Top 7 Best Video Editing Software For Windows in 2024

We require the Best Video Editing Software available because we are an IT Solutions & Services firm, and you also deserve the Best. For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of the best editing programmes for Windows 10 and other widely used OSes.

These tools all have strong capabilities and even a few bells and whistles. Since selecting the ideal utility may seem difficult, we are here to assist. You won’t need to try every single video editing programme manually because we have compiled the best editing solutions available.

1. Wondershare Filmora X – Best Overall

Wondershare Filmora X
One of the best video editing programmes is Filmora by Wondershare, created for enthusiastic amateurs and those eager to begin in the software of video editing. The application has a simple and user-friendly dashboard. Additionally, it provides a variety of easy-to-apply effects and filters for your RAW footage.

An intuitive editing programme for beginning and advanced users is called Filmora X. It contains a tonne of capabilities for motion tracking, colour matching, keyframing, and other things even if it doesn’t give a high level of customisation.


2. Lightworks – Runner-up

Lightworks – Runner-up
Another well-known and competent video editing application is Lightworks, which is employed by numerous Hollywood projects. Professional-level colour correction, GPU-accelerated real-time effects, and tools to easily import, cut, and weave audio and video together are just a few of Lightworks’ standout features.

Similar to Adobe Premiere Pro, it provides multitrack editing and top-notch features to raise the overall calibre of the film and add spectacular video effects in real-time to produce professional results. Even more layout variants are available, allowing for customised video production.

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3. VideoPad – Easy & Straightforward Choice

VideoPad – Easy & Straightforward Choice
For creating and editing videos for YouTube and other social media sites, VideoPad is best recognised.
Three levels of the professional video editor are offered: Free, Home Edition, and Master’s Edition (with tonnes of features).

VideoPad is among the best editing software in large part because to the variety of features and tools it offers. You may use its full suite of video optimization tools, which enables users to effortlessly divide, crop, trim, mix, maintain video stabilisation, alter video speed, and optimise colours.


4. Nero Video – Well-stocked with lots of Effects & Transitions

Nero Video – Well-stocked with lots of Effects & Transitions
A wide variety of special effects, filters, motion titles, audio filters, movie themes, and transitions are available in Nero Video to create interactive videos for private, business, and professional purposes. It provides a 1-click video story solution to make ideal movies and slideshows.

It also includes more than 1000 movie templates and other components that enable you to make great videos without having to start from scratch. You don’t have to sacrifice quality while using Nero video editors; they make it simple to edit 4K, Full HD, and SD movies.


5. Avidemux – Free & Open-Source Editing Software

Avidemux – Free & Open-Source Editing Software
One of the best free video editing programmes is Avidemux, which is made for common editing operations including trimming, cropping, chopping, splicing, filtering, and encoding. File types supported by the utility include AVI, MP4, ASF, AVI, MPEF, DVD, and more.

The open-source editing tool has an easy-to-use dashboard, and you can use it to do a lot of things like compress videos, sync audio tracks with the right frames, add subtitles, and more. For editing and creating videos for commercial advertisements and social media, Avidemux is a good option.

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6. Kdenlive – Versatile Video Editor for Windows & other OS

Kdenlive – Versatile Video Editor for Windows & other OS
A unique video editing tool called Kdenlive supports an infinite number of multimedia files. It is a flexible tool with a tonne of capabilities to produce flawless videos for many uses. It offers support for two monitors, a multi-track timeline, and more features than other video editors.

One of the best features that sets Kdenlive apart from other video editing programmes is its collection of unique effects, transitions, and filters that give videos a completely different look and feel.


7. Blender – Best For 3D Animations

Blender – Best For 3D Animations
The best free video editing software for numerous operating systems is Blender, which should not be overlooked. Although the program’s only intended use is as a 3D animation suite, it has many features and traits that make it a fantastic video editing programme.

Simple tasks like cutting, splicing, cropping, adding transitions, filters, and more are simple to complete. You may also perform difficult operations like audio synchronising, audio mixing, waveform visualisation, speed control, layer management, and much more.


Final Thoughts: The Top 10 Windows Video Editing Programs

These are our best selections for video editors that are great for editing, polishing, and sharing videos on social media with your friends and family after examining dozens of premium and free options. Each video editing tool has been assessed based on its feature set, usability, rendering speed, and most recent updates.

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