Top 10 Best Note-taking Apps for Android & iPhone

The creators of the best note-taking apps are aware that keeping a notebook in your pocket is one of the most practical ways to jot down ideas, thoughts, or notes. Even though both Android and iOS devices have built-in note-taking applications, there are times when you need more features and tools to create the ideal checklist and set reminders for upcoming events and appointments.

Because of this, we’ve listed the ideal options with strong feature sets for your mobile devices after testing and using more than 35 note-taking apps from the Google Play Store and App Store.

Top iPhone and Android Note-taking Apps Paid and Free

Using the right app will ensure that you never forget to save a crucial piece of information while taking notes on the go. The best options for Android, iPhone, and iPad are listed below!

1. Evernote

Talking about the Best Note-Taking Apps would be impossible without mentioning Evernote. It is a top-notch programme that works on many different devices and can manage notes in almost any format. It has attributes like:

Featured: Evernote

  • text notes added
  • Include audio, visual, and PDF materials.
  • Save documents that have been handwritten and then scanned.
  • To notes, add customizable reminders.
  • Email notes to each other.
  • Gather them to keep a virtual journal.
  • supports PDF annotations and offline access to notes.


2. Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote
Microsoft’s OneNote is a trustworthy and somewhat quick note-taking app that is available for many operating systems. Like other note-taking programmes on the market, it provides a wide variety of text and drawing options. Additionally, while online browsing, you can add notes directly from any of your favourite websites using the “Web Clipper” feature.

Highlights: OneNote by Microsoft

  • practically all Microsoft Office file formats are supported.
  • capable of gathering and storing data from emails.
  • Easy embedding of Excel sheets.
  • serves as a versatile canvas.
  • ability to write, draw, and clip content from the internet.
  • option to scan paper notes.
  • Utilize colourful tags to organise notes.

Microsoft OneNote

3. Google Keep

Google Keep

One of the top note-taking applications for Android and iPhone, Google Keep is full with practical features and tools. All other Google services are immediately synchronised with it. As a result, Google Drive and other services let you find and access critical Notes with ease.

Features: Google Keep

  • Text-to-image transcription capability (OCR).
  • Notes can be filtered by topic, location, and activity.
  • For improved organising, color-code notes or add labels.
  • a voice memo is captured.
  • Equipped with a dynamic canvas for making drawings and handwritten notes.
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Google Keep

4. Simplenote

Simplenote is one of the most straightforward note-taking apps on the Google Play Store and App Store, as the name suggests. There are several solutions and tools available to keep notes, a to-do list, and ideas organised. Unlimited notes can be created, managed, and edited as needed. When you have your notes assembled, you may tag and pin them for improved organising.

Features: Simplenote

  • lightning-quick search speed.
  • gives you the option to backup your lists and other notes to the cloud.
  • synchronises all of your gadgets with your notes. (Supports Phones, Tablets, and PCs)
  • amazing features for collaboration and sharing.
  • To view older versions of the notes, drag the slider.


5. Zoho Notebook

Zoho Notebook
A note-taking app with multiple uses – Zoho Notebook is a fantastic tool for keeping thorough journals. It provides a tonne of choices for taking regular notes, managing a checklist and to-do list, and allowing you to attach photographs, audio files, etc. You can do batch operations to sort or arrange notes for creating a kind of virtual notepad by using a variety of motion commands.

Featured: Zoho Notebook

  • offers a Sketch card so that you can draw.
  • Incorporate audio or your voice.
  • supports copy, sort, group, reorder, & organise gesture-based functions.
  • supports automated device synchronisation.
  • lightning-quick search capabilities.
  • Also Apple Watch compatible, allowing you to record memos.

Zoho Notebook

6. Notion

The note-taking applications for iPhone, Android, and other devices that we have seen so far are all primarily intended for taking notes for personal use. Yes, some of them allow you to share and manage virtual notebooks, but Notion stands out due to its unique features.

Features: Notion

  • Project management features.
  • provides a citation Wiki.
  • many templates for taking notes, keeping checklists, or adding files.
  • Web bookmarks can be added.
  • Enjoy the support for documents, photographs, video, and audio.
  • supports collaboration and sharing so you can work in real-time with your team.
  • There is a dedication part on every page (Template) where you can write comments and feedback.


7. Bear

Users of the iPad, iPhone, and Mac can take notes effectively and easily with the help of the Bear app. It enables users to group different types of images, text, to-do items, and code snippets. You can take use of the time-saving option “Archive” in the Bear Notes app, which only removes a Note from search and organises it without erasing it.

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Features: Bear

  • offers experience in writing clearly.
  • a Markup editor with 20 programming language support.
  • encourages drawing.
  • A Focus Mode to focus on the task at hand.
  • supports tagging for simple access and searching.
  • Support for photos and images in-line is paired with Apple Pencil.

8. Nebo

Nebo is the next app in our ranking of the Best Paid & Free Note-Taking Apps For the iPhone & Other Devices. It’s a sophisticated notes software with many options to organise notes properly, going above and beyond basic requirements. The Nebo notes app lets you create and manage office documents, and you can include paragraphs, titles, bullet lists, diagrams, flow charts, and other elements.

Noteworthy: Nebo

  • supports the addition of diagrams, formulae, flowcharts, and other “rich content” elements.
  • gives you the option to combine sketches and other notes into one document.
  • Export the finished design in Word, PDF, or HTML formats.
  • handles complicated documents easily.
  • The best note-taking application for the iPad stylus.


9. Dropbox Paper

Dropbox Paper
Looking for a note-taking app that facilitates teamwork? Decide on Dropbox Paper alone. You may add and modify notes, brainstorm ideas, evaluate concepts with others, and coordinate meetings with the collaborative notes app. Additionally, you can distribute work, add deadlines, list participants, and assign to-do lists.

Features: Dropbox Paper

  • Employ annotations.
  • Add your calendar in.
  • Include images and music.
  • integrates with well-known programmes like Sketch and Invision.
  • has immediate previews of files.
  • robust word processor for mobile.
  • features notification support and works well with Dropbox’s cloud storage.

Dropbox Paper

10. Whink

The greatest note-taking software for iPhone and iPad users is Whink, which is also the last but not least.
With the Whink notes app, you can write with a stylus, enter text, or doodle with your finger. The procedure is quite easy. Users can upload multimedia assets including images, infographics, audios, and more with its assistance. It’s an all-in-one programme that lets you take handwritten notes, construct a to-do list, annotate PDFs and photos, organise your papers, and back them up.

Features: Whink

  • Smoothly draw, doodle, or write with your fingers.
  • Use Dropbox, Google Drive, or email to import PDF files.
  • Use your device to fill out forms, sign contracts, or submit critical papers.
  • While taking notes, record lectures.
  • PDFs is the voice here.
  • iCloud file backup is used.
  • the ability to gather documents and organise them by part or page.
  • The best note-taking application for the iPad stylus.

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