8 Sneaker Proxies to Help Grab Your Favorite Pair [2024]

To ensure you get your hands on a pair of highly sought-after, limited-edition sneakers from a reputed online retailer before they sell out, a sneaker proxy is a must. Why? Because of the tremendous demand for limited-edition, high-quality sneakers from brands like Adidas and Nike.
Since millions of potential purchasers all around the world share your interest, it’s quite unlikely that you’ll be able to buy them in large quantities if that’s what you’re planning. It’s not easy to get your hands on one, even if you want to. The use of sneaker proxies can help in this regard. They will save time and effort by placing the order online, where they can do so precisely and without worrying about geographical or quantity restrictions. These proxies are safer than others since they mask your IP address, keeping you anonymous online and shielding you from online attacks.

Let’s find out more about them and the best possible alternatives so you can get your hands on your beloved pair of shoes. So, what exactly are proxies? A proxy server, or simply a proxy, is a server that mediates communications between an end user and the website they are trying to reach.
A proxy hides the user’s IP address by using a different IP address to view the site’s content. This means the site only sees the proxy’s IP address, not the user’s true IP address. The user’s IP address is concealed because of this roundabout method of communication. This safeguards user information, network infrastructure, and application software from cybercriminals. Site scraping, online shoe purchasing, and bypassing geographical restrictions are just a few of the many uses for proxy servers.
When shopping online, proxy servers can help you avoid being tracked. Using a private proxy, you may shop at any online site without worrying about being tracked. This includes taking advantage of any time-sensitive deals that may be available.


What are sneaker proxies and why are they popular?

A sneaker proxy is a proxy that may be used to shop for sneakers at any online store, independent of your actual location. Therefore, if a site is blocked in your nation or region but you absolutely must have those black shoes you heard about a few days ago, all you need to do is use a proxy to access the site and place your order before they sell out.
A sneaker proxy could be on a home computer, a server farm, or a temporary computer. Residential sneaker proxies are real Internet Protocol addresses offered by ISPs (ISPs). They are expensive and hard to track down since they make the user look like a legal resident of a country.
Proxy servers in a data center act as proxy servers elsewhere, helping to reroute data across the internet. They cost less, but can be uncovered by savvy online apps.
The trend of using proxies for expensive sneakers is interesting. Because of this, people can buy shoes from any website, regardless of location, currency, payment method, etc.
However, companies like,, etc., that sell shoes have very specific rules that buyers must follow. To safeguard their content and prevent unauthorized access or data theft, they deploy cutting-edge methods to identify suspicious activity and swiftly block offending IP addresses.
Some sneaker sites, especially those selling limited editions, don’t let customers buy more than a certain number of pairs of shoes. The justification for this is because these online stores only ever make a small number of each pair of shoes. Nonetheless, millions of people all across the world utilize it. That means you can’t use a single IP address to make several purchases.
If you insist on buying more shoes, however you’ll need a shoes proxy. Their popularity can be attributed to the fact that if you wear them, you have a better chance of being chosen as one of the few lucky owners of these exclusive sneakers.

How do people use sneaker proxies?

A sneaker proxy is a tool that speeds up and streamlines the process of buying sneakers online. It’s easy for them to place multiple orders in a short amount of time. You can still easily outpace regular users even if you only use a sneaker bot or proxy to place a single order. You can maximize the proxy’s potential by just letting it handle your shopping for you.

What to look for in a sneaker proxies?

You should think about these features before buying a sneaker proxy if you want to get the most out of it.

Source Country

If you want to improve your connection speed, decrease your ping time, and get around geographical blocks, finding a sneaker proxy is essential. As a result, it is recommended that you buy a sneaker proxy close to your location. You’ll have faster connections if the sneaker proxy server is located closer to the store you want to buy from, or if the two locations are in the same country. Furthermore, this will help you circumvent any geographical constraints.


You should still think about the proxy’s speed, even if you’ve chosen a reliable one located in the same country as the retailer. A sneaker bot can streamline, automate, and speed up the entire order process for you. So, use some kind of machine aid. The speeds of the various proxies can be compared and the fastest one chosen.

Limit of Connection

When using a sneaker proxy, the more connections you have, the better your chances of succeeding. Therefore, it is pointless to use a proxy that limits the number of connections to a given website. Therefore, it is recommended that you use a sneaker proxy that allows an unlimited number of connections.

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Type of Proxy

Because your IP address will be different every time you connect to a site through a rotating proxy, this is the best option if you want to buy sneakers online. This will keep you anonymous, secure, and ready to make multiple purchases from any online store.
To maintain privacy, you should stay away from free proxy servers. They can be recognized at a glance and attacked with relative ease. Behind these free proxies are cybercriminals aiming to exploit your data and endanger you.

8 Best Sneaker Proxies to Help Grab Your Favorite Pair

Therefore, whether you are trying to buy shoes in bulk or want to snag your favorite pair from a recently released sneaker edition, the following are the finest sneaker proxy options.

1. Mars Proxies

Get compliant and optimized sneaker proxy servers from Mars Proxies that are compatible with the sneaker bot. It guarantees 99.9% uptime for data center sneaker proxies and residential sneaker proxies.
Mars Proxies guarantees that you maintain a connection during connection drops. Its home layout has three pools that can be utilized simultaneously. In addition, it delivers 100 million unbanned IPs worldwide.
Additionally, it offers two verification options, ip:auth and user:pass, allowing you to utilize any bot in the globe. You will also receive non-expiring GBs and sticky sessions. It offers speeds between 6 and 120 milliseconds, unlimited bandwidth, threads, and SOCKS5 support. Start your sneaker journey with a daily, monthly, or pay-per-proxy subscription plan.

2. IPRoyal – Best Sneaker Proxies

IPRoyal features specialized proxies that are compatible with sneaker bots. It provides many proxy servers and IPs from various subnetworks, as well as specialized proxies for personal usage.
IPRoyal provides robust, quick, and secure data center proxies. IPRoyal’s sneaker proxies enable you to purchase and sell as many pairs of sneakers as you desire, while fashion websites that offer sneakers have limited availability and selling times.
You will receive SSL encryption for secure transactions when purchasing sneakers as well as impressive automation solutions to drive your sneaker business.
IPRoyal provides 10 GBPS port speed at $0.80/proxy per day with rapid delivery, unlimited bandwidth, dedicated, i.e., IP authenticated or user:pass, and destinations such as the UK, NL, FR, IT, DE, and the United States.

3. Smartproxy

Get the fastest sneaker proxies from Smartproxy that are compatible with the most popular sneaker bots, including Supreme Bot, Better Nike Bot, EasyCop Bot, Nike Slayer, Another Nike Bot, Nike Shoe Bot, and AIO Bot, among others.
Smartproxy provides several integrations for social media marketing, business expansion, etc. It offers an infinite number of threads, a quick response time, and unique IP addresses with no subnet bans. To reduce the time required to purchase sneakers, you can connect to sneaker websites using nearby servers.
With Smartproxy, you may target proxy servers with the quickest response times in every area. There is no need to purchase a separate proxy for each transaction, as Smartproxy includes limitless connections and threads in each pricing plan.
In addition, configuring a shoe bot is simple, as there are several connections for the same range. This technique will increase your chances of purchasing many pairs and your profit. It will also allow you to easily add footwear to your shopping cart and review the entire selection.
Each residential proxy use a unique IP address, thus that no website can prohibit the IP pool. It is fully compatible with mobile devices, and you can easily get the setup instructions for iOS and Android devices. Choose the pricing plan that best suits your needs and take advantage of the 3-day money-back guarantee.

4. Storm Proxies

Storm Proxies offers Adidas, Sneaker, Yeezy, Nike, and Supreme site proxies. It grants access to home proxies optimized for sneaker websites. Storm Proxies is designed for multithreaded, high-performance tools. After completing the registration process, you can immediately begin configuration without waiting for activation. With the selected package, you get unlimited bandwidth.
Storm Proxies can ensure that your IP address remains concealed by utilizing its own technology. Storm Proxies is therefore risk-free. Every price plan provides access to a pool of 40,000 residential IP addresses, and the proxy rotation interval is five minutes.
In addition, you can get sneaker proxies that do not require manual IP replacements, technical writing, APIs, or time-consuming programs. All proxy rotation is performed automatically by Smart Proxies.
Get 20-port sneaker proxies for $160 per month, along with a single access IP, a pool of 40,000 residential IPs, unlimited bandwidth, and additional ports for $8 per port. If you are unhappy with the service, you may request a refund within two hours of purchase.

5. Proxydrop – Best Sneaker Proxies

Proxydrop is a sneaker proxy that gives one of the most recent and secure IPs in the game. It places a premium on quality and hence provides more than 28 million IP pools.
Get the finest deals with Proxydrop, which customizes its offerings, provides intelligent server routing, provides flexibility, and continuously expands its services. With Proxydrop’s professional sneaker, you can likely become a bounty hunter, since Proxydrop knows and understands your needs.
You will receive trustworthy and up-to-date proxies that enable you deal with footwear without being extinct. Here, sharing is not caring, as neither Proxydrop nor you are permitted to reveal your IP addresses. It seeks for the closest server based on your current location in order to maximize speed.
Proxydrop functions with Supreme, Nike, Foot Locker, and Adidas, among others. It has around 500 active users and over 10,000 transactions. It use the endpoint:port format and user:pass authentication and is compatible with all websites.
The pricing structure is adaptable based on your demands. Choose from a variety of home and datacenter proxy choices. Residential rotating proxies begin at $36 for 2GB, while dedicated data center proxies begin at $11 for 10 IPs.

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6. PrivateProxy

sneaker proxies

PrivateProxy provides rotating dedicated proxies and residential proxies to assist you in purchasing footwear and gaining a competitive advantage.
It has lightning-fast speed and multiple global locations, allowing you to purchase sneakers from anywhere. Don’t limit yourself to a single pair of limited footwear; PrivateProxy allows you to purchase multiple pairs.
Additionally, it configures a shoe bot so that you can submit several bids and participate in multiple threads to secure your orders. Therefore, if you wish to get proxies for sneaker bots, PrivateProxy will assist you in selecting the ideal proxies for your sneakers.
Don’t worry about the red flag raised by a single proxy; you can continue to make purchases using residential proxies. PrivateProxy is distinct from other service providers due to its extensive network of residential proxy pools. Depending on the market’s region, PrivateProxy offers the perfect assortment of rotational or residential sneaker proxy IPs with the most popular bots.
The top footwear from renowned companies, like Adidas, Nike, Zalando, Yeezy Supply, and more, are available for purchase. PrivateProxy offers higher dependability in comparison to European sneaker manufacturers.
Choose from shoe retailers such as Foot Locker, BS TN, and Footpatrol, among others. It provides a trial period of two days for residential proxies and seven days for dedicated data center proxies. Buy the proxy servers for $355 per month for 200 IP addresses.

7. Geonode

sneaker proxies

Geonode offers the best user interface, human service, and competitive pricing. Try out Geonode’s rotating residential proxy with unlimited data transfer.
Integrate your application with Geonode’s tools and use a code generator to synchronize the devices with the database. It does not impose data limits on different subscriptions, resulting in greater flexibility and growth-related features.
Geonode proxies handle nearly all protocols, are adaptable to any project, and are effectively controlled and integrated. Obtain hassle-free operating with thorough documentation and an intuitive user interface.
In addition, Geonode provides an efficient API that enables direct application integration. It offers straightforward authentication by user:pass or IP whitelist. It supports a variety of languages, including Java, C, C++, C#, Python, PHP, and others.
There are advanced proxy controls such as auto-replace, geo-targeting, ISP-targeting, rotating interval, and other configurable features. It is employed for trademark protection, market research, travel aggregation, SEO monitoring, search engine crawling, and ad verification, among other applications.
Get a seven-day, $7 trial service. Residential proxies begin at $14 per month and feature 2,000,000 IPs, rotating connections, and persistent connections. It supports SOCKS, HTTPS, UPD, geo-targeting, and more protocols.

8. IPBurger

sneaker proxies

IPBurger offers one of the quickest residential sneaker proxies compatible with the most popular sneaker bots, including Supreme Bot, Better Nike Bot, Nike Shoe Bot, Another Nike Bot, Nike Slayer, EasyCop, and AIO bots.
More than 75 million rotating residential proxies, unlimited threads and connections, a responsive support team, IPs for desktop and mobile devices, and key bots are included. IPBurger additionally provides low recaptcha rates while maintaining the maximum growth rate.
You get access to more than 195 places and 2,014 cities worldwide. It prevents you from wasting time blocking IPs, allowing you to concentrate more on gaining useful information. All proxies in the IPBurger pool are anonymous, concealing your true location.
Since it does not share subnets, it cannot be banned in bulk. All residential IP addresses are unique, and you can automate processes by utilizing the advanced rotation for all concurrent connections and an unlimited number of threads.
The configurable and flexible session management option allows for up to 30 minutes of sticky IPs. Convert every HTTP/HTTPS request to a new proxy and benefit from the connections. Additionally, IPBurger enables you to safeguard your privacy, unblock the Internet, and improve your online security with a few clicks.
Choose your preferred plan from the available options beginning at $79 per month and enjoy perks such as user:pass authentication, premium targeting, and sub-users, among others.


Using sneaker proxies can be useful if you want to purchase limited-edition sneakers from major companies like Nike and Adidas or establish a business around them. These will enable you to buy shoes in bulk while being anonymous and safe from cyberthreats.

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