Top 10 Best Rabbit Alternatives You Can Use In 2024

A well-known online streaming service called Rabbit, sometimes known as, was introduced in 2013.
Rabbit’s ability to provide audio and video chat in addition to enabling remote access to material is another factor in its enormous appeal. It provided a fantastic platform for sharing the same content in real time with close friends and family members, even when they are located far apart. For those who love movies, Rabbit provides an interactive environment where you can stream video online, share screens, talk with friends, and do a lot more.

However, the majority of you must be aware that Rabbit was recently shut down in May 2022 for unidentified reasons. So, if you’re missing watching movies with your friends, try one of these top 10 Rabbit substitutes to stream movies, TV series, and more.

The Top 10 Rabbit Alternatives for Social Streaming

In order to effortlessly enjoy the watch-party sessions, let’s get started and investigate the best Rabbit alternatives.

1. Rave

With the help of the well-known video streaming service Rave, you can watch your favourite movies and TV episodes with friends and family while chatting with them. You may stream material from a number of well-known online streaming providers with Rave, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Google Drive, and others. Additionally, Rave is only accessible on mobile devices and tablets, so it might be quite useful for your watch parties.

Principal points:

  • gives you access to streaming entertainment from a variety of other websites, including Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hotstar, Vimeo, and more.
  • Chat with pals via text or audio while watching videos.
  • There is also a phone speaker synchronising option that you may use to improve the audio quality.
  • For worldwide movie nights, share your videos on Google Drive.
  • No desktop version is offered.

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2. Caracal

Caracal is the next option on our list of the top substitutes for Rabbit. With Caracal, you may discover a range of material with your friends while enjoying an intuitive shared video viewing experience. Simply make a room, invite your friends to join, and then start binge-watching your favourite films and TV episodes together to get started.

Principal points:

  • There’s no need to register.
  • beautiful, simple to use user interface.
  • Join the stream and watch material with your friends by entering different rooms.
  • exclusive to the desktop version.

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3. Netflix Party

Netflix Party
Netflix Party, commonly referred to as Teleparty, is a fantastic website for sharing entertainment with your pals. You may stream material from a variety of other well-known websites, like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Disney+, and more.

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Major highlights

  • Playback of videos is synchronised, and group chat is supported so you may talk to your pals.
  • Stream high definition video content.
  • incredibly quick buffering
  • Conversations that are interactive and allow you to send emojis, GIFs, post screenshots, and so much more.
  • universally compatible with web browsers.

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4. Kosmi

Searching for the best Rabbit substitute to employ when communicating with your far-flung friends?
Kosmi might be the best option! With Kosmi, you and your friends can watch films, play games, talk, and do a lot more to make your movie evenings fun.

Major highlights

  • There is no registration or installation needed.
  • Try out different Jackbox games.
  • enables you to stream video from websites like Netflix and YouTube as well as your computer or laptop.
  • Start a random discussion to engage with people you don’t know.
  • Support for chat, voice messages, and video calls is also provided.
  • synchronises without a hitch with all widely used web browsers, including Chrome and Firefox.

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With a fantastic user interface and a superb platform for watching and streaming videos, movies, and TV series with your friends, is a great choice.

Major highlights

  • Additionally stream content from other websites.
  • features a special “Request Remote” function that lets you manage the rooms and operate the browser.
  • Support for audio, video, and chat is provided.

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6. Watch2gether

On our list of the top Watch2gether alternatives is next. You can stream media from a number of websites, including Netflix, Twitch, Vimeo, DailyMotion, SoundCloud, and others.

Major highlights

  • player that plays audio and video simultaneously.
  • Join your friends in a built-in chat room to chat.
  • You can arrange your content by making playlists.
  • Based on your viewing tastes, Watch2gether also provides excellent recommendations for movies and TV shows.

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7. Kast

Do you want to enjoy movies, TV series, or videos with your loved ones in the best possible location? Kast can quickly complete the task of making your watch-party sessions more engaging and enjoyable.

Major highlights

  • provides a continuous, ad-free video streaming experience.
  • 4K video quality at its best.
  • You can use the picture-in-picture capability while video chatting and watching videos simultaneously.
  • There are also available movies and TV series on demand.

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On this single interactive video streaming platform, you can stream videos, view movies and TV episodes, communicate with friends, and perform all of these activities. To watch material with your loved ones while using Rabbit as an alternative, is one of the best alternatives.

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Major highlights

  • There is no need to register or join up.
  • With your family and friends, share videos.
  • only enables you to stream media from SoundCloud, Vimeo, and YouTube, three widely used platforms.

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9. CYA Live

CYA Live
CYA Live provides a simple platform for screen sharing with followers and friends. Together, you may view movies, participate in interactive sessions, watch live lessons, play games, work on group projects, attend fitness classes, and more with this service.

Major highlights

  • Registration and signup are free.
  • Without any limits, share easily.
  • Support for chats, audio, and video calling is provided.
  • accessible on iOS, Android, and the desktop version.

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10. AirTime

You can utilise AirTime’s incredible online hangout to watch movies, TV series, and videos with your distant pals.

Major highlights

  • Options for audio, video, and chat are available.
  • You can also stream media from other websites like YouTube and Spotify.
  • attractive and eye-catching user interface.
  • available on mobile and desktop platforms.

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FAQs about Alternatives to Rabbit

What alternatives are there to Rabbit?

A few months ago, the Rabbit video streaming service was shut down. Therefore, you can utilise any of the Rabbit alternatives described above to continue your watch party sessions if you are missing movie evenings, entertaining trivia sessions, or simply catching up with your far-away friends.

Does Kast resemble Rabbit?

Yes, you may substitute Kast for Rabbit when you want to watch videos, movies, and shows with your friends while engaging in interactive discussions to stay in touch with them while you’re on the road. On Kast, you may make a room and invite up to 100 others to view your preferred material with you.

Why did Rabbit stop operating?

According to the reports, financial difficulties forced the Rabbit video streaming service to cease operations.
In light of this and other problems, CEO Amanda Richardson declared that Rabbit would cease operations. However, you can use any of the top Rabbit alternatives listed in this post if you’re missing movie nights or meeting up with your friends.


Guys, there concludes our succinct overview of the top 10 alternatives to Rabbit. There is no greater pleasure in this digital age than spending time with your friends, regardless of where they are situated, while viewing your favourite films, shows, or videos. Choose any of the Rabbit alternatives listed above to share your screens remotely with friends while you co-watch video, talk, and connect with them right now.

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