12 Best Stud Finder Apps for Android and iOS

During home improvement tasks, a stud finder is a must-have item. With a stud finder, you can see if there is anything on the other side of a wall, floor, or ceiling before you screw or hammer it. Fortunately, the best stud finder apps are readily accessible now.
With these programs, you won’t need to buy a stud finder, which may be quite pricey. Depending on the specifics of your project, you can pick an ideal tool from among those that come with a wide range of features. These programs are useful for finding things like studs, nuts, and even electrical wiring.

Do stud finder apps work?

Perhaps you’re wondering if stud finder apps can actually locate studs, nuts, and other metal objects. If you want to satisfy your curiosity, you need to learn how it works.
Your phone’s magnetometer (or another metal-detecting sensor) is put to use by a stud finder app. Today’s smartphones all include this sensor, which is used by the built-in compass and many other apps. Yet, the magnetometry strength of a good stud finder is far beyond the capabilities of this device.
It may take more time to finish the job if the stud finder application is of low quality. These programs may not be up to the task of dealing with extremely thick walls, but they work very well with ordinary walls. The best versions of the software are available for download below.

12 Best Stud Finder Apps for Android and iOS

sIs a stud finder app something you might want to download on your phone? In order to save you time, we have gathered the best apps from across the web in one convenient place. The following apps for stud finders are recommended to facilitate such renovations.

1. Walabot DIY

Walabot DIY

The Walabot DIY is a great tool for seeing what’s behind walls. Being able to see what’s going on behind walls is useful whether you’re hanging a TV or doing plumbing maintenance. The Walabot is a do-it-yourself device that can be easily connected to a smartphone using this software.
Users can utilize this tool to track down conduit, electrical wiring, and studs. Its motion-detection capabilities also make it possible to track down mice and other critters that have taken up residence in the walls of your home.
Walabot can repair damage to several building materials, including cement, drywall, and plaster. The maximum depth it can detect through a typical wall is 10 centimeters (4 inches).

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2. Stud Finder

Stud Finder

Finding wall anchors like studs, screws, and bolts has never been simpler than using Stud Finder. The greatest free stud finder software has been used by thousands of plumbers, engineers, and contractors to check behind walls before starting work.
The magnetic sensor and radiation meter on your mobile device are put to use by this software. Having the ability to scan deeply allows for the discovery of studs and other metal objects concealed behind walls.
Easily the best feature of Stud Finder is how intuitive it is. Install this app on your Android device, then hover it over the surface you want to analyze. As soon as it detects metal, it will make a beeping noise.
Stud Finder is available for no cost and operates flawlessly even when you don’t have access to the internet. This is a great option if you want a simple stud finder app for Android.

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3. Stud Finder and Metal Detector

Stud Finder & Metal Detector

One of the best tools available for finding wall studs is Stud Finder & Metal Detector. The Google Play Store download count for this handy app is well over a hundred thousand, and with good reason: it’s packed with useful features for simplifying a variety of household tasks. Find studs, pipes, and cables with this handy software.
Rather than tearing down walls to find out what’s behind them, use the Stud Locator & Metal Detector program. Simply hold your Android device a few centimeters above the desired surface, and the app will do the rest, beeping when it finds metal.
The app’s versatility as a stud finder stems from the fact that it works perfectly on a wide range of surfaces. You can use metal detectors to search for objects even if there are walls or floors between you and them.
Furthermore, the user interface of Stud Locator & Metal Detector is simple and intuitive. With this free program, you may enhance your DIY experience significantly.

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4. Stud Finder by Antilogics

Stud Finder by Antilogics

You may use this stud finder app on your Android device to track out hidden metals like screws and studs. The app depends on the quality of your phone’s magnetic sensor in order to correctly identify studs.
The user manual that is along with Antilogics’ Stud Finder is there to help newcomers get started. The simple, user-friendly interface of this program consists of a black background and green buttons.
It is not only useful for finding studs, but also for finding wood, cable, and even pipes. The Antilogics Stud Locator is a helpful tool for any professional or amateur plumber, engineer, contractor, or DIYer who values time and efficiency.
The size and weight of this program are also very modest. This stud finder is perfect for you if you’re trying to conserve battery life or if you’re using an older version of Android.

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5. Stud Finder by Synosure Tech

Stud Finder by Synosure Tech

This program is prepared to help while searching for hidden studs, pipes, or cables. This stud finder app was made with the user in mind, and it has a number of helpful tools that will speed up and simplify your home improvement tasks.
This app from Synosure Tech can find studs and other metal objects, AC wiring, and even covert cameras and microphones thanks to its several scanning modes. It can also detect motion, which is useful for finding mice and insects hidden in hard-to-reach places.
The clever program can be put to good use in the realms of electronic set up, plumbing, and building. See the effects by holding your Android device close to the region in question. The presence of metal objects is indicated by the metal detector’s beeping and vibrating.
The magnetic sensor on your phone is used in the same way that other stud finding apps are used. Your sensor’s ability to identify studs and metal objects increases with its power.

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6. Stud Detector

Stud Detector

If you’re looking for a stud finder app for Android, go no further than Stud Detector. Finding screws, studs, and other metal objects hidden behind walls is a breeze with this software. You can safely install your television or hang up some new wall art without damaging the wall.
All the information you need to get the most out of this app is right here. Get the instructions by clicking the question mark and reading them carefully before commencing the project. You won’t get a headache from it.
The Stud Detector app’s adjustable sensitivity lets you scan various metal objects at a variety of depths. The strength of the magnetic field is shown, and you can calculate the approximate distance and size of an item with this program.
Also, this ingenious tool provides adjustable volumes of sound and vibration feedback. There is also a left-handed mode that you can use if you want.

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7. Stud Finder

Stud Finder

Your Android device may become a magnetic stud finder with the help of Stud Finder 2021. Thanks to this handy tool, you can see through walls and locate any metal in the area of your choosing. To test your phone’s sensitivity, simply hold it close to a wall.
If you need a stud finder right away or just want to save money, this software has you covered on both fronts. Once installed, it makes use of your phone’s sensor to identify magnets and other metal objects. Stronger magnetic fields are produced when metal is identified.
This stud finding program has several useful functions. In addition to detecting studs, it can also locate cables and metal items behind walls. Its versatility stems from the fact that it may be used on both drywall and soil.
Stud Finder 2021 places an emphasis on both visual and auditory feedback to enhance its functionality. You can choose from a variety of different beeps that you can modify to your liking.

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8. Stud Detector Nut Finder

Stud Detector Nut Finder

Locate studs, screws, or nails behind walls with the help of the Stud Detector Nut Finder. This Android application was developed specifically to find adjacent metal objects. This firm could be an excellent fit for your project because of its user-friendly tools.
With this app, you may check on the magnetic field right from your mobile device. The presence of metal objects is indicated by the movement of the needle.
The UI of Stud Detector Nut Finder is clean and simple to use. This program is ideal if you do not want to spend money on a separate handheld stud finder.

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9. Stud Finder

Stud Finder

For iOS users, this tool makes it possible to pinpoint the precise location of studs and other ferrous metal objects. Thousands of people have used this program to help them with home improvements without hiring a professional.
Most stud finder apps, like this one, use the smartphone’s magnetometer to assess the magnetic field. Very little technical knowledge is required to use it effectively. Open the app and move your mobile close to the desired area.
When metal is detected, the screen’s projected magnetic field needle moves to the right. You may change the sensitivity to detect various depths of ferrous metal items. More sensitivity means faster detection of studs, screws, and the like.
Electricians, construction workers, and engineers will find this program to be really useful. If you have misplaced your magnetic stud finder, this will do in a pinch.

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10. Wall Stud Magnetic Detector

Wall Stud Magnetic Detector

Finding studs in drywall is a breeze with the help of a magnetic stud detector. You can use this software in place of a stud finder to see whether there are any metal objects behind walls, which is useful if you need to mount a TV but don’t have one. It is effective on a wide range of wall materials, from drywall to stucco to plasterboard.
This app can pinpoint your location with pinpoint accuracy by using the magnetometer in your phone. With this program, you may more easily locate metal objects like nails, studs, and screws.
This portable stud detector functions similarly to a handheld model. Test if the needle moves by gliding your iPhone along the wall. Your device will make a beeping sound and the needle will shift to the right when it detects a magnetic field.
For occasional users of magnetic stud finders, this instrument may be appropriate. Find helpful DIY project guidance with this App Store download.

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11. Metal Detector and Magnetometer

Metal Detector & Magnetometer

The greatest tool for finding metal things hidden behind walls is a metal detector and magnetometer. Improved functionality ensures pinpoint exploration of your surroundings. Also, its sleek Interface makes for a fantastic adventure for its users.
This program makes use of your mobile device’s magnetometer to analyze the magnetic field around you. The indicator needle will go all the way to the top when it detects a magnetic field, and your phone will start beeping. This suggests the presence of a metallic object just below the surface.
This software not only features a beep to alert you to changes, but also allows you to save the read measurement and time for further reference. One useful component of metal detectors is the availability of helpful tips for operating them.
A handheld stud finder isn’t necessary when you have a metal detector and magnetometer. Handymen, DIYers, and construction workers could benefit from its use.

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12. Metal Detector (Pro)

Metal Detector (PRO)

This iOS app was made to make finding interesting metal items a breeze. It allows iPhone owners to detect magnetic fields and map their environments. To easily locate metal objects, download the free Metal Detector app. Move the device along a wall or other flat surface and watch the needle move.
This program’s primary purpose is entertainment, although it provides a rich set of features. It has a user-friendly interface, a sensitivity that can be adjusted by the user, and both visible and audible feedback.

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You can use your phone’s sensor and stud finder app to help you with home repair projects, however this depends on the quality of your phone and the app. Learn about and use the best stud locating software for your computer’s operating system.

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