9 Best Auto-tune Apps for Android and iOS 2023

Those who are serious about their singing careers need top auto-tune apps for their smartphone or tablet. Using a smartphone application designed for automatic voice tuning will help you become a better singer for sure. Right now, you can find an abundance of these apps on both Google Play Store and Apple Store.
The question now is what app, if any, ought to be installed. There are a plethora of options to choose from on the web, making it challenging to make a final decision. You’ve come to the right place if you need some help, so keep reading!

9 Best Auto-Tune Apps for iOS and Android

Pitch correction, auto-tuning, presets, and other vocal enhancing functions are commonplace in auto-tune software. Unless otherwise noted, you can get the majority of these programs for free. We will take a deeper dive into the best auto-tune apps for both Android and iOS.

1. Voloco

Voloco; Auto-tune apps

Improve your singing with Voloco like millions of other people across the world. Whether you’re using an Android or iOS device, this software is one of the best auto-tune options available. Automatic tuning, vocoding, and harmony are just some of the speech processing technologies that have been rolled into this single program. To get started with the app, choose a track from either Voloco’s library or your own. The key of the song and the pitch of your voice will be set by the instrument.
You can pick a beat to sing along from Voloco’s extensive beat library. You may also use the Top Tracks feature to listen to high-quality tracks made by other users. Additionally, this auto-tune program offers hundreds of predefined settings, such as newcomer, modern rap, T Pain, 8 Bit Chip, and Daft Punk. You can even customize your voice effects by choosing a different preset.
Share your performance with your friends by recording it in audio or video format and uploading it to a social media platform like Instagram or Facebook. Or, you can export your voice and finish the mix in any other program if you’d prefer. You may get Voloco from the App Store or Google Play at no cost at all. Inside the app itself, the creator offers downloadable add-ons for a fee.

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2. StarMaker

StarMaker; Auto-tune apps

Singing talent can be found with the help of StarMaker. One of the most downloaded karaoke apps, it includes tools to help you sound better while you sing. No matter what your musical tastes are, you’ll be able to find something to sing along to in its broad repertoire. Take your pick from a variety of speech effects and listen to some high-quality background music.
This program lets you sing along with your favorite songs, record your own karaoke with a variety of effects, and edit your music video with filters. The sound quality is enhanced further by the ability to alter the pitch of the voice. StarMaker also has a Live function where you can broadcast your performance with famous singers.
In addition, you can connect with people who appreciate the same kinds of music that you do. Make new friends from all over the world in the StarMaker community and talk about whatever you like. Intent on making use of the facilities? This app is available for free on both Android and iOS.

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3. RapChat

RapChat' Auto-tune apps

Do you like listening to hip-hop? You’re the perfect candidate for this auto-tune tool then. Basically, RapChat is a mobile application for writing and recording rap songs. If you find it difficult to write good lyrics, though, you can always borrow the preexisting one. The excitement of making your own hip-hop record is amplified when you have access to several instrumental loops and an auto vocal tune feature that makes you sound like a trained MC.
A lot of fun stuff may be found in RapChat. Not only does it automatically tune your vocals, but it also comes with over 20,000 free tracks to use with your lyrics. The built-in mobile recording studio in the program makes it simple to record your own music. As an added bonus, it offers a variety of contests with enticing prizes. Learn who you are and take the crown.
Where can You find out more information about RapChat? The Near Me section of this app helps its customers find skilled local MCs. It also allows rap songs to be shared on other social media platforms such as Soundcloud, Instagram, and Snapchat. Are you looking to sound like T Pain, Cardi B, or Eminen? Downloading this software will greatly improve your chances of becoming a famous rapper.

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4. AutoRap by Smule

AutoRap by Smule; Auto-tune apps

Enjoy the beat with AutoRap by Smule. This software is a must-have for everyone who like hip-hop because it has so many fun extras that can be used when rapping. AutoRap makes it easy to record songs and participate in online communities, in addition to auto-tuning. The app has over a hundred songs by your favorite artists, whether you like Kendrick, Drake, or Dr. Dre.
Why not switch to chatting? The talk mode of AutoRap is a lot of fun because you can just talk into the microphone and watch as your words are turned into rap. Beat matching and auto-tune are built in. To hone your rapping skills further, try jamming out to other songs. This app keeps things interesting by providing three fresh tracks every week.
AutoRap has a rap mode where you may practice your freestyle rhyming. On the other hand, if you are sure of your skills, a rap battle is a great method to show off your talent. Become the most accomplished rapper you can be among your contemporaries. If that’s the case, just mingle with others who share your taste in music.

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5. Tune Me

Tune Me; Auto-tune apps

Improve the standard of your recorded hip-hop and R&B. Tune Me features hundreds of auto-pitch effects that can be used to record professional-sounding recordings. This program has several features, including fast processing, which makes for a fun and engaging time when recording audio. Furthermore, its calibration allows for automatic beat and speech synchronization.
With Tune Me, you may adjust the auto-pitch effect to create a voice that sounds just like that of a real rapper. But the clip light will tell you whether you’re belting it out! This software gives you more flexibility, allowing you to choose between the maximum and minimum intensities.
Is sharing with others something that brings you joy? One of the best auto-tune apps out there, it lets you upload your edited songs to services like SoundCloud, Instagram, and Facebook. The most excellent feature of this program is that it may be obtained at no cost. Multitrack recording and additional audio effects are available in the paid Pro version.

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6. Super Voice Editor

Super Voice Editor; Auto-tune apps

Soul Apps Studio crafted this nifty software for your mobile device. Super Voice Editor is a great program that has many inspiring sound effects to choose from. Change your voice to sound like a child, an alien, or even a superhero with ease. This voice changer is quite entertaining, whether you’re using it to prank your pals or just to have some fun.
With this program, you can record your voice whenever and wherever you like. It also has a built-in audio editor for free editing of your preferred music formats. One of the best features is the ringtone maker, which lets you create your own ringtone. Create a custom ringtone using snippets of any person’s voice and some simple mixing.
Super Voice Editor also features an integrated audio tuner. With this feature, you can use a number of interesting backdrops to give your voice a more compelling quality. Using the voice-changing features of Messenger, you may send your pals amusing voices. With this clever and efficient program, you can finally pull off your ultimate prank on your loved ones.

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7. Auto-Tune Mobile

Auto-Tune Mobile; Auto-tune apps

Auto-Tune Mobile, created by Antares Audio Technologies, is a top-tier auto-tune app. Fixing your vocal pitch with this tool will help you sound better. By utilizing Antares’ cutting-edge auto-tune technology, this program revolutionizes the idea of a portable recording studio. This program is great for everybody, from complete beginners to seasoned performers.
Automatically identify your voice and fine-tune your pitch to the notes you choose with this powerful tool. The ability to broadcast vocal corrections through the speakers creates the feeling of having a personal vocal coach. Make sure the app is linked to your audio setup so you can hear the feedback.
Auto-Tune Mobile has extra features including being tested with professional microphone audio interfaces and being compatible with apps made for musicians on the Audiobus platform. Also, there’s an auto-tune feature that can change your voice’s pitch to suit the song. Download it from the Apple Store if you think you’ll like using it. There’s a one-time payment of $4.99 to get this app.

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8. VocaLive

VocaLive;l Auto-tune apps

This is yet another top-notch app for iOS users who want to find their hidden singing potential. VocaLive’s twelve in-game voice effects are great for training and development. You can create your own custom presets by combining different effects. This software has 55 unique choices to improve your voice, whether you want to customize it yourself or use one of the many pre-made presets.
VocaLive can do many things. If you want more control over the tone of your singing while listening to your favorite songs, try out the microphone emulation feature. If you’re a good enough singer, you can even put on a live concert using Live Mode. Also, it’s compatible with other interfaces thanks to its support for Core MIDi.
Features of VocaLive include a metronome, voice effects, a real-time vocal processor, and an app for recording your own vocals. The auto-freeze and mutli-track recording functions are included as well. The best iPhone experience may be had with VocaLive and in-app purchases installed.

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9. Voice Synth

Voice Synth; Auto-tune apps

Want to buy a high-quality music synthesizer? The best voice processing experience can be had using Voice Synth, a widely regarded application. Auto-pitch, Vocoder, and Speed-Shift Sampling are just some of the tools that come packaged with this program. You can make music like T-Pain or Daft Punk using these instruments.
Animal voices, evil voices, strange voices, and more are just some of the options available in this auto-tune tool if you want to have some silly fun with a ridiculous voice. Voice Synth also gives you the freedom to experiment with your voice. For instance, you need to shout or hum in order to play the rock guitar or church organ, respectively.
If you’re a voice actor, sound designer, or musician, you absolutely need this app on your mobile device. Paying the eleven dollars and ninety nine cents is the only way to unlock all of the content.

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Playing around with different sounds is a great pastime. You can do things like auto-tune your voice and play around with different speech effects if you look for the best auto-tune apps that work for you. With an understanding of the best auto-tune apps available on both Google Play and the App Store, picking the best one should be a breeze.

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