Top 10 Best Book Design Software Of 2024

Writers and authors can utilise book design software to make a book online. Both novices and specialists can use several of these programmes. In order to create book covers and inside designs and store your book in a digital format, this article focuses on both commercial and free book design tools. Your quest for book designing software is over whether you want to make a book for yourself or someone else. All of the products on the list include a variety of practical characteristics.

Best Book Design Software Ranking

1.  Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign

The multifunctional tool Adobe InDesign is the first item on our list of the best book design tools. Both pros and beginners can use it to create stunning page layouts. With the aid of this software, users can design both the cover and inside pages of interactive publications. The user has control over the export settings, font features, and page size.

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2. QuarkXPress


The following on the list is QuarkXPress, which many experts regard as a viable alternative to Adobe InDesign. The “Flex Layouts” in this application make it possible to design your book without having to understand HTML and CSS code. All the text on the pages is automatically altered when the user alters the layout’s size or form. This function was created to test how your book will look on various screen sizes.

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3. Affinity Publisher

Affinity Publisher

Affinity Publisher is another well-liked programme for creating books, and it is used by thousands of people worldwide to create newspapers, periodicals, and other printed materials in addition to books. Although this application has a straightforward User Interface, it is packed with numerous functions to meet user needs.
Image frames and word wrapping are a couple of these features. Users can integrate other Affinity Suite programmes and do editing and vector art creation in addition to inserting tables, grids, etc.

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4. Adobe FrameMaker

Adobe FrameMaker

Adobe FrameMaker is the best book design programme for lengthy and intricate projects, so if that’s what you’re looking for, your quest is over. People who write nonfiction books and technical documents use this programme. It is possible to optimise several publication options, and the finished product may take the shape of a PDF, responsive HTML 5, or Kindle extensions. Users can move material from one paragraph to another and automate header and footer settings.

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5. FlipHTML5

FlipHTML5, which offers a variety of book templates, is another tool for designing flip books. Users of the application can contribute videos, text, links, audio, hot spots, and other features using the application’s online editing capabilities. Additionally, it makes it possible for you to share and host your books online at no cost.

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6. Blurb BookWright

Blurb BookWright
With Blurb BookWright, which can generate EBooks without cost, we have reached the halfway point of the list of the top book design programmes. Additionally to allowing users to edit templates, it has a text formatting tool. Users can use one file to produce both a printed and an electronic version. One of the better programmes for novices, it also enables plug-ins.

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7. Shutterstock Editor

Shutterstock Editor
Moving forward, Shutterstock Editor helps users put the book and its cover design together. The templates are simple to use and come in a variety. This application is hosted by the well-known Stock Photo repository Shutterstock. It is the best tool for creating EBook covers, while not having many unique features.

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8. Lulu

Lulu is a programme for designing books that works best for independent authors because it enables them to sell their books for very little money. The user may choose to change the font and layout of the text. Users can publish their eBooks or print them out for distribution.

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9. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark
We have Adobe Spark, a free book design programme, towards the end of the list. Numerous templates in this software can be altered at the user’s choice. Additionally, it has a huge selection of typefaces, as well as images, colours, layouts, and several options for modifying your book’s style.

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10. Scribus

The last programme on the list of the greatest book design programmes is Scribus, a Linux open-source programme. The programme, which was created ten years ago, aids users in putting together magazines, booklets, posters, and other materials. This programme produces results that are as competent as those produced by expensive software. Additionally, it has some features that enable working with scripts and allow for various adjustments as necessary.

Best Book Design Software of 2022, as Decided by You

The list of the top book design programmes on the market right now comes to a close with this entry.
Your decision will be influenced by a number of elements, including cost, established templates, customizations, convenience of use, and others. For your work, we advise utilising Adobe Indesign or Affinity Publisher because they both have a wealth of capabilities for producing books.

Commonly Asked Questions

What software is utilised by qualified book designers?

The software that the book designers use specifically for book design is quite feature-rich.
From the list provided in this blog, you can choose one.

What Book Layout Software Is Best?

With its many beneficial features, Adobe InDesign is the greatest programme for designing books.
Due to its user-friendly UI, both novices and experts may utilise it.

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