Top Best 5 Free PC Cleaner for Windows in 2023

The computer becomes slower over time, and we must clean it. Using the built-in system maintenance tools in Windows is a good choice, but it takes time. To solve the problem, you could instead utilize a third-party PC cleaner tool.

The best free PC cleaner makes it simple to maintain the performance and efficiency of your machines. There are numerous free PC cleaner available, but not all of them live up to their boasts of significantly improved performance. As a result, we tested all of the most popular options and selected the ones we believe will provide your PC a significant speed boost without any extras or annoying advertisements.

Advanced SystemCare is now the best free PC cleaner on the market, with a feature-rich toolkit that includes everything you need to eliminate unwanted files, change your PC’s settings, and secure your privacy all at the same time. If your requirements are simpler, we’ve also included four extra top-tier tools that will properly clean your PC.

If you want more functions, get the Pro edition of these PC cleaner. For more complex processes, advanced capabilities such as scheduled scanning and secure file deletion can be used.

Top 5 Free PC Cleaner for Windows:

1. CCleaner

CCleaner, like Advanced SystemCare, has been on the market for quite some time. It can clear portions of your computer that many other free system optimization tools cannot and maintain its popularity.

CCleaner’s free edition handles the fundamentals, such as eliminating temporary files, clearing browser caches, deleting superfluous cookies while retaining helpful ones, etc. A premium version with real-time protection and cleanup scheduling is offered.

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If your PC is slowly running, you can use this free PC cleaner. Even though it lacks some of the more complicated functionalities, its PC cleaning features are sufficient to warrant use.

2. Advanced SystemCare

Advanced SystemCare examines shortcuts, privacy, registry, and garbage files. It employs a clear, simplified dashboard, like most of the top PC cleaner on the market, to delete unneeded files and folders, clean up the Windows registry, and repair hard drive difficulties.

With a single click, the software can scan and detect many problems, and it finds and fixes them. You can optimize your device for faster performance. Everything is automated, which is the best feature of this product.

Advanced SystemCare comes in two flavors: a free version that only gives basic PC cleaning and a pro edition that includes real-time optimization, privacy protection, thorough registry cleaning, and round-the-clock technical support. The license allows for the use of three PCs.

The user interface of Advanced SystemCare is intuitive and well-designed regardless of the version you choose. Even inexperienced PC users will keep no trouble using the tool.

3. Ashampoo Winoptimizer

The versatility of Ashampoo Winoptimizer is its strongest feature. You can check for garbage files, broken registry entries, and browser cookies with one click and erase them all with another.

Alternatively, you can go over each scan result one by one. Each issue is thoroughly detailed, including its nature and any ideas for resolution. Then you can choose whether to keep it or delete it.

Furthermore, Ashampoo Winoptimizer includes a range of modules for routine maintenance tasks such as optimizing startup routines and defragmenting hard disks. Windows can execute the tasks on its own, but having them all in one location is more convenient and only requires one click.

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4. Restoro

Restoro is a strong PC cleaner for Windows with numerous ways to boost your computer’s performance.

This app is an all-in-one utility that can change settings, delete junk files, fix startup programs, recover missing registry entries, and much more. Users can experience hassle-free gadgets by removing superfluous trash, freeing up space, and even increasing the reaction time of their computer.

Restoro is also an excellent tool for removing ransomware, browser hijackers, adware, and other potentially unwanted apps. It can be of significant assistance in dealing with serious viral threats.

5. Mechanic of the Iolo System

Iolo System Mechanic cleans RAM, deletes various logs, browser history, and caches, deletes junk files and unwanted apps, prevents bloatware and undesirable auto-run settings, and deletes garbage files and unwanted apps. This not only frees up valuable system resources, but it also protects your privacy by deleting records of your online activity.

Its PC optimization toolbox is effective, and it can improve starting speed. Although the free version is excellent, if you intend to use it frequently, you should also consider the commercial editions.

The panel, which has a minimal and basic UI, contains all of the tools in System Mechanic. You can immediately access numerous tools, and everything is neat and tidy.

To use the utility, you must first download and install the best PC cleaner app. The following step is to select an account, then click the analyze button and wait for it to go through all of your files.

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