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6 Easy Ways to Fix Android Is Starting Optimizing App

When you hear the term “optimizing,” what do you think of? It’s great, isn’t it? It means that you are given something better than what you had before. But it’s a bad news for Android users. Some people who use Android phones (such as Xiaomis, Samsungs, and others) may get irritated when they see this term. To avoid seeing the “Android Is Starting Optimizing App” message on your screen, it’s important to study this article in its entirety and learn how to fix it too.
Before we can fix the message that reads “Android is beginning to optimize the app,” you need to know what Android is doing in that moment. To live up to its “optimizing app” billing, Android always produces superior copies of the programs they support. Therefore, once the process is finished, we can expect that all apps will be compatible with the latest Android release. However, it is not an infrequent occurrence. The device, for instance, reboots itself nonstop for twenty-four hours but achieves no results. This notification may also be persistent and obstruct your view.

Root Cause of Optimizing App Issue

As we work on the issue optimize, or “Android Is Starting,” we appreciate your patience. One must learn the underlying causes of this phenomenon. Knowing the backstory will help you and your friend avoid repeating the same mistake. For the reason behind this issue, consider the following:

1. Updated Android Version

In short, when your Android says it’s improving, it really is optimizing. Android automatically updates to the newest version, bringing you up to date. Faster application performance is the real advantage of this method. However, once the optimization is complete and your apps have adapted, this may happen. When neither objective is reached within the allotted time, this message will be displayed.

2. Unsuitable Apps

You can’t run an incompatible program on your Android device. It’s possible that, at the time of installation, you won’t give much thought to the app’s specifications. You have recently noticed that the “Optimizing Program” notification constantly pops up. After further investigation, you learn that only “equal” apps can be installed. It’s possible that “Optimizing App” occurs because the software is not compatible with Android.

3. Broken Applications

If you’re seeing this message, an error occurred during the installation of a program you purchased. Your battery suddenly died, most likely because of a faulty implementation. As a result, the process has permanently halted and can no longer be finished. It’s possible that the optimization notice is appearing because this program is broken.

Methods to Fix ‘Android is Starting Optimising Apps

Now is the moment to figure out a solution to the “Android Is Starting to Optimize the App” problem. Try not to let this problem make you irrational. Luckily, there are a lot of ways out of this predicament. You need only try each of the following tricks in turn. You’d quickly figure out how to fix your issue by:

1. Performing a Cache

The “Android is beginning optimizing app” error could be resolved using this technique. It’s possible that clearing the cookies will do the trick. It’s a safer alternative to resetting to default settings. Your Android info will remain safe even after clearing the cache. A device’s cache stores information temporarily before it is deleted. Your gadget has stashed the information away in case you need it down the road. So it’s easier to keep in mind.

2. Uninstall the App

When was the last time you got and set up a brand new program on your computer? In most cases, a new app is to blame if the “Optimizing App” message shows right after it has been installed. Just remove the program and see how your Android reacts without it. The program should be deleted from both the Play Store and the device.

3. Restart Without Plugging

The more efficient a program is, the more power it needs to run. It’s like trying to fix the “Android Is Beginning Optimizing App.” Your phone’s charge probably dies rather rapidly. However, if you want to perform a factory restore on the phone, you must first disconnect it from power. There have been cases where removing the phone’s charging cable helped the reset process.

4. Remove and Put back SD Card

Your Android device has a microSD card slot, so don’t forget to use it. This piece might fix the issue as well. Wait until the process of closing down or restarting has completed. The SD card should be removed for one minute and then reinserted. After booting up your Android, you can alter its preset storage settings. When you’re ready to configure your files, head to the Settings menu. The SD device can be deleted or formatted as needed. If you suspect a malfunctioning SD card, you can try erasing or reformatting it.

4. Factory Reset

If you’re getting a “Android is starting optimizing app” message, this could be the solution. If you choose to do this, your Android will function like new. After a factory reset, all user info and changes to the phone’s configuration are lost. That’s why you need a place to put all that information in the first place. You can either store the files on your local hard drive or transfer them to a cloud service. This justifies the greater emphasis on cloud processing. Because once your Android is back to normal, it will be very convenient for you to access.
It’s the same as clearing the cache, but with a factory restart. This means that you need to start by entering the restore mode. Then, you go through the on-screen prompts to perform a factory restart. This section calls for a Google account number or passcode. In the event that you were successfully logged in, you can stop the sync of previously used apps by swiping the screen. You can start fresh after wiping the gadget clean of all data.

6. Contact the Factory

If you’re at the point of giving up, this is your last chance. For when conventional wisdom fails and all else has been exhausted. Get in touch with Android’s maker immediately. Tell them what happens and what was just done to your phone. The advice presented above is not the only one you may receive. Please let us know if you have already tried these five solutions before contacting us. If you go straight to the source, they should be able to offer a more satisfactory answer and have already fixed the problem for good.


As frustrating as the “Android is beginning app optimization” error is, it can be fixed with time. Because of the randomness of the world, this can’t be done fast. It’s worth noting that there are lots of ways around this. Every once in a while, there’s a surefire way to get something done that doesn’t quite replicate on another phone. It’s to be expected, since the “Optimizing Program” presents a plethora of alternatives.

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