Top 10 Best Google Doodle Games You Should Play [2023]

Google Doodles are unique, momentary alterations to the Google logo that are created to honor holidays, milestones, and the lives of well-known scientists, artists, and pioneers. A Google logo that symbolizes events, entertaining animations, video snippets, and occasionally even games are some of these updates.

Because they are straightforward, enjoyable, and simple to play, games are the ideal companion to Google Doodles. They’re the ideal spot to hang out throughout the workday when you’re bored since Google Search makes them instantly accessible.

We have selected some of the top Google Doodle games for you if you’re seeking for something easy and accessible.

Ten Well-Known Google Doodle Games You Must Play

Interactive games that may be played right on the Google homepage are among the Google Doodles. Google Doodle Games are these interactive doodles that are often only accessible for a brief period of time. Doodles for Google games are a well-liked aspect of the Google experience, combining art, education, and fun. The greatest Google Doodle games honor the value of play, ranging from vintage arcade titles like Pac-Man to thought-provoking assessments like the World Cup Soccer Quiz.


One of the most well-known video games ever is Pac-Man. Namco created it, and in 1980 it was originally made available in Japan. The game became one of the most played at the time and soon acquired popularity. Eating every dot in the maze while avoiding the ghosts is the aim of the game. Pac-Man receives a score when he consumes the dots. It gets tougher for him to survive the higher the score. Regardless of age or skill level, the game is straightforward and simple to play. Pac-Man is playable on PC and mobile devices.

Pani Puri

Doodle on Google The newest doodle in town is called Pani Puri. Google honored Pani Puri, also known as Golgappa/Phuchka, as the most well-liked food from South Asia with an interactive doodle. This is the sequel to the Boba Tea doodler created a few weeks ago.

To earn points in the Pani Puri Google Doodle, players must tap specific things. Sometimes, like in Candy Crush, players have to match a string of them. Players pop pani puris, which are deep-fried flatbreads filled with flavorful water, chickpeas, and other sauces, in instead of popping sweets.

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Pony Express

The famous racing game Pony Express is modeled after the actual Pony Express, a postal transportation service that ran in the US from 1860 to 1861. To gather mail and cross the finish line is the aim of the game. The player may be stopped by a number of roadblocks, including thrones, homes, rocks, rivers, and more. All skill levels and ages may enjoy this straightforward game. Pac-Man is playable on PC and mobile devices.


Cricket, which was included as part of the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy, is the next game on our list. The game is quite basic and straightforward to use. To hit the ball, you must push the single button on it. The field of slugs is on the ground, while the grasshoppers are on the batting side. This game may benefit from having the option to strike the ball in any direction. Playing the game is still a lot of fun. Playing it on a PC or mobile device is simple. To start the game, click the link below.


Is soccer more your thing than cricket? If so, Soccer 2012 is the game for you. In honor of the 2012 FIFA World Cup, it was created. The game is quite basic and straightforward to use. Being the goalie in this game is your role. You must stop the objectives. If you’re on a desktop, you may control the player with a mouse or a keyboard. You can swipe to control the player if you’re using a smartphone. I like playing this game overall.


Another well-liked game that is played by most people worldwide is basketball. Just as in a regular basketball game, the object of this game is to toss the balls into the net in 24 seconds. On a PC, you may precisely toss the ball into the net by adjusting the pressure with the spacebar or mouse button. It’s an easy and entertaining game. More enjoyable components would be nice.

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Coding for Carrots

Another entertaining and educational game created to commemorate Kid’s Coding’s 50th anniversary is called Coding for Carrots. In this game, you may drag and drop blocks to make the rabbit eat the carrots while learning the fundamentals of coding. The game focuses especially on the Logo programming language, which was created to educate kids how to program by Seymour Papert and colleagues at MIT. Not only is this game entertaining, but it also teaches your kids how to program.

Champion Island Games

Island Games is the next game on our list. It was released in honor of the Doodle Champion Island Games on August 31. You play as the protagonist cat in the game, who travels to Champion Island. You have to fight against seven different sports champions on the island. The game is entertaining and difficult right away. You are free to play whatever game you choose to play and explore the entire island. You receive a crown after defeating the other players on the island.

Hip Hop

To commemorate the 44th anniversary of the genre’s inception, the hip-hop game was developed. This game is perfect for you if you enjoy DJing and wish to take on a DJ-like role. The music and atmosphere of the game change from the opening. Using the crossfader, you may mix beats, choose alternative tracks, and accomplish a lot more on the two legendary recordings that are included in the game. All in all, it’s nice and enjoyable to play when you need a little getaway from work.

Base Ball

The app listed next on Base Ball’s list. On July 4, 2019, Google released a doodle called Base Ball to commemorate US Independence Day with a backyard BBQ game. You have to score runs and knock the ball out of the park, just like in regular baseball. Playing the game is really simple and enjoyable. The player names and their favorite American meals are the finest part of this game as well. All things considered, Base Ball might also be the ideal way to decompress and unwind after work.

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