14 Best Face Morphing Apps for Android and iOS

In order to improve your photos, picture morphing is a great tool to use. Due to the ability to combine multiple images, the final result of your face may seem very different from what you expected. The best face morphing apps will keep you entertained for hours, especially if you are into posting stunning images to your social media.
Apps that can morph your face are great for editing photos with a wide variety of effects. Most of them use some sort of facial recognition system to identify the subject’s likeness in advance of any morphing, which greatly improves the quality of the final product.

14 Top Face Morphing Apps for Android and iOS

Numerous pieces of face morphing apps are currently available. We have searched the web so you don’t have to if you don’t have the time. Here is a collection of apps we recommend using to add an element of surprise and amusement to your images.

1. Banuba

Banuba; face morphing apps

Banuba allows you to instantly alter your appearance to resemble that of a well-known actor, musician, or athlete with just a click of the mouse. This program is the greatest for making funny selfies, and it works on both Android and iOS.
One of the most interesting features of this face morphing program is the ability to exchange faces with a famous actor or actress from Hollywood. In addition, it contains a voice changer that will make you sound like a cartoon character or an amusing animal in your next video.
Banuba is a photo and video editor that provides stunning effects. Feel free to broadcast your results on Facebook, Twitter, or any other platform you frequent.

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2. FaceApp


Amazingly, you may change your appearance with the help of artificial intelligence of FaceApp. With so many people using this program, you’ll have instant access to a vast community where you may find inspiration and share amusing photos.
It’s hard to list all of FaceApp’s advantages. It comes with a selection of filters, a curated library of background images, and several effects that may be used to create photorealistic photographs. With the intuitive tools provided, editing your shot is as simple as a few taps.
This top-tier face morphing program also has the capacity to edit videos. Your portrait photography will greatly benefit from your newly acquired ability to edit videos, allowing you to apply custom filters to every clip you shoot.

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3. Reface


Join the millions of people who have already used Reface to transform their photos and videos. This best photo morphing program lets you turn regular shots into something hilarious to show off to your pals.
You may quickly and easily alter a person’s appearance with just a few clicks using this program. In addition, it has a face-swapping feature that lets you watch yourself in viral videos or old movies. This is now feasible because of advances in AI technology.
Reface’s usefulness extends far beyond the aforementioned applications. In addition to the regular feature of swapping out people’s faces in images and videos, the app also provides fresh GIFs and short films every day to spark your imagination. A share button and filter settings are built right into this photo transforming program.

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4. FacePlay


FacePlay, found in both the App Store and the Google Play Store, is a terrific tool for personalizing your online persona and improving the quality of your content. When you sign up, you’ll have instant access to a library of premade video edits. Select a premade layout, then feed in your own image for the software to manipulate automatically.
Different options for personalizing your work are available in FacePlay. Either looking stunning in urban beauty or trying something new in minority attire, this app has you covered.
Because of the software’s uncomplicated layout, even first-time users won’t feel lost. Just pick a picture you like and see how FacePlay can help it shine even brighter.

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5. Jiggy


Jiggy is ideal if you want to make new and interesting things with your images. With the ability to animate photos and swap out faces, this tool may be used to create comedic videos, stickers, and GIFs. This software can detect your face in a photo and replace it with another person’s.
If you’re not an expert editor, Jiggy will help you create stunning visuals. Tools for immediate hilarity, such as stickers, emoticons, and dances, are provided. What’s more, animation can literally breathe new life into museum-quality pictures from the past.

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6. Face Swap

Face Swap

Face Swap is a photo and video face swapping software. A few touches are all it takes to add a face-changing filter to the camera or swap faces in real-time, allowing for truly remarkable photos and videos.
It has a variety of live masks you may use in your films or selfies to make them more interesting to watch or take. If you want to take new pictures or modify old ones, Face Swap has you covered.
This software serves three main functions: a live camera with face swapping and masking capabilities, a photo editor with the same features, and a video editor with clip trimming and face switch filters for previously recorded video.

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7. Faces


Insist that you have a look at Faces, which bills itself as a funny face changer. When it comes to editing photos and videos for special occasions, this face morphing tool is unparalleled. If you have a selfie camera on your smartphone, go ahead and make some silly videos and pictures.
You may add a unique touch to your selfie video with a wide variety of funny frames, hats, hairstyles, and even masks for the faces. Making GIFs to send to loved ones is also possible.
To learn how to utilize Faces requires almost no effort. Start snapping away with your selfie camera. Pick a video and do a live face swap with your favorite stars or even pets. Then, upload the finished GIFs or movies to your favorite social media platform.

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8. Face Morph

Face Morph

Face Morph is an excellent software for Android devices if you enjoy playing around with different looks for your virtual characters. The superb capabilities and simple UI of this program make facial morphing a breeze.
You can use this program to make your face look like that of a famous person, a friend, or even an animal. Furthermore, photorealistic outcomes can be achieved by automated facial detection. It also has a face blending feature that lets you make a completely new face.
Millions of people have downloaded Face Morph to play around with images and selfies. If you’re tired of taking boring pictures, this program will make your images stand out.

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9. Celebrity Face Morph

Celebrity Face Morph; face morphing apps

You can use this program to merge your face with that of a famous person. The main draw of this program is the ability to morph famous faces using artificial intelligence, and the results are stunningly lifelike. Because it is a robotic procedure, human editing skills are unnecessary.
It is one of the best celebrity face morphing apps and can easily transform your photos into priceless comic gold. Here’s your chance to view yourself as someone else sees you.
Intriguingly, you can use Celebrity Face Morph to transform into the face of your favorite celebrity. After making a choice, the program will take care of the rest. Watch the results and have a good laugh with your loved ones.
This software’s functionality and features are improved by the incorporation of automatic face identification and face expression algorithms. There are also features like face blending and face warp.

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10. Multi Face Blender

Multi Face Blender; face morphing apps

The name of this software effectively conveys what it can do. Users can experiment with combining different facial features from different photos, with surprising results. If you’re familiar with other face-morphing programs, you should give Multi Face Blender a try.
Multi Face Blender’s user interface is as intuitive as those of similar face morphing programs. To begin, pick the faces you want to edit and use the eraser on them if you need to. Brightness and saturation levels can also be adjusted, in addition to the skin tone.
Automatic face recognition has made it unnecessary to identify people by sight. It’s also possible to blend your face using a synthetic point that you pick.

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11. Pic Morph

Pic Morph'; face morphing apps

One of the best programs to morph faces and make GIFs is Pic Morph. It’s the best way to change your appearance to that of a friend, relative, celebrity, or even yourself.
In order to communicate with one another, you must choose specific faces from the available options. You don’t have to worry about the challenging part because the program has smart capabilities for choosing the best photos and sizes for the best result. After that, get ready for the surprise by picking either a GIF or a movie from the pictures.

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12. Face Story

Face Story; face morphing apps

If you have the right program, it can be a lot of fun to experiment with different looks. If you’re looking for a good application, Face Story is worth checking out. It does a fantastic job of allowing you to look like your favorite celebs or animals when used on an iOS-based device.
Facial Story makes use of facial-recognition technologies to identify its users. With the use of intelligent facial feature extraction, this tool can easily synthesize your images while producing photorealistic results. The Face Story app makes it simple to alter your appearance.

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13. Morph

Morph; face morphing apps

Want to find the best video face morphing software? If that’s the case, Morph is a fantastic piece of software to have at your disposal. Using it is as easy as adding photos, setting the mood with music and a filter, and then broadcasting your creation online.
Morph’s many features include a seamless morphing transition, an easy photo picker, and a timer. It has AI support, so it’s easier to get great results, and it has adjustable cropping so you can get just the right bit of music.
You can modify the order of the photos by dragging and dropping them. Whether you want to send it to a client, post it on Facebook, Instagram, or some other social media platform, you may save and export your work to the camera roll at any time.

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14. Facebrity

Facebrity; face morphing apps

This is the last one on the list of best face morphing apps out there. If you want to have some fun by combining or altering faces, Facebrity is a great app to use. This program makes it easy to swap between multiple faces.
When you use Facebrity, a single selfie is all you need. You can change your appearance and feel like you belong in a blockbuster movie. If you want to improve your experience, tell your friends about it by using the share feature.
The finest morphing experience is guaranteed by regularly updating this free program. Because of the abundance of available clip art catalogs, you can transform into anybody or anything, from a heroic superhero to a terrible lunatic to a beautiful dancer.

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Play around with your photos using top-tier face morphing apps. Keep in mind that the primary purpose of these apps is entertainment, and please use them responsibly.

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