10+ Best Chrome Extensions in 2023

Do you want to find useful Chrome extensions that will make your life easier? Feeling lost amidst Chrome’s extension selection? In that situation, you’re headed in the right direction!
When it comes to web computers, Google Chrome is a top choice. There are millions of individuals all over the world who use this browser regularly. In any case, Chrome extensions can expand the browser’s capabilities.
Google Chrome’s biggest edge over competing web browsers is the Chrome Web Store’s wide variety of add-ons. Chrome has the most extensions and the highest quality, though other platforms do have some notable ones as well.
The Chrome Web Store has a lot of chrome extensions, and it can be hard to figure out which ones you actually need. For your convenience, this article lists many useful Chrome extensions in a variety of categories. Each contributes to your overall goal of increased efficiency. You will undoubtedly find your best choice.

Chrome Extensions: What are They?

Browser chrome extensions are supplemental software that can improve your online experience. By using them, Chrome can be customized to better suit the individual requirements and preferences of its users. They’re built with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, all of which are standard Web development tools. Extensions, as you may have guessed, add a wide variety of useful features that make it easier to complete tasks or get more out of the websites you frequent.

Are Chrome Extentions reliable?

Many different kinds of programmers make Chrome extensions. The vast bulk of extensions are safe in Google’s eyes. Users should be wary of downloading extensions with few downloads or reviews.

Can Info be Stolen from Chrome Extension?

Many chrome extensions are available that can track your web history. It’s possible that some of these chrome extensions will keep track of your login info and visited sites. Users should only install add-ons made by trustworthy creators to prevent these kinds of problems.

Best Chrome Extensions That Will Simplify Your Life

It is highly suggested that you install one of the following add-ons to improve your time spent online. We’ve organized them into the following groups if you’d like to move ahead:

  • Productivity
  • Online networking sites
  • SEO
  • Safety
  • New tab
  • Videos and reading

Productivity related Chrome Extensions

It’s easy to get sidetracked and waste time online, no matter what you’re doing. See the following collection of add-ons to fix this problem and boost your efficiency:

1. Todoist

Redesigning the Todoist Logo +

If you use Chrome, Todoist is a great option for increasing your efficiency. Having a schedule of things to do can help you stay on track and get things done. To-do lists are useful because they make it easier to keep track of individual chores and because they break down more involved projects into manageable chunks.
Todoist has both a desktop and mobile app, allowing you to add new projects from any location, and then have them automatically sync to all of your other devices. In addition, the service’s premium edition offers a plethora of extra features that make task management more fun and effective. Todoist allows you to add websites as tasks, along with other features such as due dates, reminders, importance levels, and team collaboration.

2. Hubspot Sales

iNet Process France - Agence CRM, Marketing & Gestion de Projet

The Sales tool in HubSpot connects your CRM with your emails. With this add-on, you can bypass the hassle of switching between email and your CRM by sending contact details straight from your inbox to your database. By doing so, important information about customers is protected while workers’ everyday tasks are streamlined.
One more cool aspect of HubSpot Sales is its capacity to track and record email correspondence. Sending alerts when an email is opened, clicked on, or even dispatched is possible. The entire email chain of communication can be stored in the CRM indefinitely.

3. LastPass

LastPass Review: 7 Password Problems LastPass Solves - Defending Digital

With this add-on installed, LastPass, an excellent password organizer, will auto-fill your saved passwords for each of your saved accounts. The only password you’ll ever need is the one you use for LastPass. Time and effort are saved while your confidential data is better protected.
LastPass is a password organizer that has a ton of useful features and everything you need to keep your credentials safe. Safely sharing passwords with others is made possible by the dark web’s handy monitoring tools. When compared to Chrome OS’s built-in password manager, this award-winning alternative works much better. In addition to providing a safe place to keep your passwords, it also includes a Security Dashboard where you can monitor the prevalence of reused and insecure passwords.

4. StayFocused

Free Technology for Teachers: Stay Focusd - A Chrome Extension That ...

Anyone who fires up a computer does so with the intention of finally getting something done. The Internet, on the other hand, is a place with its own purpose that can be extremely distracting. This causes you to waste time on non-productive activities such as scrolling through Facebook, checking Twitter, being jealous of other people’s Facebook status updates, and viewing videos for hours on end.
If this sounds like you, stop what you’re doing and add the StayFocusd Chrome app to your browser right now. This extension for Google Chrome, called StayFocusd, helps you avoid distractions and get more done by restricting your access to specific websites. Any further access to the restricted sites for the rest of the day will be terminated once your time limit has been reached.

5. Grammarly

Grammarly puts $90M at over $1B+ valuation for its AI-based grammar and ...

If you want to be highly effective online, you need to devote a lot of time to writing. Whether you’re responding to messages or creating an article, the Grammarly add-on can help you write better. Its ground-breaking technology allows it to spot mistakes in your grammar that other word processors would miss.
The settings for the spell check and the plagiarism check can be modified quickly and simply by the user. The paid service allows users to tailor the conversation’s tone, vocabulary, and degree of formality. If you’re a writer looking to clean up and improve your written material, Grammarly is a great option. The best part is that Grammarly does all of this for you automatically and offers ideas for improvements as you go along.

6. Marinara

10 extensions Chrome dont vous avez besoin dans Opera pour le rendre ...

Marinara is another helpful utility that can be found here. To boost efficiency even further, try the Pomodoro technique. To put it simply, you should schedule your activities so that you alternate between periods of heavy work and recovery. The standard cycle consists of 25 minutes of work followed by 5 minutes of relaxation, but you can adjust this to suit your needs.
Marinara makes it easier to use the Pomodoro method by adding a timer that counts down from 25 to 5 in the Chrome browser. The extension not only keeps track of your work and break periods, but also puts a precise duration on each. You can show your productivity, say, over the past week or month, by keeping a log of your activities.

7. ClickUp

ClickUp Chrome Extension Tutorial and Pro Tips |

ClickUp is an all-inclusive productivity platform that can help you handle everything from routine daily chores to large-scale projects from a single interface. Because of its extensive collection of customizable features, it is used by organizations of all sizes, including academic institutions, government agencies, and enterprise businesses. These capabilities make it easier to organize projects, streamline procedures, and work together remotely.
ClickUp’s Chrome extension incorporates six of its most useful time management features, and it automatically refreshes your ClickUp Workspace without you having to switch between active windows. This add-on streamlines the process of creating new projects, bookmarking sites, keeping track of time, taking screenshots, opening Notepad, and more from within the Chrome browser.

8. Kami

Kami Extension - PDF and Document Annotation | Kami, Classroom tech ...

Educators, pupils, and researchers can all benefit from using Kami, which is why it’s been developed as a Chrome extension. Teachers and students alike can benefit greatly from this time-saving PDF and document annotation utility. Bring in a file, annotate it, and then explain it using your webcam.
To make making videos and having them sync with Google Drive easier, the business has partnered with Google Classroom. The only drawback of this add-on is that it requires payment for all but the most basic functions.
Simply put, Kami is the finest Chrome extension you can use if you’re a teacher who makes videos for the internet or a student who wants to take detailed notes.

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9. Honey

Find The Best Deals Online With The 'Honey' Extension - Universal Direction

Honey is unique among these time-saving add-ons because it can be used with the tasks you’re already performing. Naturally frugal people spend a lot of time looking for discounts before making any kind of online buy.
Considering that most purchases are now made online, this adds up rather rapidly. Honey will use the finest coupon code it finds while checking out, saving you time. When it comes to Chrome add-ons, Honey is the best option for frugal consumers.

10. Pushbullet

Pushbullet (Chrome extension) keyboard shortcuts ‒ defkey

The intuitive design of Apple’s iOS and macOS products has consistently won the hearts of their loyal customer base. Amazingly, all of the services are synced across all of the gadgets. However, this feature is unavailable on Android gadgets. The Chrome extension makes Pushbullet a powerful tool by allowing it to function on Android devices, just as it does on iOS and macOS.
The capabilities of Pushbullet are extensive, including the ability to respond to messages, interact with Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, send and receive files and links, and monitor all notifications. By using PushBullet, you can manage your Android smartphone from your computer.

Social Media related Chrome Extensions

Illustration of social media concept - Download Free Vectors, Clipart ...

Take these add-ons below into account to improve your social media content:

1. Buzzsumo

BuzzSumo is a resource for learning how successful various forms of material are. You can see metrics like the number of social shares and backlinks for an article by clicking the extension while you’re viewing the website. Your content’s level of interaction can be easily measured with this instrument. BuzzSumo can also be used to learn more about the competition and find ways to make your material more shareable.

2. Buffer

Through the use of Buffer, you can quickly share any page’s content across your social media accounts. To plan content without visiting the Buffer website, Buffer customers can also use the extension. You can also schedule entries to go live at a later time.

3. Rite Tag

RiteTag shows you the popularity of keywords on Twitter and Facebook before you post anything. After signing in with your Twitter or Facebook account, RiteTag immediately color-codes the keywords you’ve typed.
If your keyword is in the green, people will find your posts more easily. Hashtags that increase the discoverability of your material over time are colored blue. You should choose a new hashtag if your current one is gray, as this indicates a poor engagement rate. Use a different color for your hashtag besides red if you don’t want your posts to get buried in the sea of red ones.

4. Pinterest

With this add-on, you can pin images directly from your browser without switching tabs. This useful extension automatically shows multiple pinnable images from each website, letting you pin multiple images at once. In most cases, you’ll need to visit each individual article or picture before you can add it to your boards.

5. SocialAnalyzer

To keep tabs on the latest buzz in a specific industry or field, you can use SocialAnalyzer, a social media monitoring tool. If you want to know if people are engaging with the material that is already being spread, look at the most recent posts and videos on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. You can use this tool to track how people feel about your business and improve your social media advertising strategies.

6. Save to Facebook

Facebook’s “Save” function allows users to collect and organize media they find across the social media platform. Because of this extension, Facebook is now the go-to spot for saving web material for later viewing.

SEO related Chrome Extensions

SEO - Introduction > Webnode blog

Search Engine Optimization | Artibeus IT Support

You’ll need a quick solution if you’re keeping tabs on the analytics and functionality of numerous websites. When using Chrome, you can install the following SEO add-ons to improve your rankings:

1. No Follow

Fast and accurate identification of links with the no-follow meta tag is made possible by NoFollow’s rapid indexing of web sites. SEOs can use this add-on to see if other sites are backlinking to them with indexed, followed links rather than no-follow links, which have no effect on search engine crawling and do not increase a site’s reputation.
Pages that you do not want indexed, such as a thank you page or home page, can be linked to with a no-follow tag. When using this add-on, verifying that your connections are properly coded is a breeze. The no-follow links in the accompanying picture are shown in red.

2. SEOQuake

By installing the SEOQuake Chrome add-on, SEO managers can easily compare and contrast multiple sites without ever having to leave their browsers. With just one hit, you can learn more about a search result’s pagerank and backlinks.
In addition, it shows the number of connections a website has, the number of external links a website has, and the percentage of the page that keywords appear on.

3. Ahref SEO Toolbar

Both newcomers and seasoned SEO pros can benefit from using Ahrefs SEO Tools. To optimize your site for search engines, install the Ahrefs SEO Plugin for Google Chrome (SERP). For this reason, it’s possible to learn about SEO for each website and term as you browse the web using Google.
Learn the hundreds of best keywords for SEO and PPC. Spy on the Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads of your rivals to find the best openings for backlinks.

4. Check My Links

Inspect My Links does exactly what it says it will do: rapidly analyze a website and show you which links work and which don’t. Internet promoters can check the functionality of their own sites for customers by installing this add-on. Additionally, marketers can examine the status of inbound links to their materials on different sites. They’ll be able to boost their site’s reputation and create inbound links to their articles as a result.

5. SEO Minion

SEO Minion allows you to do in-depth competitor study by giving you access to metrics and data on your competitors’ websites. Moreover, you can see a preview of the website in search engine results pages (SERPs), have all links highlighted, and check for broken links.

6. Impactana

The Impactana Chrome extension is a treasure trove of data on a website’s search engine optimization (SEO), social media, and content marketing. Its two primary measurements are “Buzz,” which gauges a website’s popularity on social media, and “Impact,” which tracks performance indicators such as links, clicks, and user engagement. Public relations specialists will appreciate that it also lists writers’ and publishers’ contact details.

Security and Privacy related Chrome Extensions

Providing Tenant Privacy and Security While Protecting Your Self ...

1. Click&Clean

One of the most important privacy-focused Chrome add-ons is Click&Clean. The name says it all: when you stop the Chrome browser, it erases everything you’ve done on the web, from the URLs you’ve visited and typed to the cached pages you’ve visited and cookies you’ve downloaded. The add-on includes a “kill icon” that instantly terminates your current browser session.
In addition to erasing the aforementioned information, the software provided by Click&Clean can remove temporary files from your computer’s hard drive to make more room.

2. HTTPS Everywhere

The HTTPS protocol ensures that a website is safe to view before you even get there. This tag may appear at the top of most webpages, but it is not widely used and does not ensure that the site you are visiting is completely safe.
With the HTTPS Everywhere Chrome extension installed, your browser will always make a request for the encrypted version of a website. You can safely browse the web without worrying about any malicious software being downloaded onto your machine.

3. Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger is a fantastic add-on for maintaining your anonymity while surfing the web. It safeguards your privacy by blocking advertisements that monitor your activity and hidden trackers from accessing your computer without your knowledge.
Trackers, which track you from site to site and collect data about you in order to serve you more relevant advertisements, are a major annoyance for internet users today. With this Chrome add-on, you can surf the web without being followed by invisible monitors.

4. Ghostery

Ghostery is a sophisticated ad-blocking extension created to eliminate advertisements that distract from the experience of viewing targeted website content. Also, it hides your activity online so that ad-tracking tools can’t collect personal information about you. Webpages open more quickly as a result of these enhancements, making the browsing experience better for you.

5. FlowCrypt

Thanks to this email-centric security add-on, you and your coworkers will be able to share and receive encrypted messages and attachments. It’s a great method to keep your messages confidential even as they make their way across the Internet. The “Pretty Good Privacy” (PGP) standard is used by FlowCrypt and most other email applications. If you use Gmail, the utility will add a “Secure Compose” button to your inbox.

6. TunnelBear VPN

Your online activity can be concealed from your Internet service provider (ISP) and website owners via the use of a virtual private network (VPN). A virtual private network (VPN) allows you to hide your true IP address and access the web anonymously. One of the additional benefits of using a VPN was access to previously geoblocked material.
While there are a number of excellent free VPN services, I highly recommend TunnelBear for its combination of reliability and speed. With blazing fast speeds and a whopping 99.9% uptime guarantee (the free edition includes 500MB of data), this VPN service is well worth the price (the free version comes with 500MB of data).

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7. Checkbot

By fusing technological SEO with up-to-date security, Checkbot facilitates the evaluation of a website’s trustworthiness and search engine optimization. Given that Google and other search engines put more weight on website security than content quality when determining rankings, this Chrome extension can be seen as a double-edged sword for web developers and content producers.
More than two hundred and fifty URLs per name can be checked for speed, SEO, and general security using Checkbot’s no-cost service. In addition to protecting you and your visitors from harmful content, it can help you grow in these three areas.

8. uBlock Origin

You may think that most information online is free, but protecting your anonymity actually costs money. Personalized advertisements are served to you by undetectable trackers that follow you from site to site. Ads that don’t go away can be blocked with uBlock Origin. With uBlock, you can peruse the web ad-free without guilt by whitelisting the sites of your preferred creators.

9. J2TEAM Security

This extension is not like the rest. This Chrome add-on starts with primary virus defense. In addition, it can block user blogs that are considered unsafe and enable you to personalize the websites you are blocked from accessing by making sure your Chrome browser always uses the “HTTPS” security tag on blogging websites.
You can also conceal your Facebook Messenger online time and prevent the “seen” tag from showing after reading specific private messages with this extension.

10. DuckDuck Go Privacy Essentials

Due to its guarantee of privacy, DuckDuck has emerged as a popular alternative to Google. The website has also launched a Chrome extension to assist users in maintaining their online anonymity.
Similar to Web of Trust, DuckDuckGO assigns a privacy rating to each website it crawls and can even use its own encryption to compel a low-rated website to improve its rating. Also, it has a built-in tracker blocker that will stop marketers from following you around the web.

New Tab related Chrome Extensions

These top 10 New Tab Chrome Extensions can help you customize your ...

Top Chrome Extensions to Customize New Tab Page [Updated for 2017]

8 Great Chrome Extensions to Transform your 'New Tab' Page

8 Great Chrome Extensions to Transform your 'New Tab' Page

Top Chrome Extensions to Customize New Tab Page [Updated for 2017]1. Momentum

The continuous prodding and nudge toward work can be all that some people need to finally start getting things done. Momentum is an add-on that allows you to set up a fresh page that soothes you and inspires you to work more productively.
The extension refreshes the new tab’s background picture and quote every day with a fresh dose of tranquility and inspiration. Your everyday priorities and tasks can be entered and viewed in the new tab. You won’t be able to stay on target any other way.

2. Infinity New Tab

If you use Infinity New Tab, every new Chrome tab you start will include a tool called Speed Dial. The image above shows how this function creates massive icon shortcuts to your most used webpages. To-do lists and other time-saving widgets can be added to each new page alongside the websites that are easily accessible from the icons.

3. me

If you’d rather monitor all of your online data in one central location, this add-on is made for you. It can make your Chrome New Tab Page into an impressive interface. With this, you’ll always have quick access to your most important bookmarks, web applications, sites, feeds, notes, and more.
You will no longer have any need to search for things. The new tab screen can be accessed by clicking on the button. The cute weather widget at the top will help you remember what to carry with you whenever you go outside.

4. One Tab

It’s easy to get bogged down in a sea of open tabs when researching for a piece of content, especially if those tabs contain excellent resources that you want to reference. The issue arises when it’s time to write and cite the sources and you have to constantly switch between all of the tabs. Fortunately, OneTab allows you to group related web addresses into a single page.

5. Homey

With the Homey Chrome application, your new tab page will look and feel more like a dashboard, allowing you to focus on your work in a stress-free environment. There’s a grid where you can arrange your most frequented sites, check the local weather forecast, and access your favorites.
Another option is to keep the interface uncluttered and simple for a more relaxing experience. Just like the vast majority of other new page Chrome extensions, it allows you to use any search engine you like.

6. Speed Dial

This delightfully retro Chrome add-on, called Speed Dial, makes your new page look like a dashboard from the 1980s. Your favorite sites and favorites are all in one convenient location, a dashboard that may remind you of your MySpace profile. Don’t let its outward look fool you. The functionality and usability of the add-on are continuously refined.

7. Earth View

Although this Chrome add-on does not make surfing any simpler, it does improve the experience visually. Google’s Earth View is an excellent way to learn about geography and geography while surfing the web. Every time you start a new tab, you’ll be treated to a stunning satellite image of a different location on Earth. This is so awesome!

Reading and Video related Chrome Extensions

Reading... - YouTube

1. Dark Reader

This extension, known as Dark Reader, makes dark mode accessible across the full web. If you have the Dark Reader extension installed, you can easily switch to the dark theme by clicking its icon while you are viewing a page. The dark motif can be customized in a number of ways, including brightness, contrast, sepia filters, font size, and more. Try it out if you’re a fan of the nighttime option!

2. Turn off the Lights

Switch Off the Lights is a vital add-on for YouTube and other video streaming site users. As you view a video, the extension will gradually dim the page until only the video is visible. The greatest part about using this extension is that it is compatible with all of the most popular video hosting websites. These include YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Hulu, Netflix, Metacafe, YouKu, and many more.

3. Imagus

Imagus allows you to watch larger versions of thumbnails, images, and video previews on sites like Amazon, YouTube, and Google Search. If you move the mouse over a thumbnail or picture preview, the full version will open in the same window.
Hover over the picture to see a menu of options that let you set the animation style and delay before it appears. This is, in my opinion, the finest Chrome extension for online shoppers and YouTube viewers.

4. Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote Online Clipper is a fantastic add-on if you already make use of Evernote’s service. Even though the web clipper can save not only the offline version of an article but also the complete article, I use it primarily as a research tool and only occasionally as a reading later service.
Those of you in the know will agree that Evernote ranks high among note-taking programs. One of the most useful tools is a web clipper that can save articles, bookmarks, and images. You can’t live without Evernote if you use Chrome, and the Evernote web clipper app is an absolute must.

5. Google Scholar Button

All of you are well aware that Google Scholar is the subset of Google Search dedicated exclusively to researching and indexing academic literature. The utility is very helpful for students who want to learn more about the article’s original source. With the Google Scholar Icon, students don’t need to switch between different tabs to do this.
The application provides a shortcut to Google Scholar that can be used on any page. Clicking the extension’s icon will bring up a search field, from which users can instantly access the displayed results. Using this tool, you can quickly find related stories without having to switch between different tabs.

6. Pocket

One such service is Pocket, which allows users to save items for later perusal. You can view articles on the go with Pocket thanks to the Android app, the iOS app, and the Chrome extension. One of those things that, until you actually use it, you don’t know you need. Pocket is an invaluable tool for online readers who consume a lot of content.


It’s clear that there are many useful chrome extensions. New Tab, SEO, Social, Security, and Productivity Add-ons were just some of the helpful categories covered in this article.
To see how much time and effort you can save with the marketing-related browser extensions, try using them on a regular basis. When you’re ready to start working on your next piece of content, test out as many of the aforementioned resources as possible to make the process easier and faster. Your group will appreciate your efforts. All of the mentioned add-ons are extremely user-friendly and functional. We sincerely wish you found this article to be extremely useful.

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