17 Best Apps for Teenage Girls [Android & iOS]

Smartphones are helpful for more than just talking to people. And if your adolescent girl starts using this device, you might want to check out some of these best apps for teenage girls out there.
This article provides a list of apps that will help your teenage princess navigate her world, with some of them also assisting her in de-stressing and developing a more mindful outlook. However, your princess’s future is heavily dependent on your choice of apps.

17 Best Apps for Teenage Girls [Android & iOS]

Choosing the best software for a specific age range is difficult because there is no universal standard. As a parent, you hope your kids will appreciate the opportunities they have, right?
Clearly, they won’t use their phones exclusively for schoolwork; kids, like adults, have a need for fun and games. Under certain conditions, you may make these critical programs available to your ladies.
Some of these applications will help them develop their skills, while others will simply provide them with entertainment. What follows is a rundown of the top applications that teenage girls should download.

1. AppLock


Among the best iPhone apps for teenage girls, AppLock stands out. It works wonderfully on Android phones as well. Users of a smartphone can protect their data, apps, and even their Wi-Fi connection with the help of this software. On the other hand, you can safeguard and lock down everything with a password you make yourself. Making sure your possessions are safe and sound is a top priority. AppLock must be installed immediately.

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2. Duolingo


Duolingo should be on every woman’s mobile device. Despite what you may have heard, this is not a service limited to women. This app’s original appeal should extend to both boys and adults.
With Duolingo, anyone can acquire a new language at no cost. If you want to use this app to increase your vocabulary and not just peruse it, you’ll need to be able to pronounce the words and maybe even whole sentences.
There has never been a better time to acquire a new language. The story on Duolingo has gaps that you have to fill in. Duolingo is, in general, a must-have tool. If you already have one, you’ll learn something new.

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3. The Best Hairstyles Step by Step

The Best Hairstyles Step by Step

Maintaining the same hairdo day in and day out may seem harmless, but it actually creates a number of issues. Here’s some excellent news: this program can help you keep your current hairdo looking fresh.
In this app, you’ll find numerous hairdos, each with detailed directions on how to achieve the look. Those who have lengthy locks will benefit greatly from it. In addition, you will be the undisputed champion of the annual school hairdo contest.
Teenage girls will find this program to be highly entertaining. This app can presently be downloaded from the Google Play store only.

Download on Google Play

4. Colour Splash Effect

Color Splash Effect

A smartphone with a good picture editor is indispensable. In addition, Color Splash Effect is a must-have app for any adolescent girl who loves taking photos and selfies.
To better suit your requirements, you can quickly and easily adjust photos with the help of this program. There are numerous options for customization available in Color Explosion Effect. However, the system is designed to be as user-friendly and straightforward as possible.
You should check out this program, because why not? All the ladies on Instagram would go crazy if they could get their hands on some truly stunning pictures.

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5. Period Tracker

Period Tracker

It goes without saying that a period tracker app is an essential tool for every lady. Flo is an effective smartphone period tracker that every woman should have.
Several useful functions are built in. You will be given with vital health information in addition to monitoring your period. The program allows users to record their symptoms, emotions, and other experiences.
And if you want to keep tabs on your sleep pattern, Flo is the best instrument for you. Appearing now in the ITunes Store and Google Play.

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6. Makeup Videos Tutorial Apps

Makeup Videos Tutorial App

If you know what you’re doing, applying makeup can be a relaxing experience. Your mom may be able to help you out sometimes, but she probably won’t give you good guidance because she doesn’t know what you like.
For this reason, you absolutely must download this program to your mobile device. Exactly as one might expect from the app’s moniker, it provides users with a library of instructional videos. These will help you get ready to go.
You’ll see not only how to achieve various looks, but also how to apply each makeup type. Putting on makeup has never been easier.

Download on the App Store

7. Wattpad


If you’re looking for a free girl tool on Google Play or the Apple App Store, look no further than Wattpad. Those who love reading novels will be overjoyed to learn that they can now read anything they want on their mobile devices. Hundreds of stories across many categories can be found on this app. Your creation can also be uploaded to this site. This is a great resource for aspiring young writers because many of the tales found here have been adapted for the big screen.

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8. Webtoon


Which programs are essential for a young person? It seems like Webtoon would be the kind of software that would get teenagers all over the world psyched.
For fans of reading manga, comics, and short tales on their phones, this app is a dream come true. You’ll get both the written story and the picture, just like in a comic book.
Another reason why Webtoon is a hit with the public. As of today, more than 60 million people across the globe have acquired this app. It’s fair to say that everyone needs Webtoon on their phones.

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9. TimeTune


For teenagers, TimeTune is one of the most useful apps available. You can organize and monitor your daily habits with the help of this program.
Use this app if you have a long list of tasks to run in a single day. TimeTune can also act as a personal assistant, keeping you up to date and providing you with timely reminders.
To help you keep track of your day, it comes with a number of alerts and reminders that can be set off via sound, vibration, the device’s microphone, or even via your own speech and text messages. As of right now, TimeTune can only be used on Android devices.

Download on Google Play

10. Candy Crush

Candy Crush

Every teen girl should spend some time online playing one of the many fun and engaging games available today. But nothing can compare to the fear and excitement of Candy Crush.
This game has been played by millions of people all over the world. Similarly, the game’s mechanics are easy to grasp. You should try out Candy Crush since it doesn’t cost anything to get the game and enjoy it.
If you’re in need of a friend or just a fun way to kill time, Candy Crush is here to help. The app can be downloaded from both the App Shop and the Google Play store.

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11. Awoken

Awoken; teenage girls

There’s no guarantee that Awoken is one of the most popular mobile games among teenage girls. Contrarily, it facilitates lucid thinking and makes it easier to control your dreams.
On the other side, you can train yourself to have lucid dreams. This program will help you keep track of your life events, reflect on them, and learn from them.
You will also learn various methods and facts about this dream character. The app will prompt you to take stock of your environment more often if you regularly experience lucid dreams. Awakened can be a helpful tool for those people.

Download on Google Play

12. Pinterest

Pinterest; teenage girls

Pinterest is another tool that everyone, regardless of gender, should have on their phone. The valuables you search are here, on this platform.
This app has a wealth of suggestions to help you if you’re feeling uninspired. All of your Pinterest boards might spark an idea for your present project if nothing else has.
In addition to recipes, Pinterest is a treasure trove of how-to guides, craft suggestions, academic tips, movie reviews, and health analysis. It seems like this site has what you’re looking for. In light of this, it’s fair to say that Pinterest is one of the girl apps you need to have on your phone.

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13. Spotify

Spotify; teenage girls

It’s safe to say that Spotify is a necessity for every modern person. It features an extensive library of high-caliber audio from a wide variety of genres. In addition, there are many informative audiobooks to choose from.
As a result, Spotify is a great choice if you’re looking for an app to help you relax, learn, or do any of the above. This program has a free tier of service but offers premium users access to a variety of extra tools.
It’s also fair to say that Spotify is one of the apps every woman should have on her phone. Teenagers can expand their knowledge, hear about the past in a more engaging way, etc.

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14. Motivation, Daily Quotes

Motivation, Daily Quotes; teenage girls

Do you enjoy reading quotations? If that’s the case, you’ll be happy with this program. Inspirational and even comical sayings are just some of the things you can expect to see on Motivation Daily Quotes.
There is also a category filter for these quotes. Once you set the alert, the app will give you motivational sayings once an hour.
You can also use this tool to store quotations. If you like it, you can re-upload it to another service or simply show it to your friends. The free app Motivation Daily Quotes is available for both iOS and Android devices. Thus, there is no harm in trying it out.

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15. Khan Academy

Khan Academy; teenage girls

With the help of smartphones, many responsibilities can be checked off the list. Furthermore, this means that your teen can use her smartphone to help her with her studies.
If you’re looking for a useful educational program for a teen girl, Khan Academy is a great option. Using this tool is like having a digital tutor by your side.
Your girl will learn a lot and have no trouble with her schoolwork. Badges can be earned for completing tasks in this program as well. Try it out and see!

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16. SketchBook

SketchBook; teenage girls

I was wondering if your daughter has ever shown an interest in drawing. Then you should advise her to try out SketchBook. This software mimics the functionality of a paper sketchbook, but it fits in anyone’s pocket.
There are a lot of applications out there that do basically the same thing. Nonetheless, SketchBook is one of those apps that does remarkably well and is accessible on both iOS and Android.
After all, working with a digital pen is a breeze. There is no risk in trying SketchBook because there is a free edition.

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17. Combyne


If you’re a teenage girl with a passion for fashion, you should definitely download combyne. This program provides a reliable system for trying out different styles. That being said, you can stop stressing over a wardrobe misfire.
Contrarily, combyne is one of the applications that every adolescent girl should have because of how useful it is. The program doesn’t just let you try on a bunch of different combinations; you can actually buy the items you like.
This is why combyne has integrated their platform with the web store. Can’t find anything to wear is now an obsolete expression. Everything you could possibly want is right at your fingertips in combyne. Both Apple and Google’s mobile platforms are supported by this program.

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These days, no one can imagine life without a smartphone. There will come a time when not only people, but also kids and teenagers, will need this.
While some smartphone users may only be interested in entertainment, teenagers girls can find many practical applications for these devices. This means that getting the right applications is a prerequisite.
All the aforementioned apps are crucial for teenage girls, and boys and men alike can profit from using them too. The best apps for teenage girls have been listed above; what do you think of them? Have you tried every single one?

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