5+ Best Free ChatGPT Plugins Available in 2023

The AI chatbot has already reached new heights with the release of ChatGPT4. GPT-4, as a solo chatbot, provides incredible information access. More crucially, given that it can read and analyze photos and papers, we can only imagine how quickly it will progress. However, in addition to GPT-4’s built-in functionality, plugins offer substantial value to its development. Its plugins shop already has over 60 plugins, and this number is quickly growing.

When it comes to ChatGPT plugins, there are still many of those that aren’t fully working. Some are useless and should be discarded, while others have compatibility, functional, or other difficulties. However, there are a few ChatGPT plugins that may improve your overall user experience. If you’re looking for the greatest free ChatGPT plugins, you’ve come to the right spot. This post will look at some of the greatest GPT-4 plugins to improve your overall experience.

5+ Best Free ChatGPT Plugins Available in 2023

ChatGPT, which is essentially an NLP-based chatbot, is best known for conducting text-based discussions. However, thanks to GPT-4, we can now read photos as well. The narrative, however, does not end there, due to ChatGPT plugins.

In reality, OpenAI and other third-party plugins are only the beginning of unlocking AI’s full potential. They enhance ChatGPT’s functionality, making it more accessible and valuable in our daily lives. Here we’ll take a look at some of the best free ChatGPT plugins that might transform your life for the better.

1. Wolfram

Aside from experimenting with the capabilities of such a sophisticated tool or simply utilizing it for simple chores, we could use it to solve some really complicated challenges. When given a hard assignment, such as a math problem, GPT-4 may occasionally fail to create the correct solution. But, due to Wolfram, you can now ask ChatGPT to answer difficult queries in seconds. Because this plugin is powered by advanced and highly complicated data, it simply makes your GPT smarter.

Wolfram can provide GPT with real-time data. Not only that, but it also grants access to significantly increased mathematical ability, among other benefits. Because it is based on a vast dataset of allowed data, it enhances the likelihood of producing an accurate response based on your request. It can not only answer fundamental mathematical problems, but it can also generate complex results such as audio spectrograms, autonomy, and so on.

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2. Prompt Perfect

No matter how strong or understanding ChatGPT is, the one thing you must know in order for it to respond correctly is to type the prompts exactly. And, without a doubt, many of us still struggle with expressing our desires while composing a prompt. Fortunately, now that we have the Prompt Perfect plugin, we don’t have to worry about it.

Prompt Perfect is a ChatGPT plugin that assists us in creating well-organized prompts. Once installed, just begin your request with the word “Perfect” followed by your prompt. The plugin identifies and replaces your prompt with one that clearly states your requirements in greater depth. Keep in mind that the more explicit the request, the more precise the response.

3. Zapier

Then there’s Zapier, yet another vital ChatGPT plugin. Zapier effortlessly automates all of your time-consuming tasks by extending ChatGPT’s capabilities to other apps. It allows you to communicate with 5000+ programs such as Gmail, Outlook, Google Sheets, Docx, and others without having to contact each platform separately. In other words, you may continue working across several platforms directly from ChatGPT.

All you have to do is make the first connection, and Zapier will handle the rest. For example, if you need to send an email to XYZ, simply type a prompt on ChatGPT that says, “Send an email to XYZ and tell them all the stocks for the next month have arrived.” Rest assured, ChatGPT will construct an email with the appropriate topic based on your suggestion and send it to the recipient automatically from your Gmail account. That certainly seems constructive, doesn’t it?

4. ChatWithPDF

PDFs have virtually become a source of information extraction. Whether it’s your research paper, project, or work/study materials, they’re almost always in PDF format. Not to mention, PDF documents frequently utilize easy-to-understand languages. Fortunately, the chatWithPDF plugin has made extracting and comprehending their information much easier.

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Simply install the software, enter the PDF link into your ChatGPT prompt, and start asking questions. ChatWithPDF will extract all of the information from the pdf in real time. It may be used for a variety of applications. For example, if you’re having trouble comprehending the material, you may make a full summary of the pdf, ask questions from a specific section rather than spending time looking up the answers, and so on.

5. Kayak

Following that, we offer a valuable plugin for travelers. As we all know, ChatGPT’s tip has made vacation planning much easier. However, in order to purchase flights, we needed to conduct our standard Google search for the best offers. However, due to Kayak, we no longer need to conduct such extensive online research.

Kayak is a full-service travel planner that can help you with trip advice, planning, and even booking flights and lodgings. Once you’ve determined your basic trip itinerary, location, and time, you can use Kayak to buy flights. It will initially ask you a few basic questions before returning all of the flights from your origin to your destination. It will also recommend the best motels in your destination. Before going, you may see and compare for yourself.

6. LinkReader

Consider it a more sophisticated version of ChatWithPDF. In contrast to ChatWithPDF, Link Reader can read the contents of any form of link. It doesn’t matter if it’s a whole webpage, a documents file, a pdf, or anything else. Once the plugin is installed, simply mention the URL and it will read the complete contents of the file. It is, however, confined to this. That is, it will not be useful for anything other than reading material. However, if combined with a few other ChatGPT plugins, it may be handy.

The Bottom Line:

ChatGPPT addons surely improve our overall experience. Although there are several more amazing ChatGPT plugins in the shop, we have highlighted the most important names you may need on a daily basis. They not only improve your experience, but they also raise your productivity. So, tell us which one you think is the most useful and fascinating.

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