s basic vitals, and measures the efficiency of third-party APIs.
In the event of an issue, you will receive immediate notifications via Email, Slack, VictorOps, Twilio, and other custom notification hooks you set up. The Status Pages you create, whether they are public or private, will show the status of all monitored services, including whether they are available and how well they are performing. These Status Pages can include your graphical elements and can live on a custom domain.
Plans start at $29 per month for Sematext Synthetics with 40 HTTP and five browser monitors and 30 days of data retention. Individual monitors on the Pay-as-you-go plan can now be had for as little as $2 per month, in addition to the normal plan’s $9.95.

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5. HetrixTools


With HetrixTools, you can keep tabs on your servers and websites around the world in real time. If you find out about maintenance issues before anyone else, you can minimize their impact.
The appropriate monitoring solution for your websites and servers, it features very accurate downtime detection, real-time error logging, PING/MTR samples on each outage, SSL/domain expiration monitoring, change detection in nameservers, server resource monitoring, and public status pages.
Notifications may be set up for many different services, including email, SMS, Telegram, PushBullet, Pushover, Twitter, Slack, Discord, Mattermost, RocketChat, Microsoft Teams, PagerDuty, OpsGenie, VictorOps, and Webhooks.

6. AlertBot


Designed with businesses of all sizes in mind, AlertBot is the gold standard for website monitoring. Using real browsers, they test your site’s performance and help you identify problem areas and bottlenecks so you can fix them and improve your users’ experience.
By aiding customers one-on-one with web transaction monitoring setup and sending comprehensive email reports that precisely pinpoint website faults, AlertBot is adept at providing sophisticated features that are very easy to use.

7. Cronitor


Cronitor is a cutting-edge solution for tracking availability, boasting a wide range of features and a simple, straightforward interface. You can be certain that if your website or API goes down, you will be notified instantly thanks to the 12 global monitoring locations and checks run as frequently as every 30 seconds.
Create advanced testing with a wide range of features in minutes, or something as basic as an uptime monitor. It is possible to alter cookie and request header values.

  • Intended page content assumptions.
  • Validating JavaScript apps in actual browsers.
  • Constant monitoring all across the world combined with localized labs.
  • Alerts sent instantly through email, text message, Slack, PagerDuty, OpsGenie, and other channels.

8. Checkly


Developers of modern stacks can benefit from Checkly, an active monitoring platform. Your website’s and API’s availability, performance, and accuracy can all be tracked with JavaScript. Combining customizability, speed, and ease of use. Tech startups like Vercel, Humio, and 1Password are among its clients.
When it comes to keeping tabs on your frontend’s uptime, Checkly is hard to beat. HTTP requests can be configured with assertions specific to your needs and Node.js-based setup and takedown scripts for API monitoring.
In other words, developers are the target audience for Checkly. The powerful REST API lets you orchestrate and automate your checks, for example with Terraform, and everything is customizable and well-documented. Global data centers can be checked on demand or at predetermined intervals of as low as one minute. Pagerduty, Opsgenie, and Slack are just some of the alerting channels that can be used to notify you when problems develop.
Checkly offers a free developer plan and a price model based on project completion for businesses with more complex needs. All in all, it’s a great tool for keeping tabs on how reliable your APIs and websites are.

9. Hyperping


When you need to keep an eye on your server’s uptime, your status page, and any issues that may arise, Hyperping is a streamlined and attractive option.
Notifications can be sent by email, Slack, and other channels. When your screen goes dark, you’ll know about it in a flash. Within a minute or two, you should be all set up and ready to go.

  • Allows for precise HTTP(s), ping, and port verifications.
  • Keeping an eye on things from a total of 14 different continents, from the Americas to Europe to Asia to Australia.
  • Monitor your SSL/TLS certificates and be notified well in advance of their expiration dates.
  • OpsGenie is compatible with text messaging (SMS), instant messaging (Slack), task management software (PagerDuty), and its own platform (OpsGenie).
  • Built-in status page for continuous user updates.
  • Inviting coworkers to share alerts is a breeze.
  • Hyperping is trusted by tens of thousands of online companies. Take advantage of the platform’s free trial.
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10. Uptime Robot


Using Uptime Robot, you may check the status of up to 50 websites every 5 minutes for free. In addition, you may perform some very basic defacement monitoring by checking to see if specific terms appear on a page. When services like FTP, SMTP, POP3, and IMAP, or custom ports, go down, you’ll get an alert from Uptime Robot.

11. Uptime


Multiple methods for tracking site uptime, enterprise-ready site availability, and performance. Uptime provides comprehensive response time information from more than 30 sites worldwide. You can also perform critical security tests and get immediate alerts on any failures, in addition to monitoring uptime. Many different methods exist for sending out notifications.
As an added bonus, Uptime can keep tabs on SSH, DNS, Ping, POP, IMAP, and more.

12. Uptimia


If your website goes down, Uptimia will send you an email and alert you within 5 minutes from any of their 5 data centers. Their work is presented in a gorgeous graph, which I appreciate. Each technical check, such as DNS, Connects, Send, Wait, and Receive, has its own response time average shown.

13. Freshping

freshping-web uptime

Before, it was known as Insping. Monitoring 50 URLs from 10 different places around the world takes less than a minute with Freshping by Freshworks. Freshping is a comprehensive website uptime monitoring service. Use this status page to keep your users and customers up-to-date on the current situation.
You can subscribe to notifications through integration with services like Slack, Twilio, Freshdesk, and Zapier. If you sign up for the free plan, you can see the data for six months.

14. WebGazer


Want to offer an API and keep tabs on it as well? You can accomplish this with WebGazer. An appealing status page is offered in addition to the standard site monitoring functions. As well as keeping an eye on your website, you can keep tabs on cron tasks, Internet of Things devices, and scheduled activities.

15. Pingdom

pingdom-1 uptime

This list is incomplete without Pingdom. But there are no free options at this time.

16. Better Uptime

Better-uptime uptime

Uptime tracking, incident management, and status pages are all rolled into one sleek package with Better Uptime, a premium monitoring solution. After a quick three-minute setup process, you’ll receive instant alerts whenever your website experiences downtime. The main characteristics are:

  • You can get as many or as few phone calls as you choose.
  • Cron tasks, TLD expiration checks, SSL/TLS health checks, and HTTP(s).
  • Setup a simple appointment for your calls.
  • Snapshots of error messages and system activity.
  • Integrations with Slack, Teams, Heroku, Amazon Web Services, and more than a hundred others.


I am hoping that the aforementioned resources will help you keep tabs on your website and receive alerts if there is ever a problem.

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