11 Best ThinkGeek Alternatives and Similar Sites in 2023

In the year 2019, ThinkGeek closed down its online store and merged its e-commerce operations with a portion of GameStop’s online company. Many of its customers, perhaps including myself, were angered by this. If you’re looking for ThinkGeek alternatives, these shops should do the trick.
In this era of digitization, online marketplaces provide a wonderful feast of products and services. Certain businesses provide customers with a wide range of options to choose from. While still others focus on topics that will only interest a small subset of the population. The latter category was where ThinkGeek belonged.

What exactly ThinkGeek is?

You might get all your nerdy needs met at ThinkGeek. It was a go-to spot for nerds and techies looking for the latest and greatest gadgets. It stood out for the unusual gadgets, collectibles, and other oddities it sold.
The website’s creators, who were already running a small business, launched it as a side gig in 1999 in the United States.
ThinkGeek may provide everything you need to feel more connected to your favorite characters like Game of Thrones, Pokemon, Doctor Who, or Star Wars. Products, souvenirs, gadgets, and home decor may all be found in a dedicated section for each store.
You can get rare pop culture goods that you couldn’t get anywhere else. ThinkGeek also gained notoriety for its elaborate April Fools jokes, which often involved completely made-up marketing campaigns.
The news that ThinkGeek would shut down in 2019 was a blow to fans of the company’s nerdy wares. Quite a few stores and other businesses with physical locations have shut down this year as well. Best alternatives to ThinkGeek will help ease your mind if you’re worried about finding your favorite collectibles and gadgets.

11 Best ThinkGeek Alternatives to Freak Out About

It was, without a question, one of the most popular online stores among nerds. Many people still look for places like ThinkGeek today. So, if you’re interested in learning where to find various geeky products online, why not start reading this article below?


If you’re looking to buy something online, you can do it through the website Wish. functionally on par with market leaders like Amazon and eBay. Its adverts on Facebook and Instagram attest to the fact that this ThinkGeek alternative carries a large range of products.
The company has made a name for itself by offering products at ridiculously low prices. Some items are even given away at no cost. The company’s rapid growth since its 2010 inception has allowed it to establish itself as a major player in the e-commerce industry.
However, there are dangers involved with making purchases through Wish. The majority of Wish’s merchants are based in China. This suggests that a sizeable proportion of products now available are fake.
So, the business might be legit, but that doesn’t mean its wares are. Until a product is ordered and shipped, its authenticity is difficult to verify. Numerous Chinese retailers now offer direct shipping options to countries in the West, including the USA, the UK, and Canada.
Wish cuts out the retailer and sends you to the source of the product instead. Thus, costs are reduced, but quality control is compromised. Neither physical stores nor employees who stock them are required. Customers profit from the resulting lower prices.
As you travel, you will come across knockoffs of famous names in products. Wish can save you money if you’re ready to take a chance. The quality, however, is noticeably worse than that of products sold by competing retailers and websites. There are low-priced options available that will do the trick.

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2. Entertainment Earth

Entertainment Earth

Entertainment Earth is another one of the many online geek shops similar to ThinkGeek. The online shop has a simple layout and offers thousands of officially licensed products. Locating items with a Hollywood or film theme is not difficult.
Because of its broad technical and industrial skills, purchasing experience, and unrelenting efforts to improve internal efficiency, Entertainment Earth is able to provide professional help, anticipate, and respond effectively and promptly to changing market demands.
The wide variety of things accessible and the ever-increasing fame of pop culture help Earth in its never-ending quest to make its customers happy all across the world.

3. NeatoShop


However, NeatoShop is not limited to selling electronic devices. It has a wider variety of unique and up-to-date products. This competitor to ThinkGeek also features a complete subcategory of unusual items.
This shop has a huge selection of hoodies and tees in a rainbow of colors and styles. You may get a t-shirt with any sort of image on it, from a famous painting to a funny cartoon character to a witty saying.
Topics range from humor to horror to fantasy to science fiction to politics and more. Each shirt comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate any wearer. The website caters to those with similar interests, so nerds will enjoy it too.

4. DiscoverGeek


This Las Vegas-based ThinkGeek alternative features products from a wide variety of geek, sci-fi, and tech-related genres. DiscoverGeek launched in 2017 with the goal of offering reliable product recommendations, research-based entertainment, and coverage of industry conventions.
Have you ever looked for a nerdy present on one of the main e-commerce sites? This is a terrible plan. Many of the results that appear at the top of these sites’ search pages remain there for a long time, even when the site’s content has changed dramatically.
Creators of DiscoverGeek were frustrated by the lack of a good resource for learning about interesting topics, so they built their own. This online shop’s products are hand-picked and curated from a wide variety of sources.
As a member of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Network, they are able to earn commissions from links to Amazon and other affiliate sites.

5. Geeky Gift Ideas

Geeky Gift Ideas

An alternative to ThinkGeek, this site caters to a wide variety of fandoms and interests. Geeky Gift Ideas features an extensive variety of cool presents for nerdy people of all genders, ranging from merchandise related to popular anime to Star Wars. Finding cool, odd stuff to satisfy your inner geek can lead you to some great present ideas.
The website’s creators set out to satisfy their inner nerds. In addition, new content is added to the website on a daily basis. There will be thousands of cool gadgets and one-of-a-kind presents featured in Geeky Gift Ideas.
A virtual storefront stocked with all the latest and greatest interesting gifts for him and her, where you may peruse a curated collection of fantastic products, technologies, and gadgets. Several popular fandoms are covered on this site, including Star Trek, Harry Potter, Pokemon, and Doctor Who.

6. Archie McPhee

Archie McPhee

This 1970s-era ThinkGeek competitor was made by a collector of odd pop culture memorabilia. Despite being in business for three decades, the company is doing well, and it is possible to obtain goods not accessible anywhere else.
This site claims that Archie McPhee is a distributor of high-quality goods. If you enjoy horror stories like Dracula, Frankenstein, and others written by Bram Stoker, you’ll love this area. There’s a whole aisle stocked with joke gifts like scented candles, greeting cards with a spooky twist, and more.

7. J!NX – Best ThinkGeek Alternatives

J!NX ; ThinkGeek Alternatives

In the same vein as ThinkGeek, this store sells clothes for nerds and gamers. If you’re looking for an alternative to ThinkGeek and are a fan of technology, video games, gadgets, robots, ninjas, and all things technological, this is the place for you.
In 1999, two California friends with a shared interest in gaming and culture established J!NX. To run it, a group of passionate people who want to help fans connect with their favorite shows or movies work tirelessly.

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8. FireBox – Best ThinkGeek Alternatives

FireBox; ThinkGeek Alternatives

Take a look at one of these ThinkGeek alternatives if you’re the kind of shopper who likes to think outside the box. They started out in 1998 under the name, but changed to after discovering that the name Hot Box was already in use.
It has an incredible selection of unique items, including adornments for the home, unusual libations, state-of-the-art gadgets, one-of-a-kind presents, and more. The designs for Fireboxes are given their own dedicated area.

9. Scientific Direct

Scientific Direct

When shopping for science supplies online, Scientific Online is one of the ThinkGeek alternatives. This online store sells a wide variety of scientific and educational supplies, including robots, telescopes, and experiment kits. Over the course of more than 50 years, Edmund Scientifics’ plant in Barrington, New Jersey has achieved remarkable accomplishment.
A small optical shop in the middle of nowhere has become the go-to spot for out-of-the-ordinary science-themed gifts, games, and projects. Fans of science and technology from all around the world can be found at Scientifics.
Now a legally recognized business entity, Scientifics Direct, Inc. It has always offered cutting-edge, uniquely inventive science products in both its print catalog and its digital marketplace.

10. Loot Crate – Best ThinkGeek Alternatives

Loot Crate; ThinkGeek Alternatives

There is also Loot Crate, which is also one of the ThinkGeek alternatives. It’s a monthly shipment service for nerdy and gaming goods. The staggering variety of valuables available will surprise you.
Launched in 2012, Loot Crate, Inc. has quickly become the industry standard for subscription boxes catering to fans of all stripes. Interactive experiences, digital content, and original video projects are developed by Loot Crate in partnership with industry heavyweights in the entertainment, gaming, sports, and pop culture sectors.
It doesn’t matter if you’re a devoted gamer, anime fanatic, or pop culture expert; they have a container for you. They put together an assortment of rare and unusual items, such as toys, apparel, and figurines.
Products are brought right to the doorstep. Every month, it’s like getting a thoughtful present for your birthday from a dear friend. A group of dedicated fans have founded and maintained the company. They lavish adulation on everyone and everything that has ever made an impression on them, from legendary heroes to terrible villains.
They’ve experienced the frustration of trying to track down an obscure collectible or the excitement of being first in line to get an autograph. This is why they’re dedicated to collaborating closely with artists and licensed partners to provide clients with exclusive offerings.

11. HotRate – Best ThinkGeek Alternatives

HotRate; ThinkGeek Alternatives

If you’re looking for ThinkGeek alternatives, you’ve come to the right spot. Here you’ll find the most comprehensive and well-researched evaluations of electronics, gadgets, and more. Out of a need to locate unique things with minimal effort, they developed a product comparison website.
They have put in a lot of time and effort to refine their review process so that you can get the most useful, objective, and informative feedback possible for your next purchase. Whatever your interests may be—gaming, photography, or just finding the perfect timepiece for yourself—they have you covered.
Crews from a wide variety of backgrounds are put together because each member brings a unique set of skills and a genuine interest in the things under review. There are solutions for any kind of budget, and you can obtain a quick sense of the industry thanks to their comparison ratings.


These websites all have their own special features. There are essentials among the unusual presents and quirky baubles. On the other hand, each of these top ThinkGeek alternatives are a credible option. Also, Entertainment Earth is a great place to shop if you’re looking to add to your collection of nerdy items.

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