How to Create Anonymous Email to Protect Online Identity?

Consider having the ability to write anything, yes, anything, while being anonymous. From telling the truth about how bad your boss is to delivering secret material and not wanting people to know it came from you, there are several things you may do. It does seem impossible, right? But its not! This article provides a list of top anonymous email services for you.

Embark on the Moving Train

So, excellent news! You are entirely wrong. Impossibility has become a phrase in the world of technology. Right now, the primary trend is possibilities. Your identity is incredibly valuable, and you cannot afford for it to be violated. It’s concerning how frequently people get mocked for everything they email or publish online.
Some people get fired from their jobs merely because they wrote an email to their manager. Others simply stated the truth. Regardless of free speech and free expression, blah blah. People will usually throw stones at you because of your opinions.
Email is gradually replacing phone calls and other modes of communication. Some countries, for example, have implemented whistleblower policies. They are rewarding anyone who uncovers an illegal enterprise or corruption in “high places.” Sending this type of material with your details and name out in the open is extremely risky. An anonymous email allows a hooded hero to remain concealed.

What exactly is an anonymous email?

In layman’s terms, an anonymous email is one that conceals the sender’s identity. An anonymous email incorporates all of the technology required to ensure that the communication you send cannot be traced back to you.
The procedures and methods used to send anonymous emails vary. We divide these methodologies and approaches into two categories for ease of reference. These are the difficult and lengthy procedures. Also, the short and simple way.

The Long and Difficult Method

This method is classified as difficult and lengthy because it takes time and involves traveling a significant distance. To begin, this method entails opening a bogus email containing fraudulent information. If done correctly, it is, as you might think, anonymous. Otherwise, your IP address can be traced. It isn’t quite as confidential or guarded as you may believe. This step is inexpensive, however it is not the best option. The steps for creating an anonymous email using this method are as follows:

  1. Get a new phone number to use for account authentication.
  2. Create a fictitious name and details. Try not to use the one that everyone is familiar with.
  3. Create a new email address. (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.) Use a separate browser; incognito mode is preferred.
  4. Send your message.
  5. As previously stated, this strategy does not provide real and total anonymity. The mail can be traced back if the person you sent it to has the resources.

The Quick and Easy Method

This is the actual thing. This method is your best and safest chance for keeping totally anonymous. This strategy entails using anonymous email services. There are many of them, some of which are excellent. Among the concepts behind these services are:

  1. Encryption
  2. Delete messages from a server automatically
  3. IP address blocking Password protection for anonymous email
  4. Personal information privacy is minimized (This is the main idea and rationale at this point)

These apps have varying features, tools, and guides depending on the service provider. All of this will be described in full shortly. You can also utilize a VPN in addition to anonymous email service providers. This is why the virtual private network (VPN) was created. The VPN conceals your IP address and protects your identity. The use of a VPN will also be thoroughly addressed.

Why the secrecy?

Who can be anonymous on the internet Anyone can choose to conceal or protect their identity. The majority of people write anonymous emails for a variety of reasons. The demand for confidentiality is understandable for journalists and their sources. A cybercriminal might also utilize anonymous email to continue his nefarious activities. In essence, people from all walks of life can use anonymous mail.
Other applications include:

  • Reporting a crime or committing fraud
  • Notifying your boss’s superiors
  • Informing on a coworker
  • Expressing your emotions
  • Sending secret and private data
  • In a difficult situation, telling the truth
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It is important to note that sending anonymous emails differs from sending encrypted emails.

11 Best Ways to Create Anonymous Email to Protect Online Identity

There are numerous vendors of anonymous email services. Some excellent examples are provided below.

1. Proton Mail

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End-to-end encryption software is used by Proton Mail. Making your emails completely unreadable to third parties. They do not need your personal information to send you secure and anonymous email. They also do not preserve IP logs, so you cannot trace the mail back to you. The good thing about ProtonMail is that its source code is open source and freely available to everyone. It is entirely free.

How to Use It?

  • Connect to ProtonMail.
  • Select the desired account type. While ProtonMail is free, there are paid services available.
  • Make an account.
  • Finish your account setup.
  • If you like, you can upgrade your account.

2. Mailfence – Anonymous Email

Mailfence provides excellent security features. There is no spam or monitoring, and it is free of the government’s scrutiny. They also have a facility for OpenPGP keys. These keys can be created, imported, published, and managed.

How to Use It?

  • Sign in to Mailfence.
  • Choose a strategy. Each plan has a fantastic feature.
  • Complete the application.
  • Follow the directions.
  • Begin utilizing and appreciating their services.

3. Cyber Atlantis

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This is a free anonymous email service. You are not need to register on the website. Only the recipient’s email address is required. Also included are the mail’s subject, the PGP public key, and your message. The recipient, on the other hand, can prevent fire emails from being sent to their email account. As long as your emails are neither abusive or illegal, Cyber Atlantis allows you to send them anonymously.

4. PrivateMail

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PrivateMail’s free package includes 100MB of storage per month as well as a VPN service. They also employ encryption technologies to keep your information secret and secure. They offer amazing features that will please any email power. Furthermore, you are not required to provide any information in order to register with them. So you’re completely anonymous.

5. Anonymous Email

Anonymous Email allows you to send emails without registering. In the free edition, their brand name appears in the emails. You can, however, eliminate that by subscribing to the premium plan. The subscription plan also allows you to enter from the name, email, and email delivery notification.

6. Ptorx – Anonymous Email

Are you concerned about sending a message to someone using your genuine email address? Don’t be concerned! Using Ptorx, you can continue to send and receive emails anonymously. It allows you to establish unique email aliases that are linked directly to your actual emails.
Ptorx is free to use on all platforms, including Android, iPad, and iPhone, as well as the web and Chrome and Firefox extensions. If a website you use is compromised, delete, disable, or regenerate your alias associated with that site to avoid security risks.

How to Use It?

  • Ptorx allows you to create a site-specific or contact alias.
  • Whatever email is sent to this alias is routed to the inbox of your choice.
  • If you respond to this email, the sender’s name will be your alias.
  • You can also use as many domains as you desire. Simply configure DNS records for your domain, then create aliases and forwarding email addresses. Ptorx is free to use up to 200 credits each month.

7. AnonAddy

AnonAddy allows you to create an unlimited number of aliases while remaining anonymous. You may generate aliases directly from the browser using its extension, which is available for Chrome, Firefox, and other chromium-based browsers such as Vivaldi and Brave. Bring your public OpenPGP or GPG keys, then add them to each.
Simple toggle encryption on/off. When you enable it, all forwarded messages are encrypted using the public key, and only you have the key to decrypt them. It’s an excellent tool if you use Outlook or Gmail and, obviously, don’t want inbox snooping!
AnonAddy allows you to add your own domains and use them as subdomain aliases. You may even enable/disable the ‘Catch-all’ option for your domains. This manner, you can manage the aliases and delete/deactivate those that are catching spam.
If you don’t want your aliases to contain your username, you can change them on the dashboard. It keeps people from associating the alias with you, which may jeopardize your anonymity.
AnonAddy additionally allows you to specify many receivers for each alias. Use the AnonAddy API to manage your domains, aliases, usernames, and recipients by generating an access token from your account settings.
AnonAddy’s pricing tiers begin with a free plan that includes limitless aliases, 20 aliases for a shared domain, 2 recipients, and 10 MB bandwidth. Upgrade it for as little as $1 or $3 to gain access to a plethora of additional perks.

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8. SimpleLogin

Use SimpleLogin’s email aliases instead of your real email address to protect your privacy and protect your email address from phishing and spam. It allows you to quickly establish aliases that you may use to open an internet account or sign up for newsletters.
If you start receiving too many spams, you can immediately block the alias. Businesses are also adopting email aliases to protect themselves from cyber threats these days. SimpleLogin is a sophisticated solution that is completely open-source.
It is available for Android and iOS smartphones, as well as Safari, Firefox, and Chrome extensions. SimpleLogin allows you to utilize your own domain, eliminating the need to purchase additional email hosting.
To utilize it rapidly, you get catch-all aliases and build a username directory. If you have multiple mails, you may quickly add them to SimpleLogin. This allows you to select which mailbox to use when creating your alias.
SimpleLogin allows you to encrypt your emails for privacy by leveraging technologies such as PGP and OpenPGP. Use 2FA with WebAuthn or TOTP to protect your account.
The free plan includes 15 aliases, 1 mailbox, unlimited bandwidth, and other features. Its commercial plan begins at $15 for the first year and then increases to $30/year for unlimited aliases, custom domains, mailboxes, and 50 usernames.

9. Guerrilla Mail

guerrilla mail anonymous mail

Guerrilla Mail is an open-source project that provides you with an anonymous email inbox that deletes its contents every hour. This free email service does not require you to provide any personally identifiable information. Surprisingly, once generated, an email ID is permanent. You can also view the last 60-minute deliveries in your inbox at any time.
Guerrilla Mail additionally provides you with a jumbled version of your email ID in order to keep the original ID hidden, as anyone with the ID can access the linked mailbox. For example, the scrambled version of a Google email ID was qe8cwg+3rmnbtilk. You can also delete the related account by clicking Forget Me. Furthermore, there are other domains ( to choose from. Finally, this is a great anonymous email service for online signups or sending whistleblowing emails.

10. Tutanota – Anonymous Email

tutanota anonymous mail

Tutanota is a made-in-Germany service for anonymous email. This is more akin to a traditional mailbox, with a limited-capability free tier for personal usage and paid-only commercial accounts.
Tutanota emails are encrypted from beginning to end. There is no method to recover a password-protected account. There are native open-source apps for Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, and Mac. Tutanota can also be used with any browser via its online interface.
This mail service also allows you to send password-protected email to recipients using mail channels such as Gmail. Its subscription plans start at 1 euro per month and include numerous calendars, aliases, usage of a custom domain, and other features.

11. StartMail

startmail- anonymous mail

StartMail is a premium, end-to-end encrypted email service that ensures privacy. All plans include unlimited aliases, no advertising, and the ability to send password-protected emails to external mailboxes.
StartMail may be accessed by most modern web browsers or email applications such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, and others. This mail service accepts custom domains, accepts Bitcoin payments, and has private spam filters. Furthermore, it conceals your IP address while sending and receiving email as an additional anti-tracking safeguard.
To safeguard against phishing, you will also be displayed the complete URL for all external links. Finally, to maintain utmost privacy for its users, StartMail does not host its servers on any third-party cloud.

Alternative Solution: Use a VPN

You can also use a VPN to safeguard your online identity. It can also be used to send anonymous emails. The trick to utilizing a VPN is to avoid using a free VPN. A free VPN service will frequently sell user data to third parties. VPN, by masking your IP address, grants you invisibility not just when sending emails, but also when browsing the web. Some reputable VPN service providers are listed below:


You can keep your identity disguised by sending anonymous emails. It is critical not to use this advice for any illegal purposes

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