A Great Confusion Between Managed IT Services and IT Consulting Services

With the rapid change in technology, IT services have become a need of an hour. It helps in boosting business productivity and efficiency by streamlining business operations. But, it is always a confusing segment among many people whether to take managed IT services or IT consulting services. Because entrepreneurs always want services that can cater to their business requirements. Hence, newbies in technology always found confusion and struggle between these two technologies.

To understand the difference we have defined these services as per their need and benefits.

What is IT Managed Services?

IT-managed services are a branch of Information technology, where service providers outsource a certain aspect of the company’s IT services. These could be related to IT infrastructure support and their management under a certain agreement. But, the complete ownership lies in the hands of the services provider, and the liability of the service provider limits to a certain extent only. This is the best way to keep an eye on your IT services and secure your important business data.

Most major business houses set a different IT department in their businesses. For this, they have to bear the high extra cost. But, for small businesses or startups, outsourcing is the most economical and secured means to upgrade business software. In addition, outsourcing also helps the business to secure information from uncertain threats like fire, virus, or data theft. IT managed companies take the responsibility of system management,  Data storage & Management, Monitoring of Network Security, Backup & Recovery of Data, Production, Support, and Maintenance of Software, etc.

How Managed IT services can benefit your Business?


Hiring personnel, training, and equipment installation involve the highest cost for IT departments. Also, there are certain fixed expenses that a company needs to bear to keep system updates which can hinder the budget. Therefore, taking managed IT services can help organizations to speed up business processes and focus on productivity. System interruptions and an outage can be controlled or fixed without hampering business activities.

Improved Risk Management

Taking a risk is another name of the business. Sometimes it is unavoidable, but with the amendment of IT services, one can lower the risk level. Managed IT services helps the business to forecast risk with software to make sure everything can be fixed on time with best practices. Many IT experts prefer managed IT services to measure and fix issues for higher customer satisfaction. Most important, specific industry knowledge helps the business to deal with security issues to avoid risk in your domains

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Round clock Availability improves Efficiency and Productivity

Companies that choose IT services experience less downtown in their services and better performances. Hiring an outsourcing IT company means you can experience fully operational and integrated services under one roof. If your website or software presents any error the issue can be resolved under the shelter of an expert in less time. In addition, maximum uptime and minimal service interruptions result in boosting business productivity and efficiency. Staff need not wait for a long time for the up-gradation of services or restoring backup in case of loss.

Future-Proofing IT Services

In most organizations, IT departments meet with certain issues like funding, security, operational, and technical. For the startups, these costs put an additional burden on business and waste the businessman’s time for resolving them or looking for an expert suddenly. If a business can bear, it’s great to go with that otherwise choose a company that can offer you all services under the shed.

What is IT Consulting Services?

IT consulting services are also called IT advisory services. Some companies who are newbies in the IT sector seek advice, therefore IT consulting services companies act as advisory companies. These companies define business starters on how to use technology for achieving business goals. Their services are related to Implementing the right technology in business. Some of the other are:

  • Installing, configuring, and monitoring IT operations
  • Providing staff training
  • Managing relationship with clients
  • Preparing budget policies and assisting in maintaining them
  • Building infrastructure support management strategy
  • Assisting in providing cloud services

Besides, some of the IT services companies provided business phone services too. These help in conducting Conference calling with business or clients, Call monitoring/recording, Dial-by-name directory, and many more. The key features of IT consulting services helps the business formation of long term and short term goals to drive business growth, and generate new revenue streams.

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How IT Consulting Services Can Benefit Your Business?

Boost your Market Niche

Organizations that are taking IT consulting services have a wider scope of growth than companies following traditional strategies. IT services help you to keep your eyes on various social media platforms and generate leads from there. So, if you are the one who wants to engage the maximum audience with your clients IT consulting services are a perfect choice. In addition, Business email support also keeps you and your clients update with the changing market trends in every sector.

Enhances customer satisfaction

Compared to traditional operating services, customers are more happy and satisfied with the improved IT services. These days, due to pandemic people prefer less to move out of their houses. Therefore, companies are providing every business information in their smartphone to stay connected. This helps the business in lead generation and customer satisfaction.

Simplify Staff workload

There is a lot of data and important information that employees need to maintain. Still, there are high chances of human error. But, with the IT consulting services things had greatly changed to store data under online bookkeeping, software development or it is good to say, everything shifted to cloud computing. This saves time and makes effortless business processes.


Both IT managed services and IT consulting services have their own scope. One works with developing the domain and maintaining it from various threats. Whereas, others help businesses in achieving business goals. Hence, both services are meant for your business security and growth. I recommend you take both services from a professional IT company for your business growth.

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