Instagram Story Not Posting? Here’s The Fix!

Instagram’s story function is widely utilized to boost user interaction. Instagram Story, despite only being able to display pictures or videos for 24 hours, is more interesting to use thanks to its interactive features. Regrettably, Instagram story posting issues are a common gripe among its users.
Frustratingly, even the users whose videos are both well-made and interesting are unable to add them to Instagram stories. If you do run into this issue, however, there’s no reason to panic; fixing it is straightforward. In order to fix the problem where your Instagram story is not publishing, you must first understand what causes this.

Instagram Stories Won’t Upload—Why?

Why Instagram Story Not Posting

Many problems can arise if you don’t regularly add content to your Instagram story, such as photos and videos. Consider that your Internet link is, at best, weak. On the other hand, Instagram could have banned, disabled, or restricted your account.
A second possible snag is that the video or photo material you want to upload is illegal in Instagram’s jurisdiction. That’s why it’s important to keep your Instagram account legit and your material in line with Instagram’s guidelines.
There’s a chance that the video or image format you want to post to Instagram Story isn’t supported. Obviously, you won’t be able to add videos or pictures to Instagram Story if you run into any of the aforementioned problems. However, you can try to fix the problem by addressing the underlying factors that are causing it.

Why Your Instagram Story Isn’t Uploading and What You Can Do About It?

You might not be able to add material to Instagram Story for a variety of reasons. No need to fret, though; you’ll be able to handle it just fine. If your Instagram Story is stuck in draft mode, try one of these eight fixes.

1. Check with Instagram If This An Issue From Them

Check If Instagram is Down

If your Instagram story isn’t posting, you should check to see if the problem is on Instagram’s end before trying to fix it. To see if there have been many complaints of an Instagram Story outage, check the DownDetector website.
For instance, Instagram may investigate reports of users experiencing problems while attempting to add media to their Stories. The blame for the problem almost certainly lies with Instagram. Moreover, the #instagramdown term on Twitter can be followed to learn more about Instagram’s current status.
This will let you know if Instagram is actively addressing the problem. Instagram does not provide open and honest updates on app issues because it does not have a Twitter support website. Because of this, if this happens, all you can do is wait for Instagram to fix the glitch.

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2. Log Out and Login

Log Out and Log In Again Instagram

Instagram users who are having trouble publishing to their Stories can fix the problem by logging out and back in. This method is simple and usually very successful. Before you log out of Instagram, make sure you’ve actually logged in.
When you’re ready, tap your image where it says “Profile” in the right-hand area. In the top right, you’ll see a menu with three horizontal lines; tap that. Tap the Check Out button after scrolling down. You’ll be taken back to the Instagram sign-in interface as soon as you exit the app. After entering a username and password, you can attempt uploading again to Instagram Story.

3. Delete Android Data

Clear Instagram Data On Android Clear Instagram Data On Android

The inability to post Instagram Stories is a common source of frustration. Forgetting to share interesting content you made for your Instagram Story is to blame. Try this if the last strategy didn’t work. To be clear, this method is exclusive to Android devices.
Information stored by the program can be removed with minimal effort. It would make sense, though, if doing so forced you to log out of all of your Instagram profiles. However, doing so will not remove any Instagram pictures from your device.
Delete Instagram’s info by going to the Android’s settings and then to the Apps menu. Select Instagram from your apps list, then go to Files. Select the Clear data or Clean storage choice, as appropriate, from your Android device’s menu.
Your Instagram account is back online. After clearing Instagram’s program data, the issue should have been fixed. For this reason, you are free to resume adding material to your Instagram Story.

4. Restart Instagram

Close recent open apps on samsung

If you’re using an Apple product, clearing your cookies may not be possible. It’s impossible to clear program data or cache on an Apple device. If you’re using an iPhone or iPad, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to close the program. When the app drawer opens, release the middle button.
To delete Instagram or all of your apps and start over with a fresh install, swipe up. If you’re using an Android device, closing Instagram will take a slightly different approach on your device than it would on another. For example, on the Google Pixel and the OnePlus, you can swipe up from the bottom and then keep the screen in the middle.
You’ll then be able to switch between Instagram and any of your other apps. Additionally, on a Samsung device, tap the icon depicting three parallel lines or the menu option. Then, hide Instagram by swiping it off your screen. Alternately, you can stop Instagram along with the rest of your apps by clicking the Close all button. Launch Instagram again to see if the fix took.

5. Delete Story and Reupload it

Update Your Instagram app

This is a fresh way of thinking about how to fix the Instagram Story problem. The Instagram Story material can be reuploaded if necessary. But before you do that, make sure you have a backup of your live-recorded story.
After that, you can stop using your device’s internet link. The screen shows a notification “The upload failed”are going to be shown in the next release. The three dots in the upper right are the save options for your tale. After that, you can try submitting the article again after deleting the one that wouldn’t post.
The app’s problems could be related to outdated versions or the lack of upgrades. It is possible that an update will fix Instagram Stories uploading problems, so check the App Store or Google Play if you’re having trouble. Finally, make sure you’re using the most recent version of the Instagram program.
Please restart your mobile device after installing the latest software update. Then, open Instagram and try again to post the intended story. Bugs and instabilities can be fixed, and the program’s overall stability and safety can be enhanced, with the help of updates.
Updates to the Instagram app can break previously-functioning features, even if you’re using the most current version of the app. Instagram can be updated as soon as a new version is released, provided your mobile device has enough storage room for it.
Instagram limits the number of concurrent users who can access a new feature so as not to tax the service’s infrastructure. If this happens, try to remain calm and wait it out.

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7. Re-Installing Instagram

Reinstalling Instagram

Reinstalling the Instagram program on your mobile device may also fix this problem. For this reason, you should remove Instagram from your mobile device.
If you want to uninstall Instagram from your Android device, head over to the Play Store, do a search for it, and then click the Uninstall option. The Instagram program can be located in the iPhone’s storage by going to Settings > General > iPhone Storage. To uninstall Instagram from your iOS device, tap the Delete button.
But if you uninstall Instagram, your account will be deactivated. If you have deleted Instagram from your device, you can restart it. Launch Instagram and make a fresh effort to re-upload the story.

8. Check Your Internet Connection

Instagram Stories Overtakes Snapchat in Active Users and Daily Users ...

If you’ve already attempted those things and nothing has worked, the problem may lie with your internet connection. This is because there are times when a poor internet link can hinder an app’s performance. That’s why it’s recommended to switch off the Wi-Fi router for around 15 seconds before turning it back on.
Turning off cellular data for a few seconds is possible if you are currently making use of it and then turning it back on again afterwards. The next time you connect to a public Wi-Fi network, see if you can switch to a different one. If this works, you can try posting to Instagram Story again to see if the problem has been fixed.


This Instagram Story sharing problem occurs for a variety of reasons. Such as a sluggish Internet link, an Instagram error, or an outdated Instagram app. You should be able to handle it without any problems now that you know the eight solutions; best of success!

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