Top 10 Best Pocket Watch for 2024

Pocket watches may not be as popular as they once were. There’s little doubt that the rise of wristwatches has pushed pocket watches out of fashion, but they’re making a comeback after decades of slumber. A superb best pocket watch ways to tie an outfit together if you want to put together a unique professional look that will have all eyes on you.

However, due to their long lack of popularity, common customers aren’t often as knowledgeable about the intricacies of a pocket watch as they are about a more standard wristwatch. If you’re seeking for the best pocket watch, it doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. Our checklist will show you exactly what to look for.

When Did Pocket Watches Go Out of Style?

Pocket watches were the dominant type of timepiece for centuries, but they were eventually surpassed by wristwatches in the aftermath of World War I. Wristwatches were a far more practical choice because of the convenience they provided. Pocket watches, on the other hand, are regaining popularity as watches become less of a necessity and more of a fashion accessory.

1. Hamilton 992B Railroad Pocket Watch

The Hamilton 992B was one of the most popular watch brands among trainmen in the early-to-mid twentieth century. The Hamilton Watch Company manufactures it in Lancaster, PA, and it truly is a magnificent timepiece. The most notable example is American workmanship.
The Hamilton 992B Railway Special, widely regarded as among the greatest jewellery this country has ever made, provided the watch owner with a clear and easy-to-read view of the time.

But when the back case is removed, this watch becomes even more unique. There is a detailed look of the inner workings of how this pocket watch works. Needless to say, it served the trainmen well at the time. Of course, with the advent of the wristwatch, the Hamilton 992B fell out of favour. If you want to understand more about the history of this remarkable best pocket watch, we recommend visiting this page — it was by far the most useful resource we found when researching the Hamilton 992B.

When browsing on sites like eBay, you may frequently get this watch for a few hundred dollars (prices naturally vary greatly depending on both watch condition and time of year). While it lacks any type of waterproofing or sapphire window, it is a lovely watch that deserves to be passed down from generation to generation.

2. Tissot Savonnette Pocket Watch

Tissot, a Swiss watchmaker, is one of the few highly rated modern watch firms that still manufacture pocket watch. Tissot, unlike many other companies, offers a wide range of pocket watch, including this Savonnette pocket watch. The Savonnette is unique in that it seamlessly blends being a cheap best pocket watch while still carrying on the Tissot history. The use of a mineral crystal and a Swiss quartz movement are among the compromises made in this best pocket watch.

These concessions result in a significantly more modest price tag that is well within many people’s financial means. With a 48.5 mm round case shape, it should fit perfectly on your palm while also carrying some weight. Because it is made of stainless steel, the watch will naturally withstand water and will never rust along the edges, making it a viable best pocket watch to hand down from generation to generation (although quartz has yet to establish itself given that it is a relatively new innovation).

The face of this pocket watch is one of its distinguishing features. With roman numeral markers and a date view at the 6 o’clock point, you should be able to see all of the important information at a glance. While the mineral crystal isn’t as hard as sapphire found in some of the more expensive watches on the market, the hunting case will totally protect the window while not in use.

3. ManChDa Mechanical Roman Numerals Dial Skeleton Pocket Watch

There are a lot of fantastic looking pocket watches on our list, but the most stunning may very well be this model by ManChDa. Like the Stuhrling, a skeleton window provides you with an inside peek at this watch’s guts, but it stands apart from that model through the strong use of clashing colours and the dramatic design of everything from the gears themselves to the ManChDa logo have a dramatic sense of flair.

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And since this is a self-winding pocket watch, you don’t have to worry about your battery ever running out. And the choice of acrylic instead of glass to cover the face is designed to keep you safe.

4. Bulova Pocket Watch

Bulova is well-known for producing high-quality timepieces, and this pocket watch is no exception. This watch is as lovely as it is affordable, with a classic hunter case and face that brings the eyes right where they need to be. There are engraving options available on the back, front, or inner typeface to further personalise the watch.

Because it is constructed with modern design aesthetics such as Arabic numbers (rather than Roman numerals), a second hand, and a date window, this pocket watch is suitable for both informal and formal settings. This pocket watch chain also has a sturdy clip at the end that can be easily tightened down. If you intend to give this watch as a gift, it comes with a presentation box.

While the Bulova is one of the better pocket watch under $200, it does make some sacrifices in terms of crystal and movement. Unlike many of the other pocket watch reviewed, this one is battery-powered and uses quartz movement rather than mechanical movement. It also features a mineral glass crystal. Given that it’s hidden under a hunter-style case, the crystal is unlikely to be a deal breaker, but the movement hasn’t stood the test of time like other classic mechanical watches.

5. Gotham Men’s Silver-Tone Ultra Thin Railroad Open Face Quartz Pocket Watch

While there are a number of sophisticated pocket watches on our list, sometimes simpler is better. This pocket watch from Gotham has taken that notion to heart. This watch is all about basic design, with bright and easy to see digits in both normal and military time and a smooth silver face.

It might not be the most complex pocket watch we’ve ever seen, but it’s undoubtedly the cleanest and most trustworthy. The brass body is pliable enough for you to engrave a personal message in it, and the watch hands themselves are simply constructed but surprisingly easy to adjust. It even comes with a lifetime warranty.

6. Stuhrling Vintage Mechanical Pocket Watch

The Stuhrling watch may be what you’re searching for if you’re seeking for a traditional vintage pocket watch to keep you on time. It’s a lovely watch with a skeleton face and roman numbers around the corners. Whether you’re giving it as a gift or purchasing it for yourself, the 23K gold looks fantastic.

Stuhrling uses their own unique Krysterna crystal on both the front and back of the watch to help keep costs down. While there is no traditional hunting case (so be careful), the crystal should be sturdy enough to withstand some surface scratches and scuffs. Because this is a mechanical pocket watch, it does not have a battery and must be wound once a day.

7. FindTime Digital Pocket Watch

This pocket watch is unique in that it has a digital dial rather than the typical analogue dial. This enables the pocket watch to perform a variety of other purposes, such as a barometer, thermometer, and even an altimeter. Essentially, if you spend a lot of time outside and want a few more features than just timekeeping, this digital pocket watch is an excellent choice.

Its built-in water-resistance of 30M (100′) allows it to be wet without losing operation. To add to the toughness of this digital pocket watch, it has a thick and smooth silver chrome case that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. Unlike other pocket watch that are adorned with a stainless steel chain, this pocket watch is adorned with a synthetic necklace.

Many guys have complained that it is too hefty because it is composed of a metal alloy rather than something lighter. If you aren’t totally sold on a pocket watch is one dimension and are searching for more value in the form of additional capabilities, this digital pocket watch is a perfect choice.

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8. Charles-Hubert Pocket Watch

The Charles-Hubert Paris pocket watch is similar to the Stuhrling, but a little more elaborate. It has a skeleton face as well as a little inner dial. The back is also transparent, allowing you to see all of the watch’s exquisite and sophisticated gears as it keeps time. This traditional railroad-style watch has an open face design that allows you to quickly check the time. This watch is made of brass and is quite sturdy.

Along with the watch, Charles-Hubert includes a steel chain with a clip (not shown) and a navy blue and black gift box. While the mechanism of this watch is labelled as Swiss Automatic, it is a traditional mechanical pocket watch that must be wound by hand every day.

Charles-Hubert offers a lifetime warranty on the watch’s movement, as with all watches in the Classic Collection. Customers appreciate how substantial this watch feels in their hands. It has a good feel to it, yet it is not so heavy that it drags down your pocket.

9. Charles-Hubert, Paris Mechanical Pocket Watch

If you want a vintage aesthetic without having to hunt out an actual vintage pocket watch, Charles Hubert can give the next best thing. All of their timepieces are built with a careful eye towards antique sensibilities, and the Paris is no different in that regard. The mechanical movement is fashioned from 17 jewels – and like many other models on our list, it incorporates a skeleton window.

The brass design is further coated in a coating of chrome to increase both the looks and the sturdiness of this pocket watch. The Charles-Hubert Paris is also one of the few pocket watches on our list to feature a Swiss movement, and the Swiss standards are the most celebrated in the world.

10. SIBOSUN Antique Skeleton Mechanical Pocket Watch

This pocket watch by SIBOSUN is the ultimate discussion starter when it comes to pocket watches, fully embracing both the mechanical and skeleton design. It’s completely transparent on both the front and back, giving you an inside look at how a pocket watch works through the skeleton dial.

Unlike many other pocket watches under $200, this one relies on mechanical movement that must be wound daily (approximately 10 to 15 times) to keep precise time. Instead of a closed casing, like many others do, this pocket watch has an open case, recalling the same aesthetic as antique railroad pocket watches (almost touching on steampunk design as well).

However, it is not without flaws. The most noticeable feature will be the time marks. Unlike railroad pocket watches and even those from before the nineteenth century, the face of this pocket watch has very few time markers. Because it has a totally skeleton dial, the simple line marks rather than Roman Numerals or Arabic numbers will slow down its efficiency when checking the time.

The crystal is another another design compromise. It is constructed of acrylic. Making this a costume purchase rather than an heirloom item to be passed down to future generations. Despite its flaws, it is an excellent little pocket watch at a reasonable price. For individuals seeking for their first pocket watch, the mechanical skeleton design is ideal.


We believe you’ll find something to love in our selection of the best models, whether you’re seeking for trendy white dial pocket watches for men or intricate vintage pieces to round out your collection.

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