13 Best Prank Call Apps for Android and iOS

Whooping cushions might have been funny a few decades back, but now they’re just another novelty item. The best prank call apps are guaranteed to get a rise out of your loved ones whenever you get the urge to play a practical joke on them.
Users can make a sham contact with the help of prank call apps. One option is to change one’s voice, while another is to pretend to be someone else, such as a famous personality or law enforcement official too. This method is not only consistently efficient, but also incredibly easy to implement.

13 Top Prank Call Apps for Android and iOS

You can find a wide variety of prank call apps in both the Google Play Market and the Apple App Store. Unfortunately, not all of them can be used as jokes on the spot. In case you’re having trouble deciding which is the best, we’ve compiled a list of the top prank call apps for your perusal.

1. JokesPhone


The JokesPhone app is widely considered to be the best prank call tool available. It has over 10 million installations and features a massive collection of hoaxes in a variety of languages.
Choose a friend and a fake situation to contact them about with this app. Prepare to laugh for the next two minutes as you try to make your audience believe your jest. You can easily share jokes on popular social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat with the help of a built-in share icon.
The free hoaxes offered by JokesPhone are just one of the many reasons why it’s so great. As a thank you for downloading, they’ll give you a complimentary prank. If you sign up using Facebook, you’ll get a second one, too.

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2. MagicCall


The app’s moniker implies that it has the ability to make a magical connection. Its special qualities make it possible to try out a new line of work. During a call, you can experiment with different voices thanks to MagicCall’s in-built vocal modulator. The voice can be that of a woman, a kid, or even an animated character.
You can’t let your schemes be spoiled with MagicCall. You can test your voice before making a call with this function. Your loved ones won’t realize how easily tricked they are by your clever jokes.
This app’s additional feature of playing audio emoticons during a conversation is a nice touch. In order to shock the person on the other end of the call, try kissing or clapping.
I haven’t seen anyone pull stunts like this before, and I think it’s brilliant. Simple and quick planning will allow you to practice a convincing phone conversation that will leave your peers with no choice but to agree with you. So think up a situation, pick a partner, and play!

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3. Ownage Pranks

Ownage Pranks

Ownage Labs’ program for pulling practical jokes on friends and coworkers has taken off. You can use a fabricated accent by activating the voice-changing function. With this software, your prank calls will sound real, so no one will suspect a thing.
Creating hilarious prank calls with this simple software is a breeze. You can then pick a prank from the collection and play it once it has finished installing. Pick a target and hit submit to make a prank call. The program will handle that for you.
Variety of pranks and prank phone conversations are available at Ownage Pranks. The pranks in this program were all recorded by real voice actors, so your loved ones have less of a chance of catching on. There will never be a lack of strategies thanks to the daily changes.
Have you considered listening to the hoax message once more? Ownage Prank has a section called “My Pranks” where you can save videos of your own practical jokes. To hear your pranks, you can use this function whenever and wherever you like.

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4. Fake Call by GameAndro

Fake Call by GameAndro

This specific prank app pretends to be a phone call coming in. This tool takes courage and prank skills to fool someone, in contrast to most hoax phone apps which provide pre-loaded prank scenarios and voice changers.
The setup and use of False Contact takes mere seconds. Easy scheduling and immediate contact making are both just a tap away. It can appear more genuine if you enter a caller’s name, number, and even an image.
Not only does the best prank software for smartphones have a recording feature, but it also has a recorder. If you’re too shy to answer the phone in person, you can benefit greatly from this function. As a result, you won’t have to carry on a one-sided conversation.
The app Fake Call has been downloaded over 50 million times from the Google Play Store, proving its usefulness as a tool for performing jokes on friends and family.

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5. Fake Call

Fake Call

Fake Contact is a great tool for playing pranks over the phone. This app has everything you need to accomplish any job, whether you’re trying to get out of a sticky situation or pull a prank on your friends.
The free software has a ton of features, including the ability to schedule incoming calls, a personalized greeting, and a doodle on the incoming screen. It’s possible to get a prank contact from anyone, including your mom, the police, or even a pizza delivery person.
Your prank contact will have more impact if you include a picture of the caller. In addition, you can record your own speech to play after a call is finished. To further break down barriers, this program is available in numerous languages.
Over all, Fake Call offers a fresh approach to crafting the perfect practical prank. Just try to picture the response of your friends and family if you told them that they had received a fake call from a famous person. There is an infinite number of paths to take.

Download on Google Play

6. Fake Call Police

Fake Call Police

Another great tool for prank calling is Fake Call Police. Check out how friends and family respond to a fake police call. With a spoofed caller ID and a custom user name, it’s easy to fall for the ruse.
This program is a simulation tool that acts as though a communication has just been made. Share the funny news that the cops have called and everyone will have a good chuckle. This practical joke never gets old because it never fails to give the audience the chills.
Fake Call Police is one of the best fake call apps because it has so many tools to help you pull off elaborate hoaxes. You can personalize a character from your gallery and assign them to a timetable to make fake calls. Don’t worry though. Because it cannot initiate real phone calls, this app is completely safe and trouble-free.

Download on Google Play

7. BTS Call

BTS Call

The worldwide popularity of BTS continues to grow. BTS Call could be the perfect tool to use if you want to trick your friends who are also huge Army (BTS’s fandom name). Here’s a fun way to fool your friends: use a fake video call from one of the BTS members to make them think they got a real call from the band.
Watch your pals’ reactions as RM, J-Hope, Suga, or V calls them. A snapshot of these rare pictures can be sent to your friends to make them green with envy. The program takes practical jokes to a new level.
The option to select a specific member of BTS to call is the app’s best feature. The intuitive layout of this program makes it easy to learn and employ.
Does better performance while using this program appeal to you? Get the most out of your phony video chat by hooking up to a dependable data link like Wi-Fi.

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8. Prank Caller

Prank Caller

The extensive scenario library makes Prank Communicator an effective instrument for prank calling friends and family. To pull off a practical joke, dial the intended recipient’s number and then choose from a list of pre-set options. It’s a hoax, but your friends won’t know it, and you get to listen in.
The app’s use will lead to some very amusing situations for you and your friends. Considering the plethora of options, picking the one that will lead to the best results for the intended audience makes the most sense. The addition of response saving is a huge improvement.
The outcome can be captured and listened to in real time thanks to the integrated recorder. Laugh it up with your coworkers after you’ve shared the findings.

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9. PrankDial

PrankDial; prank call apps

An estimated one million pranksters around the globe rely on PrankDial. This prank call software has caused widespread hilarity because of the variety of situations it can simulate. The app provides a wide variety of potential prank call situations; you can pick the best one depending on who you’re calling.
The latest version of Prank Dial boasts an improved user interface and the addition of brand-new prank situations. If you want to show off your practical jokes to your friends, just record them in the call log. Even more, you can make notes about the best messages you’ve ever received.
The flexibility of PrankDial’s user interface makes it a useful tool for prank calls. If your pals fall for the prank, they will have no idea it was a hoax.
PrankDial, like other hoax phone apps, is very easy to use. Pick a precarious scenario and an easy target, and then place the hoax contact. Keep a record of live shows and play them for your friends.

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10. Pranky

Pranky; prank call apps

Do you know how your pal will respond if someone confronts him about the sex sounds he allegedly makes every night? If your friend does not reserve a room at a five-star hotel, will he be surprised when he gets a confirmation call? Until you give this tool a try, you will never know the answer.
Pranky is, in fact, a tool for initiating prank phone calls. It has a wide variety of hoax call situations that your friends won’t see coming. All you have to do is pick a predicament, dial the number, and play prankster.
Moreover, Pranky enables you to broadcast the hilarious outcomes to your loved ones. Keeping and sharing responses via WhatsApp or other social media is encouraged.

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11. Call Voice Changer

Call Voice Changer; prank call apps

The software Call Voice Changer creates amusing noises to play during phone conversations. Since this method has been used frequently in the past, it is now your turn to try it out in a hoax call.
Having a good time with loved ones over the phone has never been easier. This app allows you to create weird voice effects in real time. Simply by hitting a button, you can alter your voice’s pitch, depth, and volume.

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12. Prank Call App

Prank Call App; prank call apps

The Prank Call Program, available exclusively for the iPhone and iPad, is a fantastic way to spark endless laughter. You can pretend to be anyone, from famous people to the government.
Simply including recordings of different situations can make a call feel more genuine. Try hanging up on your loved ones right in front of them to see how they respond.
Through this program, changing the identity of the caller, uploading a picture of the caller, and choosing the phone type are all simple tasks. The included countdown timer will add an air of authenticity to your prank contact.

Download on the App Store

13. FunCall

FunCall; prank call apps

Do you feel like laughing out loud right now? Don’t fill it in. Get FunCall and have a blast chatting with your pals. Use this prank calling software to change your voice from high and humorous to low and frightening in an instant.
Simply put, using FunCall is a breeze. Simply type in the recipient’s number and choose their nation. After picking up the phone, you have the option to change your voice to the preferred tone.
So that you never miss an entertaining conversation again, this app lets you record your conversations and listen to them at your convenience. You can save a copy to share with your colleagues.

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Forget about using post-it notes or having your pepper mill explode. These best prank call apps set the standard for digital joke-playing. Which of these prank call apps do you think is the most hilarious?

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