10 Best Free WinRAR Alternatives in 2023

WinRAR is among the most practical software packages ever made. With this program’s compression and decompression features, you may easily share smaller files with one another. Despite the availability of a free demo, WinRAR is essentially a for-pay commercial product. Consider the finest free WinRAR alternatives below if you need compression-decompression software but find that WinRAR doesn’t meet your demands.
Some programmers have released free compression and decompression programs. They all seem to be of high quality and offer excellent features, which makes it hard to choose the best one. Downloading harmful software that doesn’t work as advertised is possible if you’re not careful. So before it’s too late for you, take a look at some of these best WinRAR alternatives.

10 Best Free WinRAR Replacements of 2019

Finding the best alternatives to WinRAR does not require you to be a computer whiz. The best 10 free WinRAR alternatives that work with your OS are listed below. These resources can be accessed and used without cost. So you should look over the following options and pick your favourite one.

1. 7-Zip


7-Zip is a program that works on multiple platforms and compresses and decompresses files. This open-source software is completely free to use and may be customized to suit a wide range of needs. You may trust the application with any archive file, much like WinRAR, because it was made to create and decompress archives. Interestingly, 7-Zip is considered to be 10% more effective in file compression than competing applications.
If you use this program to compress a folder to 7z format, you can save up to 70 percent of its original size. 7z, the program’s native compression format, makes compression simpler. Fortunately, this format is currently supported by a number of operating systems and applications. What else can be done with this program? In a nutshell, it can unpack archives saved in a wide variety of compression formats.
7-Zip is a fantastic program with many advantages. The software might be as small as 1 MB in file size. Furthermore, it makes use of system resources without the need for additional, potentially resource-hogging, external components. 7-Zip has developed Keka, the official WinRAR replacement for Mac, as a free alternative to WinRAR.

2. PeaZip


Another excellent choice that competes with WinRAR is PeaZip. The program’s zero cost belies its useful features for handling your computer’s data files and folders. In addition, users are given the freedom to organize their data in a way that best suits them. Since the program is only compatible with Linux and Windows, Mac users will need to look elsewhere for help.
PeaZip is a lightweight compression utility that may be used to make and view compressed files. The nicest part of this program is the password manager, which lets you use one password to protect all of your data. More than 150 file formats can be opened and compressed with its help, and it comes with compression options. SevenZ, Arc, and BZip2 are the supported file formats.
When it comes to compression ratio and speed, PeaZip is unparalleled. Because it only needs 10 MB of storage, this program can run on even the smallest laptops and desktops. It’s not the speediest software, but it works just as well as WinRAR. Read on for some of the best free options if you’re looking for a replacement for WinZip.

3. B1 Free Archiver

WinRAR Alternatives : B1 Free Archiver

If you need an efficient tool with basic controls, B1 Free Archiver is all you need. It’s free, and it works on multiple platforms, including Linux and Windows. If you own an Android-powered smartphone or tablet, you can install this app on your device. I find it interesting that B1 Free Archiver works with both cloud-based and local archivers.
When a program is not available for Desktop download, the online archiver comes in quite helpful. Simply upload your files or folders to the archiver, which can be accessed from your browser, and then get the zipped version. If you do decide to get the program, though, make sure you uncheck the boxes for the optional extras so you don’t get any unwanted adware.
B1 Free Archiver is compatible with a wide variety of compressed file types. While the software’s user-friendliness makes it ideal for newcomers, more advanced users may find its simplicity limiting. Yet, if you can get over B1 Free Archiver’s visual quirks, you’ll find it to be a competent replacement for WinRAR.

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4. ExtractNow

WinRAR Alternatives : ExtractNow

If you use Windows and are looking for an alternative to WinRAR, ExtractNow is a good choice. You should check your Windows version before downloading this program as it is only compatible with Windows 98 and later. There is no premium paid version of the tool available. But it does its job of compressing and decompressing files and directories fairly well.
ExtractNow is great for newcomers due to its clean interface and intuitive layout. Although it does not fully support all ZIP formats, it does support the most common ones. Simply add the files you want to compress and drop them into the tool’s interface. If you prefer, you can also just right-click the file in Explorer and choose ExtractNow.
Many advantages can be gained through participating in this program. It’s not only compatible with a wide range of ZIP formats, but it also has a host of customizable options. One option is to have the extracted files placed in a predetermined folder automatically. A third option is to manually select the travel path.

5. Hamster Zip Archiver

Hamster Zip Archiver

When it comes to free alternatives to WinRAR, Hamster Zip Archiver is among the best. The free program is easy to use and understand, so getting started won’t take long. Though it’s free, Hamster Zip Archiver’s many features make compression and decompression much easier.
When compared to other archivers, this one only works with a small subset of ZIP file types. It only works with 7z and ZIP files, so you can’t use it to make new archives. Yet, a variety of file types are still supported by the program.
The language barrier isn’t the only problem with this app. Some customers have complained that the installer’s lack of fluency in English makes the setup process more challenging than it needs to be. If you need to compress your files but can’t purchase WinRAR, Hamster Zip Archiver is a wonderful alternative.

6. Bandizip


Is it your goal to find a free program that doesn’t compromise your computer in any way, even with spyware or other malicious software? Bandizip is a great alternative to WinRAR and a great download manager. You can protect your computer from virus infection by using this utility to check files for threats before opening them. The program also works well with high-end machines thanks to its support for multi-core compression.
Bandizip has a simple interface that makes using it a joy, even for newcomers. It is compatible with a wide range of compression formats, including ZIP, RAR, 7Z, and ZIPX, among others. All recent versions of Windows are supported, but especially Windows 7. Where do we stand on the issue of safety? Due to the use of the most advanced encryption methods, Bandizip can be trusted to keep your data safe.
Bandizip is a free utility that has many features, including the ability to preview the contents of compressed files. Compressed file previewing is now as easy as a right click. As no extraction is necessary, your computer will remain safe from harm. All major languages are supported, including Russian, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.

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7.  Zipware


The process of compressing and uncompressing files is simplified and sped up with Zipware. Several useful features are included in this top-notch utility, expanding the program’s usefulness beyond its first appearance. It has flashy, multicolored buttons that really do what they’re supposed to. It is quite astonishing that this instrument may be obtained at no cost and used by anyone. Zipware’s intuitive design makes it a good choice for students.
Zipware, like Bandizip, can detect and remove viruses. To keep your computer in good working order and free of viruses, use the highlight function. The fact that the program was developed solely for Windows means great things for those who utilize it. Make sure that Windows XP or later is installed on your machine.
Zipware is compatible with all of the most widely used compression formats, including RAR, RAR5, and 7z. Even more, gzip and tar, two common Linux archive formats, are supported. The software is optimized for speed and stability, making even the management of large archives a breeze. The fact that Zipware can be downloaded in as little as 3.0MB is a major perk.

8. Ashampoo Zip

Ashampoo Zip; winrar alternatives

Alternatives to WinRAR are provided, and Ashampoo Zip is one of them. This lightweight compression tool is surprisingly powerful, supporting over 60 different archive formats (including arc, rar, zip, xpi, and many more) for both creation and extraction. The software’s multicore support and reputation for rapid performance have earned it praise. The ZIP engine, fortunately, works great whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned pro.
Standard features such as reading and creating archives are supported, and so is the ability to build files that can extract themselves. One of its unique features is the ability to fix damaged archives, which is unusual for open-source software. New cloud browsers make it easy to transfer files to popular cloud services like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Dropbox.
Ashampoo Zip also has a preview feature, which is a really useful addition. The first five archived files can be viewed without having to be extracted. In addition, it runs quickly, supports 4K monitors, and needs no supplementary software. As a whole, Ashampoo Zip is a great program to use for compressing files.

9. BreeZip


If you regularly work with common archive types, BreeZip is a great alternative to WinRAR. Popular compression formats including tar, gzip, rar, zip, and 7zip are all supported by this program. This tool is capable of quickly and easily extracting archives.
BreeZip’s various features make compressing and decompressing data easier and more convenient. It can create and access archive files, and it also allows you to browse, read, and extract files from within them. Files can be encrypted with the password protection included in Breezip’s built-in archive creation capability.

10. Quick Zip

Quick Zip; winrar alternatives

As the list’s final entry, Quick Zip is sure to impress. This free WinRAR replacement has impressive features and speeds up compression and decompression. Several archive formats, such as zip, rar, and 7zip, are supported. Files, folders, and properties may all be viewed in separate windows thanks to the program’s intuitive design. Thank you for the assistance provided by the Help file.
Moreover, Quick Zip provides instant compression via its drag-and-drop interface. You may perform actions like selecting a compression level, adding a comment, and more with just a click of a button.


Best free WinRAR alternatives may easily work with your preferred settings, which are mentioned above.

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