Top 7 Best Aiscore Live Sports Alternatives In 2023

Best Aiscore Live Sports Alternatives will be discussed in this article. The sports software and tool AiScore: Live Sports Scores was created by AiScore Sports. You may get in-depth details about a variety of sports games using this app. Scores for basketball, hockey, tennis, baseball, soccer, and football are included in this app. People can obtain information on goals, statistics, and red or yellow cards in addition to receiving scores.

Additionally, users of this app can see the schedules of sporting events. Due to the fact that you may learn about players’ skills, the app gives you player head-to-head comparisons. You may watch all the sporting events and leagues with the aid of this app.


  • Obtain details about various sporting events
  • Covers the results of sporting events
  • Obtain the sports game schedules.
  • Player comparisons made head-to-head
  • Watch all of the sporting events and leagues.

Top 7 Best Aiscore Live Sports Alternatives In 2023

In this article, you can know about Aiscore Live Sports Alternatives here are the details below;

1. OneFootball: Football Scores


Onefootball GmbH created the sports and football streaming application known as OneFootball. You can learn everything there is to know about FIFA matches through this app. All of the FIFA World Cup 2022 competitions are available for viewing and enjoyment on this app. Users of the app can follow any of their favorite teams competing in the FIFA World Cup. You can see brief movies on this app that highlight the top goals from the games.

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2. FIFA Mobile: FIFA World CUP

FIFA Mobile

FIFA Mobile: ELECTRONIC ARTS created the sports, casual, and soccer video game FIFA World Cup. You must build your team and participate in the world’s best soccer tournament in this game. The FIFA World Cup with 23 qualified teams can only be played in only one mobile game. The player has access to the most recent leagues, players, and clubs in the game. The game also enables the participants to compete against other teams.

3. eFootball 2022

eFootball 2022

KONAMI created the realistic and sports game eFootball 2022. To experience soccer gaming at its highest degree, play this game. Numerous soccer defensive and offensive strategies are used in this game. You can assemble teams of your favorite athletes and play against other players throughout the game. The division-based competition is open to this game’s players. It offers you incredible incentives for succeeding in high-level competitions and sporting events. This is another Aiscore Live Sports Alternatives. Also check  Midwest Sports Alternatives

4. Hayya to Qatar

Hayya to Qatar

A sports and FIFA World Cup app called Hayya to Qatar 2022 was created by the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy. People can design their incredible football watching journey with the aid of this software. This app connects to the official Accommodation Agency website, allowing you to plan your vacation to Doha. People may search and reserve the best accommodations in Doha, Qatar, with this app. This app’s users can effortlessly apply for and purchase tickets.

5. Forza Football: Live Scores

Forza Football

The sports and football app Forza Football: Live Scores was created by Forza Football Inc. You may follow the results of live international or league matches using this app. Users of this app can get news and updates on all the games. The app offers highlights of football events in addition to updates and info about games.  You may also learn more about your favorite teams on this app. Additionally, users of this app can access. This is another Aiscore Live Sports Alternatives.

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6. 365Scores


A sports app and soccer streaming app called 365Scores was created by 365Scores LTD. This application is specifically made for monitoring and watching soccer matches. Almost all of the renowned soccer leagues are covered and streamed using the app. The software not only covers and streams soccer, but eleven other sports as well, including cricket, baseball, football, volleyball, and tennis. You may access news and score updates for your favorite sporting event through this app. Additionally, the app offers real-time statistics, trades. Also check nfl5

7. BeSoccer: Soccer Live Scores


BeSoccer Apps created the sports and soccer-watching app BeSoccer: Soccer Live Score. You may get all of the world’s renowned sports news with the use of this app. You can use this app to get updates on all the soccer-related events that are taking place. People may get stats for all the soccer players and teams on this app. You may quickly find out information regarding goals, cards, league standings, lineups, and injuries using this app. This is another Aiscore Live Sports Alternatives.

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