10 Best Countdown Apps for Android and iOS 2023

You can have more things to remember than your memory can handle if you have a big list of things to do. This could cause you to be late to important occasions like meetings, seminars, and even birthdays. As a saving grace, the best countdown apps ever made are now accessible on smartphones and tablets.
To alert users of the passing of time till a specific date, countdown apps are developed. Because of this, you won’t lose track of time or miss the big event. If you’re interested in more countdown apps, you can find them in the App Store and Google Play.

10 Top Countdown Apps for Android and iOS

Most countdown apps that help you count down the days before a specific date also offer a timer that does just that. Tasks and reminders are two extra features offered by some of them, allowing you to set up an alert to go off before your scheduled time. Here are the top choices for Android and iOS countdown apps, you might find yourself in need of one.

1. Countdown


Countdown is a great way to track the days till a special occasion like a wedding, anniversary, or other milestone. It’s designed with a clean, intuitive interface that everyone can use to its full potential. All you have to do to utilize the app is plug in the event’s location and date.
Countdown’s appealing features include countdown warnings and themes. It also accommodates any clock adjustments and works with over 5,000 cities across the world. This feature, which lets you adjust the time according on your location, makes the program extremely convenient for people all around the world to use. After the event has concluded, the schedule will be deleted automatically.
Only one of the two widget types offered by this top-notch countdown timer is free to use. The premium version, which eliminates ads and allows for an infinite number of widgets, is required for full access.

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2. Big Days

Big Days

An accurate event timer like this one will help you not miss anything of importance. The software is minimalistic and stylish, making it simple to track the days till your special day. It is appropriate for a wide variety of events, including birthdays, anniversaries, business meetings, and more. Your countdown board will be more interesting to look at thanks to the ability to include pictures.
Big Days has several features, like the option to change colors with only a double-click and event notifications that may be tailored to your specific needs. To see everything that you have scheduled, you need only look at the list. This program supports an unlimited number of events in addition to event lists.
Furthermore? It accounts for both the time left before an event and the time that has passed. The ability to pick your chosen typeface throughout All about Big Days is a welcome addition. You may use it as your countdown app by simply downloading it from the App Store or Google Play.

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3. Dreamdays Countdown

Dreamdays Countdown

Dreamdays Countdown makes the anticipation of your special day more fun. This sleek and versatile app serves not only as a countdown timer but also as a friendly reminder. Unlike other countdown applications, which only deliver text messages, this one uses audio notes as reminders. That’s so cool right?
The features offered by Dreamdays Countdown are useful in many situations. You can choose from “birthday,” “anniversary,” “holiday,” “school,” and “life.” If your function does not fit any of these descriptions, you can easily make adjustments to the list. Each event’s background can be customized, and your favorite agenda can serve as the app’s cover.
This countdown app uses color coding to not only classify events by type, but also by expiration date. There is a password protection on Dreamdays Countdown to ensure your privacy. Finally, it has widgets that let you keep tabs on important to-dos right from the home screen.

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4. TheDayBefore

TheDayBefore; countdown apps

This software is like Big Days in that it keeps track of the days remaining and the days already passed. This simple program is compatible with many different events, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings. The widget allows the user to view the countdown immediately from the home screen.
There are a number of features available in TheDayBefore, such as status bar symbols that represent different events. Your own photos can even be used in place of the stock images in these symbols. In addition, you may choose from three different widget options with variable widths to find the best match for your display. In addition, it has motion stickers and D-day warnings.
The Story option is excellent, especially if you want to write. With this function, you can record your thoughts and feelings about the past or the future. That is to say, it can function as a portable diary that you may update whenever and wherever you like. For those with iOS devices, this software is compatible with the Apple Watch.

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5. Exam Countdown Lite

Exam Countdown Lite countdown apps

If you’re a student, this is the best app for timers you can find. The app Exam Countdown Lite is great since it helps you remember how many days you have till your exam. This helpful device has multiple uses, including timer, alarm clock, and test timetable. This is the program for you if you want lots of options and customizations.
Everyone can benefit from Exam Countdown Lite. There is no limit to the amount of countdowns that may be created, and the system saves test schedules in a central area. There’s no way to miss the test when the countdown is displayed in years, days, and even seconds. There are many sections of this program that correspond to different colors, and you may use them to plan out your exam schedule in any way that works best for you.
Choose your favorite visual aid and add any notes you see useful to make each test uniquely yours. Looking at the schedule won’t lead you astray. Are you thinking of downloading this program? There are paid upgrades available within Exam Countdown Lite, which can be downloaded for free. If you want access to premium features like in-depth notifications and device compatibility, you’ll need to upgrade to the paid version.

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6. Time Until

Time Until; countdown apps

How about some chic december counting down? Time Until is a great app for making attractive countdowns to special occasions. All users have access to this app’s online gallery, which has hundreds of high-quality photographs available for personal or commercial usage without any restrictions. The added appeal of your countdowns is boosted by the use of live backgrounds.
A countdown editor and reminder can be set up, ensuring that you never miss a deadline or appointment. A variety of time units, from seconds to years, are supported by this program as well. When a countdown is set for an occasion that occurs regularly, such a birthday or anniversary, the app will set a new countdown and start it.
Time Until is a countdown app that, like many others, provides a widget for your home screen in two sizes. Choose the widget that works for your device’s layout, and keep tabs on your activity that way. Furthermore, it has full-screen and dark themes for a sophisticated look.

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7. Countdown Widget

Countdown Widget; countdown apps

To help you get ready for a certain date, Sevenlogics has developed a countdown timer. Any event, from birthdays to anniversaries to appointments, can be commemorated using this app. Time is measured in a wide range of units, from years to seconds. Multiple countdowns make it easy to maintain tabs on a variety of different occasions.
There are two sizes of the Countdown Widget to choose from. Select the one that works best with your display and customize it with the preloaded photos. And if you really want to make the tool your own, pick your favorite photo and use that as the backdrop.
Can this timer live up to your high standards? Yes, you get what you want. While the clock is ticking, you can listen to your own music thanks to this app. Complete landscape support can also be used to enhance the scenery. It’s free to try, but if you like what you see, you can upgrade to a premium version that removes ads and gives you access to more customizable widgets for a small fee.

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8. Countdown Time

Countdown Time; countdown apps

If something big is coming up soon, Countdown Time can help you keep track of the clock. Spread the news to your social media followers and tell them how excited you are! You may add stunning visuals to really make that special moment pop.
In Countdown Time, the widget you create has a modern and sophisticated design. Multiple themes and high definition (HD) default backdrops can be added to your countdown timer to make it look even better. However, the program also supports the use of user-supplied images. You can also change the event titles and the way the events are displayed.
Will you be attending not one but multiple events soon? Avoid worrying. You won’t miss a beat thanks to this app’s ability to monitor multiple events simultaneously. With the help of the event sharing function, you may show your loved ones and the world your special moments.

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9. Days Matter Air

Days Matter Air; countdown apps

Users using Android and iOS devices can download the Days Matter app to keep track of special dates. This program is reliable whether you’re trying to figure out when your next birthday is or how much money you’ll be getting. It keeps track of the days that have already passed as well as the days that are still to come.
Widgets are built into Days Matter so you can keep track of the days even while the app is closed. This program allows you to create your own categories in addition to the three predefined ones (anniversary, life, and job). Add graphics you like to the event background to make the countdown meter more to your liking. Days Matter’s passcode security is a fantastic feature. This feature restricts access to the calendar to you alone.

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10. Baby Countdown

Baby Countdown 2020; countdown apps

Your womb is preparing to welcome a new life. If you need help keeping track of the days until your due date, this app is perfect for you. Expectant mothers can take advantage of a variety of tools, such as the ability to track their baby’s growth and weight from week to week.
Quotes about pregnancy can be a great source of motivation. This app will make your day better by providing you with a quotation to read and share each day. The pregnancy countdown clock can be customized to suit individual needs.
You can select one of 20 different color schemes and backdrop patterns. In addition, you can pick out your favorite countdown format. Its flexible counting units let you choose between weeks, days, and even minutes. There is no charge for using Baby Countdown. However, the developer provides monthly memberships starting at $4.99 if you need access to additional services.

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Excited about your approaching nuptials? Use countdown apps to make the time pass more quickly and with greater excitement. These programs not only keep track of time but also offer user-friendly customizations like changing the background image and adding other visual flourishes. Pick your preferred option from those presented.

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