6 Best Voicemail Apps for Android 2023

If you need to get in touch with someone but are too busy to type a message, voicemail is a great option. Voicemail allows you to easily communicate with others by recording and sending your own voice. The best Android voicemail apps are available in the Play Store, giving you plenty of alternatives.

The primary goal of most modern voicemail apps is to improve the quality of your interactions with others. You can avoid listening to voicemails altogether by transcribing them with the visual voicemail option, which is available in some apps. Some services even provide further functionality in addition to voicemail. What kinds of apps are available on the Play Store? Read on to find out!

Top 6 Android Voicemail Apps for You

In this day and age, it is possible to send and receive emails via voicemail without ever touching a keyboard. There is a wide variety of apps out there, so finding the one that works best for you is simple. Following this guide, you’ll be aware of the best voicemail apps for Android-powered mobile devices.

1. My Visual Voicemail

My Visual Voicemail

You may get to your voicemails in an unconventional way using My Visual Voicemail. Messages in your inbox can be read aloud or listened to on this Android app. The software also features voicemail transcription, so you may read your voicemails whenever you like. You can manage your inbox and respond to messages with a single click, all without resorting to your voicemail.

Since its inception, My Visual Voicemail has been a free program that may be used without changing your voicemail number. By long-pressing an empty spot on your home screen and selecting My Visual Voicemail, you can easily add the widget to your device. Improved accessibility of voicemails has been implemented. You may ensure that you never miss another important message by going directly to the inbox.

Virtual Network Apps developed this tool, and it’s only 4.5MB in size. My Visual Voicemail won’t be too hard on your phone’s storage space. A hundred thousand plus people have downloaded this app.

2. InstaVoice


InstaVoice combines visible voicemail, missed call notifications, and voice SMS into one convenient and free app. This program can take the place of a personal assistant, picking up incoming calls and transferring them to a designated recipient when you’re too busy to do so yourself. You can use it whenever you like, seven days a week, to make sure you never miss a message from a friend or client.

After setting up InstaVoice, handling voicemails and missed calls is as simple as using a messaging app. Even if your phone is turned off, you can see who called or left a voicemail. The voicemail transcription function allows you to listen to messages and reply without anybody else hearing. Due to the fact that InstaVoice does not force you to listen to each email individually, your privacy is preserved.

In addition, InstaVoice gives you infinite room in the cloud to keep your voicemails. Don’t delete voicemails just to make room. You can transfer carriers and not worry about losing your SMS messages. The Kirusa, Inc. app is 17.52 MB in size, and it can be downloaded from the Play Store for free.

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Customer support is available via InstaVoice’s dedicated phone number, allowing for a more pleasant and productive experience overall. Do notify them  whenever you have any difficulties while using the program. The InstaVoice app has certain bugs and is not fully functional. So, this may not be the greatest choice if you want a serious voicemail program but its worth giving a try.

3. Base Visual Voicemail

Base Visual Voicemail

This is the greatest Android app out there for reading and managing voicemails, so give it a try if you’re in the market for such a product. If you’re looking for a better way to check your voicemail, Telenet Group’s Base Visual Voicemail is the way to go. In order for it to work, you need to be in range of a cellular data network or a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Base The Visual Voicemail interface displays a list of voicemails, from which you may choose and choose which to play. You can also reply, delete, and forward messages from within the app. Voicemails can be listened to while pausing, stopping, rewinding, and forwarded. Simply pick up the phone or fire off a quick text message to answer to any pressing messages.

However, this flexible software is available only to customers of Base Company for the time being. Access and use of the functions are restricted to paying customers only. Android 2.3 and up are suitable for use with Visual Voicemail. More than a hundred thousand copies have been downloaded since the program’s inception.

4. YouMail


YouMail is a popular graphical voicemail tool that helps you organize your calls. It’s not just a voicemail program, though; it also filters out unwanted calls like robocalls and spam. YouMail could be the perfect solution if telemarketers and automated callers drive you crazy. You can get this program from Google’s Play store for nothing.

You may access your voicemails from your mobile phone or any other device thanks to the visual voicemail feature. This program might be very helpful if you constantly switch between multiple devices. In order to protect your privacy and security, voicemails can be transcribed and sent to your mailbox in a flash. Voicemails may be easily converted to text messages and emailed.

YouMail is the best service for converting voicemails to text and email. Checking your voicemail via email is a breeze, even when you can’t get to your phone. YouMail is a solid choice if you want a business-grade voicemail program. The ability to host a conference call without requiring a passcode is really appreciated.

It’s possible to use YouMail as a virtual assistant, too. The voicemail greeting function allows you to provide a personalized greeting to callers even when you can’t take their call. This program works with a wide variety of postpaid providers, including Sprint voicemail and Verizon voicemail.

5. HulloMail


Thumbtel Ltd. Communications has released a second excellent voicemail app for Android. This developer has a great graphical voicemail interface for organizing your calls. Accessing voicemails and blocking unwanted calls are only two of its many features. This program can be used on both iOS and Android devices.

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This program is useful for checking your SMS inbox for voicemails. If you’d rather not listen to each audio track separately, you can read the transcription instead. Selecting which messages to respond to can help you better manage your time. If you have voicemails that you no longer need, you can have copies sent to your email address.

HulloMail is available in two different flavors: Lite and Pro. The Lite version has convenient options including voicemail management, 10 free transcriptions per month, emailing a copy of voicemails, and custom greetings for individual callers. It also allows you to receive alerts even when your phone is turned off or not within reach.

A paid subscription or HulloMail Pro may be necessary if you consistently get a lot of voicemails. With this subscription plan, you can store as much of your transcription in the cloud as you like until you’re ready to share it. By using this method, you may also look for a specific message. So do you have any interest in this program? The premium service offers a free two-week trial period.

6. Google Voice

Best Voicemail Apps for Android: Google Voice

This voicemail app is required if you regularly utilize all of Google’s services. Before Google’s acquisition, Google Voice was known as Grand Central. In terms of market presence, this app has been around for a lot longer than its rivals. Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android mobile platforms both presently support this app.

With its no-cost and easy-to-install nature, Google Voice can be a useful addition to your life. This tool is a breeze to operate if you already have a Google account. You can get a free phone number that works with your smartphone. Voicemails can be transcribed by the software and delivered as text messages or emails. Transcriptions in Spanish are now available via Google Voice.

Message histories are stored and can be retrieved with this tool. You may easily look up past calls, texts, and voicemails in the system’s memory. If you frequently switch between different devices, Google Voice makes it possible to send and receive messages from any of them, including your computer. This program provides reasonable prices for business international calls.

Google Voice, as was said before, offers a fresh phone number to receive voicemails at. This could be a problem if your phone doesn’t support two SIM cards at once. It may also be too much of an inconvenience for some people to establish a new phone number for the sole purpose of receiving voicemail. To make a switch to a new number, you’ll have to fork over $10.


The best Android voicemail apps will make managing your voicemails a breeze. Simple phone management allows you to take advantage of useful extras like spam-call blocking and personalized voicemail greetings. What’s the best app for you? See if you can get it delivered to your region.

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