Recording Phone Calls on iPhone is Easy with these 8 Apps

For a variety of reasons, you might desire to record your phone calls. Maybe you’re putting up with your boss’s persistent inappropriate behavior, dealing with a tough customer, or fighting with your ex nonstop. With your business partner, you might also use it for brainstorming. It is crucial to keep records and proof of what is happening in each of these situations, as well as for others. This article lists down some of the best apps for recording phone calls.
However, it is difficult to record phone calls on an iPhone since Apple forbids it for privacy and security reasons, as they should. The reason behind this is because most nations make it unlawful to record phone calls without the other party’s permission. Despite this, it is still entirely achievable with a few readily available programs, which we will discuss in this article.

8 Best Apps to Record Phone Calls on iPhone with Ease

Depending on where you live, and whether you have permission to record phone calls, you’re set to try out the apps listed below for recording phone calls. So let’s get started!

1. Rev Call Recorder; Record Phone Calls

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Rev Call Recorder is a 100% free app that may record incoming and outgoing calls indefinitely. It captures calls in great quality and allows you to share/export them to third-party services like Dropbox, email, SMS, and so on. There are no hidden fees, subscription fees, or irritating advertisements, and you just pay when you wish to transcribe your recordings.
So, if your only goal is to record calls, you can expect you won’t be spending a dime on this great app, which is absurd given that it allows you to record calls on iPhone painlessly.

2. TapeACall Pro; Record Phone Calls

TapeACall Pro, which is available in over 50 countries and has a user base of 4 million, is a popular choice for recording iPhone calls. You also get push notifications that lead you directly to your recordings collection, where you can access them with a single click.
These capabilities, along with a dozen others, more than justify TapeACall Pro being a paid app, but there is also a free trial available before you spend anything.

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3. Google Voice

Google Voice was not designed primarily for call recording, but it does include a function for that, which is all we need. It allows you to record calls without affecting the audio quality and archives all of your data on their secure server, which you may access at any time. This program can also transcribe your phone calls and send them to you through email. It also has the following features:

  • To keep track of call records, you can use the sophisticated search tool.
  • Calls, text messages, and voice mails are all free.
  • Options for spam filtration and blocking are available.
  • International call rates that are competitive.

Google Voice can be synchronised across many devices, allowing you to utilize it at home, the office, or literally anywhere.

4. Call Recorder App

Call Recorder App by Profuse does exactly what it says on the tin, and it does it beautifully. With this app, you only need one tap to record your incoming and outgoing calls, whether they’re local or international. There is no time limit or limit to the number of calls that can be recorded.
It can record and retain incoming and outgoing calls on its server until you elect to delete or share them elsewhere. Among the several sharing options are:

  • Dropbox
  • Drive by Google
  • Evernote
  • Facebook Twitter Email

This program also allows you to identify your recordings, share them in MP3 format with anyone, and save them to your device or the cloud.
It is regularly updated, and as a user, you will have the support of real persons behind the desk to assist you in the event of a problem.

5. Call Recorder iCall

Call Recorder iCall is a highly rated and popular call recording app that uses a 3-way call system to record calls while making the procedure easy. After downloading the program, tap the Record button, followed by the Merge call button. This will begin recording the audio for as long as the conversation continues. When the call concludes, the recording is automatically preserved for you to listen to and share.
Call Recorder iCall includes an easy-to-use UI and an excellent support team. You can begin using their free trial before purchasing their premium subscription.

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6. Call Recording by NoNotes


Call Recording by NoNotes, an app used by over 100,000 people worldwide, allows you to record and transcribe your phone calls. It may record calls of any length and save them in the cloud.
You can also share your recordings via Facebook and email. Other capabilities include the ability to utilize the app for dictation and to save QR codes for playback.
This software requires a subscription, however it allows you to record up to 20 minutes for free each month. So, if you don’t want to record calls on a regular basis, the free option may be sufficient.

7. Call Recorder Lite


Call Recorder Lite, another useful tool, can record incoming and outgoing calls on your iPhone using 3-way calling. This program includes playback controls as well as changes for recorded calls. They are available for download and sharing via social networking platforms, emails, iMessage, and cloud services.
As a free user, you can record full-length calls but only listen to the first 60 seconds of them. You’d have to upgrade to their Pro version to hear the entire recording.

8. CallRec Lite; Phone Calls Recorder


CallRec Lite, like the previous program, allows you to listen to only the first 60 seconds of a recorded call for free. It saves all of your recordings on their secure server, where you may share them with others or back them up to cloud storage providers. It may record both incoming and outgoing calls at the same time.


I believe the call recording applications for iPhone listed above can assist you in keeping track of essential discussions. You can utilize them in both personal and professional circumstances.

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