How to Block / Skip Hulu Ads [6 Ways]

One of the many elements of life that the Internet has improved is leisure time. With today’s technology, you can take your TV with you and watch it almost anywhere. There are many video-streaming websites available nowadays that makes this even easier.
When it comes to online video streaming services, Hulu is a common choice among both Americans and Japanese. Hulu’s commercial interruptions spoil your otherwise uninterrupted viewing experience. Then, how can users avoid seeing commercials on Hulu?
Disabling or skipping Hulu commercials is the only method to avoid seeing them. There are a variety of options for evading intrusive commercials. While Hulu is a popular streaming service, few users actually know how to block ads. Discover how to eliminate commercial interruptions through this article while watching TV.

6 Ways to Block / Skip Hulu Ads

If you’re a regular viewer on Hulu, you know how annoying it is when commercials interrupt your program. Do you always look for new ways to get rid of commercials? No longer will using Hulu be an ordeal. If you read further, you’ll be able to watch Hulu without commercials. Here are five game-changing approaches to obliterating Hulu commercials.

1. Adblock Plus

Ad Block Plus

One way to get around the Hulu ads is to install a browser plugin. To prevent ads from loading in your browser, use the Adblock Plus add-on. Since Adblock Plus just replaces the ads with a blank screen, it is not true that it eliminates the need for advertising. If you don’t mind your computer or phone screen being completely blank, AdBlock Plus may be a great option for you.
If you want to skip the Hulu commercials, Adblock Plus is your best bet. It’s possible that this plugin will prevent videos from playing though. Try temporarily turning off the plugin if you experience this problem. Thus, you may still be subjected to commercial breaks while watching your chosen program.

2. Blokada


Watching movies or videos on your phone is a given if it serves as your primary entertainment device. This is not only useful, but it also gives you greater control over the ads you see. Ads on Hulu can be blocked on mobile devices with the help of a third-party app. It’s possible that adverts on Hulu can be blocked using Blokada, a third-party Android app.
Simply get the app and install it to start using Blokada. Start the program from your downloads list and select “Blacklist.” Ads on Hulu will be immediately blocked after you tap the Goodbye ads button. Not all commercials benefit from Blokada, but many do. In other words, if you know how to use Ad Block Plus, you’ll have no issue using this program.

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3. Enounce MySpeed

Injuries Caused by Excessive Speed Cases - VetLaw - Veterans Disability ...; hulu ads

Disabling the ads on Hulu can also be done with this software. You may get rid of the ads that interrupt your Hulu viewing experience by downloading the program called Enounce MySpeed. From a purely technical standpoint, the program does not remove the commercial but rather accelerates it up. To put it bluntly, if you can’t put a stop to it, you should probably just fast forward through it. Enounce MySpeed effectively speeds up Hulu commercials, reducing the amount of time you have to wait between episodes.
Unfortunately, as the saying goes, you can’t get anything for nothing. This robust and flexible software is available for $29.99. In order to evaluate its efficacy for yourself, take advantage of the risk-free 7-day trial they are offering. You won’t believe how useful this program is for skipping commercials. If you get the software, you can watch TV with fewer commercial breaks for a reasonable price.

4. Refresh the Page

Refresh Page Svg Png Icon Free Download (#509264) - OnlineWebFonts.COM; hulu ads

Does the situation call for a more practical solution? If you do not want to install a plugin or buy an app, this method can help you get rid of the Hulu commercials. If you want to skip the advertising and get back to the show, just reload the page. It’s correct that after the procedure, the ads will still be there. The length will just be shortened instead.
You are aware that the number of commercial breaks in a given Hulu video varies in length. There is a one in four chance of seeing commercials while waiting for a streaming film or movie. Simply reloading the page will remove the ads from your view.

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5. Skip when opening two tabs

Kindle's Page Flip lets you skip pages without losing your plac; hulu ads

You might find this a little taxing to tackle. By splitting your screen across two tabs, you may view the same show without being interrupted by Hulu ads. To get going, launch not one but two separate Hulu windows. Turn off the second window and skip to the first commercial break (it usually comes in a different color on stream bar). Please launch your video on the first tab. If an advertising starts playing in the first tab, you can mute it and move to the second tab.
Get back to where you were watching before the pause and pick up where you left off. This trick is effective for bypassing commercials on Hulu if you don’t mind the hassle of the necessary steps. You might start watching from the conclusion of the ad if the second tab has already played the commercials.

6. Go Premium

Hulu Premium Account + LIVE TV (WITH ADDONS) | Shopee Malaysia; hulu ads

Finally, you may avoid advertisements on Hulu by upgrading to the paid Premium tier. It’s no secret that moviegoers who spring for the paid service are spared annoying pop-up ads. In addition, this release includes several options for personalization.
Hulu Premium can be availed for as little as $11.99 per month. Since the premium version of Hulu successfully avoids prolonged advertising, it is well worth the low price. Fans who don’t have access to the Hulu Plus version of the show have no right to call themselves die-hards.


Which of the above choices did you like best? The programs essentially accomplish the same goal, which is to prevent you from wasting time on annoying programs by either blocking or speeding them up. You can either pay for a premium subscription or save money by using a free add-on or alternative program.

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