How To Download Youtube Videos On Mac In 2024

How To Download Youtube Videos On Mac will be described in this article. Every YouTube video has a download button underneath it. If you click it, the video will be saved to your Mac so you may watch it later. Nevertheless, you are unable to change this file and move it to another device. You will also lose it if the owner removes the file or restricts access.

Only a few videos can be downloaded in low quality by regular YouTube users. The aforementioned limitations still apply, however premium subscribers can save any.

How To Download Youtube Videos On Mac In 2024

In this article, you can know about How To Download Youtube Videos On Mac here are the details below;

This post will teach you how to the download a YouTube video to your Mac so you may edit, distribute, and extract the audio and subtitles, among other things.

The easiest ways to download You Tube videos on Mac

To save, share, or edit any YouTube video, download Downie from Setapp. Do you require separate audio, subtitles, or thumbnails? Downie has you covered.

The simplest methods for Mac users to obtain YouTube videos

You cannot have complete control over YouTube video files unless you utilize an app or service provided by a third party.

The majority of downloaders have features that are similar. A video, audio track, and subtitles can all be saved independently. With certain apps, you can download and trim any portion of a video or a video by timecode.

The primary areas where the apps differ from one another are in the functionality and design choices made by the creators.

You’re about to discover which are the greatest and most reliable applications for downloading videos from YouTube and other websites.

Save videos from You Tube using Downie

Use the Downie app to quickly download a YouTube video on your Mac in just two clicks.

1.       Download and open the Downie application.

2.       You can drag and drop a YouTube link into the application window.

3.       Press Command + V after copying the YouTube video’s link.

Choose subtitles if necessary.

Select subtitles if needed

Depending on the size of the file, the download will begin immediately and take a few seconds to several minutes.

You can download individual video segments, such the audio track or the thumbnail:

1.       Include a video for the above-mentioned download.

2.       In the video preview window, click the three dots in the lower right corner.

3.       Choose the desired course of action.

Save videos from You Tube using Pulltube

Pulltube is your answer if you want to be able to download the entire video as well as its individual segments.

Here’s how to use Pulltube to download a YouTube video to a Mac:

1.       Launch and install Pulltube.

2.       A video URL can be dropped or pasted into the app window.

3.       Click the HQ button to select the desired quality.

4.       To indicate if you require subtitles, click the CC button.

5.       Click Download.

Click Download

By default, videos are saved in the Downloads folder; however, by selecting the gear icon, you can modify this configuration.

To download a segment of a video, take the following actions:

1.       Copy and paste video link into the app window.

2.       Toggle the scissors.

3.       Using the preview window that appears, cut out the required portion or From the drop-down box in the preview window’s upper-left corner, choose the relevant timecode segment.

4.       Select Trim.

5.       Press the > Export arrow.

The movie can also be divided into timecoded chunks, which can then be downloaded as different files.

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1.       Copy and paste the video’s link.

2.       To split a video by all timecodes, click the video thumbnail circle.

3.       Select “Download video.”

Click Download video

A new video can be added before the one that is now downloading finishes. Make a queue and configure each file’s options separately. One by one, they will be spared.

Download You Tube videos on your Mac with built-in programs

There are no built-in MacOS utilities for downloading YouTube videos. Nevertheless, you can use QuickTime or Screen Recorder to capture the full screen or a specific area while playing a video.

You must play the desired video through in order to obtain the recording. Keep in mind that the software records everything it sees on the screen, including advertising, stops, freezes, and mouse pointer movements.

Remember that the screen capture file could be big as well. A seven-minute full-screen recording in our test, for instance, has dimensions of 2940 by 1912 and takes up 3.5 GB. Moreover, a 1280 x 720 downloaded file weighs 57.6 MB.

Download YouTube videos on your Mac with built-in programs

Using QuickTime

 The final macOS version to come with a stand-alone screen recording feature was QuickTime Mojave. Since Apple is no longer supporting this OS as of 2021, it should be regarded as out-of-date and unsafe.

The QuickTime screen recorder and the Screenshot combined to provide a single interface, which was first seen in Catalina. As a result, both products’ screen recording procedures are now nearly the same.

Using QuickTime, you can save a YouTube video to a Mac:

1.       To record a YouTube video, open the desired video.

2.       Launch the QuickTime Player. It is located in the Other folder on the Launchpad. Alternatively, just use Command + Space to open the search bar and enter “QuickTime”.

3.       To start a new screen recording on your Mac, select File menu bar.Quicktime screen capture

Click File in the top menu bar of your Mac

4.       Select if you want to capture the whole screen or just a specific area.

5.       If you wish to record sound, select Macbook Air Microphone under Options. Keep in mind that outside noise will also be captured.

6.       Press Record to start the video.

7.       To end the recording, click the circle located in the upper menu bar.

Stop recording by clicking the circle in the top menu bar

You’ve finished! Your file can be located in the Finder’s Recent folder.

Using Screen Record

As previously stated, Screen Record functions very similar to QuickTime.

1.       To record a YouTube video, open the desired video.

2.       Press the Command + Shift + 5.

3.       Replicate the QuickTime section’s steps 5–8.

There are not many options for Screen Recording. For instance, if you record video with sound, the video file will have a mouse pointer and outside sounds, etc. To overcome these restrictions, make use of CleanShot X.

Using CleanShot X to record your screen allows you to:

to stop pop-up alerts from interfering with the video, enable “Do Not Disturb” mode; disable the cursor picture; highlight clicks; conceal desktop icons; capture the sound from a laptop and a MacBook microphone independently.

Here’s how to use CleanShot X to record your screen:

1.       Launch and install CleanShot X.

2.       Click the paper icon > Record Screen from the navigation bar.Macbook screen recorder

In the menu bar, click the paper icon

3.       Press Space to record the full window, or drag to record a portion of the screen.

4.       Choose the mouse pointer display and microphone settings.Mac screen recorder app cleanshotx

Select the microphone settings and mouse pointer display

5.       To record a video, click Record.

6.       Stop recording when you are done.

You can crop the file, alter the proportions, and tweak the sound and image quality before saving it.

With CleanShot X, you can edit the recording to your preference by highlighting clicks, using the “Do Not Disturb” option, and turning off the cursor picture.

Stop recording when you are done

How to save videos from You Tube using online services

We’ve covered how to use apps to download videos. But you may also save videos without leaving your browser by using online YouTube video downloaders for Mac.

These are standard webpages where you need to copy and paste the video URL. Click “Download” after selecting the desired quality.

You will receive file that you can use for any purpose, change, forward, or do.

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These websites typically have restrictions, though:

They are crammed with potentially malicious advertisement banners and prevent you from downloading files in extremely high resolution or video snippets.

If this suits you, try, ssyoutube, YT5s,, or 10downloader.

How to unblock geo-restricted You Tube content

You will eventually get a black screen with the phrase “Video access is restricted in your area” while browsing YouTube. This could be because of licensing agreements, local legislation, copyright, or the preferences of the material author. You might thus lose out on relevant or fascinating information, including news from your nation or educational resources.

To access those videos on YouTube, utilize ClearVPN. The content becomes accessible and your IP address is altered to appear as though you are accessing the link from a different nation.

Use these instructions to play a geo-restricted YouTube video:

1.       Launch and install ClearVPN.

2.       If you wish to join from a specific region, select the relevant country in the Location changer; if you merely want to modify your existing connection location, click Smart Connection.

3.       To teleport yourself, click.

Click Teleport me

Fix the “video download failed” issue

Like any software, the methods we’ve outlined for downloading videos can all go wrong. Depending on your upload method, these are the most frequent reasons for failure and how to resolve them. Also check Ways To Solve Amazon kindle App Crashing Problem

1.       YouTube Premium. It’s possible that the offline viewing download functionality won’t function if your account is open on ten devices. Make an effort to log out of one or more of your accounts.

2.       internet downloader You might not be able to download from a specific website anymore due to YouTube’s increased security. Try a different one. You could also wish to empty the cache in your browser.

3.       Mac app. Check if the app is up to the date. Look for it in the App Store if you downloaded it there. Click the Update button if it appears next to the program name.

Run the program, select its name from the top bar menu, and then select Check for Updates if it was developed by a third party.

Why is You Tube not working?

Occasionally, you may encounter a notice stating, “An error has occurred” or “Connection to server lost” when attempting to access the YouTube website or videos. To address this issue, consider the following:

¨       Delete the cookies & the cache in your browser.

¨       Make a browser update.

¨       Give your MacBook a restart.

¨       Your video drivers should be updated.

If none of these resolve the issue, YouTube might be the source of the issue. Hold off until the problem is fixed.

Download from You Tube is very slow – what to do?

The performance of your MacBook, the website settings, and the quality of your internet connection all affect how quickly you can download a YouTube video. Here’s how to get YouTube downloads to happen faster:

1.       Verify your connection speed; 720p HD video requires 2.5 Mbps.

2.       Navigate to Your Account > Settings > Downloads and check your download quality settings. Choose ordinary quality (480p) instead of high quality (1080p).

3.       Examine the MacBook’s performance. Run the scan after installing and launching CleanMyMac X. Next, carry out a more thorough cleaning. Start the speed optimization, malware removal, and system junk cleanup scans.

Use cleanmymacx to improve the speed at which you can download YouTube on your MacBook.

Check the performance of your MacBook

Let’s review the primary methods for downloading YouTube videos to a Mac:

¨       The video can be shared or altered, but it can be saved to an offline playlist.

¨       To save files for editing and full use, utilize specialized tools like Pulltube or Downie.

¨       Make use of a screen recorder (Cleanshot X or built-in).

¨       Use online services.

Try using ClearVPN if you happen onto a geo-restricted video. Make sure your Mac is clutter-free by using CleanMyMac X if videos are loading 

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