12 Best Sites and Apps Like Offerup in 2023

It’s undeniable that OfferUp is a great method to get rid of old belongings and find rare and valuable items that might otherwise be out of reach. It’s possible, though, that after some time spent using this service, boredom will set in. You’ve found the right place if you were looking for other platforms like OfferUp.

12 Best Sites and Apps Like Offerup

There are many solutions available to you if you don’t like using OfferUp. Many software makers have released products that serve a similar purpose, making it easier to find customers and cheaper alternatives for unique goods. You should go with one of the best options given below.

1. Wallapop


With Wallapop, more than 15 million people have been able to buy, sell, and trade pre-owned items with ease. This free app can help you promote sustainable consumption whether you’re a customer or a provider. Making a living by trading in your old belongings has never been simpler.
This program is quite simple to operate. If you want to sell something, all you have to do is snap a photo of it and upload it on Wallapop. You’ll have access to a massive consumer base when millions of people can buy your stuff. Customers who are interested in making subsequent purchases can get in touch with you.
Quickly and easily find items that have been previously owned. Use the drop-down menus to find regionally appropriate product recommendations. Get in touch with the supplier and set up a meeting if you’re interested in their wares.
Get notified whenever new goods meeting your search parameters are added. You may rest assured that nothing important will slip your mind thanks to the alert function.

Website Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

2. Letgo


Letgo, like OfferUp, is a mobile application that enhances the fun of thrift shopping. There are millions of happy users of this Editor’s Choice app in the Google Play Store. You may buy and sell anything from cars and electronics to clothing and furniture using this app.
Letgo provides its users, both buyers and sellers, with easy-to-use tools that are sure to improve their interactions with the site. Along with an intuitive design that speeds up listing and searching, the site’s emphasis on safe transactions and prompt deliveries is a major plus.
This app has a handy location-based search feature that lets users quickly zero in on the best deals in their immediate area. This way, you can save money on lodging while still meeting with potential vendors to negotiate a deal.
Letgo Oto+, which helps the buying and selling of autos, is now included in the latest version. As a seller, you are entitled to a free preliminary quote and inspection appointment scheduling.

Website Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

3. Etsy


Comparable to OfferUp is Etsy, which also facilitates the buying and selling of unique items. With this app, you can shop for and buy a wide selection of one-of-a-kind items straight from your mobile device. Whatever your taste—antique or modern, handmade or store-bought—Etsy has what you’re looking for.
You can find one-of-a-kind and personalized home goods for your bedroom, kitchen, or any other space in your house at this inventive marketplace. Etsy simplifies the process of buying handmade goods of all kinds, from specialized collections of personalized furniture to pantry essentials.
If you use this feature, the app will remember the things you like and suggest others you might enjoy. You may also set up alerts for when stores you like introduce new products, so you never miss out on exclusive releases.
Etsy also has a messaging system where you can talk to the shop owners themselves. The safe ways of payment and delivery included on this site are also noteworthy.

Website Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

4. Carousell


You can buy and sell almost anything on Carousell. Used goods such as clothing, mobile phones, and furniture can be bought and sold at this great community marketplace. Everything from modest apartments to expensive sports cars is at your disposal.
You need to create a free account before you can start using this app. List your wares for sale or do some straight shopping in our online bazaar. Setting up your online shop is as simple as uploading a picture to Facebook.
For a more satisfying experience on Carousell, getting to know your seller and customer is encouraged. You may check out user ratings and reviews, both from buyers and sellers, to make it easier to do business with trustworthy people. There’s also a built-in chat feature for casually talking business with other users.
Compared to OfferUp, this platform excels since it allows users to fine-tune their searches. By entering more specific search criteria, you can speed up the process of making a purchase with this tool.

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Website Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

5. Poshmark


If you’re looking for new and gently used apparel for men, women, and children, Poshmark is the place to go. Access over 9,000 brands in sizes small to extra-large at up to 70% off with this one convenient online hub. In addition, you can earn money by making your own listings.
It’s easy to figure out how to utilize Poshmark. If you’re doing some spring cleaning and come across some unused items, you can use our website or mobile app to easily and fun sell them. Just upload an image of the item, and it will be listed in a flash.
When you sign up, you’ll gain access to a community of over 80 million people all around the world. You can browse content at your convenience, and you can add your own content for others to find. It’s up to you to decide.
Poshmark’s social network features are useful since they allow users to list their wares in a manner similar to that of Instagram. The site’s search feature also allows you to find a wide selection of items. In addition to its practicality, this gadget benefits from a straightforward design.

Website Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

6. VarageSale


Similar to OfferUp, VarageSale is both a website and mobile app. This site, which is among the best garage sale apps, allows you to make money off of unwanted items and make more room in your home. You, the buyer, can also find good deals on gently used goods.
As a user, you can feel confident entering into a transaction after having used this service to investigate possible buyers and sellers at your leisure. Just see how their ratings and average response times stack up against the market standard. Not only that, but you can also contact the store by direct message to ask any questions you have regarding the products.
With VarageSale, users may search for items in their area and exclude categories they don’t like to provide a more personalized shopping experience. You may use this app to track down anything from jewelry to baby furniture.
The best part is that the listing process is quick and easy for buyers. Taking a picture of your wares and uploading it takes literally seconds. You need to sit tight and wait for prospective customers to get in touch.

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7. Popsy


Similar to OfferUp, Popsy lets you buy and sell pre-owned items and discover the best deals in your area. In addition to being able to buy and sell goods, users may also utilize the platform’s intuitive search and listing features to find new goods.
This free app is very much like OfferUp in that it facilitates easy, safe, and speedy purchases through a straightforward user interface. Products may be located in a matter of seconds thanks to the site’s easy navigation and powerful search options. The best part is that it prioritizes rapid response, making it possible to have things in as little as 30 minutes.
When you need to add something to your listings quickly (like, in under five seconds), use Popsy. Taking a picture of your goods is all that’s required to have it showcased. In addition, there are no hidden costs or fees associated with using this platform.

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8. Marketplace


The term “marketplace” refers to an online venue where consumers can shop for a wide variety of products. This market is a convenient spot for locals to buy and sell goods. Take your place among the countless other people out there and see what you can unearth.
You can use Marketplace to make your life easier whether you’re a buyer or a merchant. Making a listing for your items to be viewed and bid on by others merely takes a few taps. You, the consumer, have access to millions of things from which to make your selection.
A key element of this app that is analogous to OfferUp is the ability to have one-on-one conversations with buyers using the built-in live chat feature. To top it all off, it doesn’t cost anything to list your items on there.

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9. Craigslist

Craigslist; like offerup

Check out Craigslist whether you’re looking for a job, an employee, a car, or car parts. You can do a lot more than what is offered on OfferUp, such as seeking odd jobs and offering your services.
However, whether you’re in the market for a used appliance, couch, computer, or anything else, Craigslist is your best bet. Use the site’s search bar to look into anything that piques your interest.
Craigslist can be utilized in a wide variety of other ways. You can bookmark your favorite comments and return to them whenever you like. There’s also a tool that lets you save your search so you may return to it later.
And if you happen to be a retailer, Craigslist has a feature that makes it a breeze to post new ads and keep your existing ones active. Altering the content is yet another option for boosting sales.

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10. Swapit

Swapit; like offerup

You may easily shop for gently used items by downloading Swapit on your mobile device. This app, like OfferUp, connects sellers and buyers of used goods to create a novel retail environment.
Downloading this program won’t cost you a dime, and it comes packed with helpful functions like one-click shopping, proximity-based product discovery, and freebies. In addition, both seller and purchaser information can be viewed.
Similarly to OfferUp, Swapit has a chat tool that lets you communicate with buyers and sellers without revealing your identity. There is an option to schedule a meeting or talk about the cost.

Website Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

11. 5miles

5miles; like offerup

Are you want to amass wealth rapidly? Clean up your space and have a look around for things you can sell on Furthermore, the app supports the option to buy previously owned items.
OfferUp-like platforms allow users to do more than just buy and sell goods; they may also be used to find housing, local service providers, and even employment opportunities. It’s free to use and works on both iOS and Android.
In part because of its intuitive interface, 5miles is a breeze to work with. Moreover, it provides the best deals so that you may purchase your preferred item for the lowest possible price.

Website Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

12. Listia

Listia; like offerup

Listia is a fantastic program for trading goods and even acquiring free stuff. This garage sale app for mobile devices facilitates straightforward searching for secondhand treasures and the monetization of unused items.
The requirements for using this system are minimal. If you are a shopper, browse for and publish the products you wish to sell. To accumulate credits, have other users buy your listings. You can buy and sell used products with other users, and vice versa.

Website Download on Google Play Download on the App Store


The process of buying and selling can be greatly simplified by using one of the many websites or mobile applications that are similar to OfferUp. Knowing what to look for in a suitable app should be simple now that you know what’s out there.

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