Top 10 Best Used Car Sites for 2024

Either the first buyer to look for a classic car enthusiast’s first used car to track that rare vintage model, used automotive sites make the shopping experience easy with detailed searchable listings, car reviews, car guides and more. However, used car sites not only help buyers find cars; they provide a good resource for owners to find a buyer for their used car (often multiple buyers). We examined the best used car sites for reputation, search instruments, pricing, buyer resources and more. Here are our 10 best selections.

1. CarsDirect

Similar to AutoTrader’s initial private car market in 1997, CarsDirect launched its first web site in 1998 to assist distributors directly to online customers. Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co is owned by CarsDirect, which is A-quoted with the BBB. This is the best option for us because of its simplified search engine and useful buyer resources. However, CarsDirect shows more than just local dealer listings. It also shows the best deals in the area of a buyer, as well as future seasonal deals and pricing on future models for car shoppers.

While the CarsDirect search filters are not as detailed as the AutoTrader, the clean results page of the site shows all a buyer needs to know about, including the CARFAX report and the “Check Availability” button, which leads the buyer to the listing on the dealers’ website directly. But as opposed to AutoTrader, buyers can search for cars by funding deals.

Every CarsDirect list contains a 60-second link to a simple four-step loan application.
CarsDirect then sends applications and returns an estimated monthly payments to its lender network. Shoppers can also directly click on the website of the dealer and look at the funding options directly with them. CarsDirect offers also a range of resources for car purchasers, including BlackBook-powered reviews, car news, videos and reports. Upon the exact vehicle type or deal, users can even save their favoriten searches and create e-mail alerts.

2. AutoTrader

AutoTrader was founded in 1997 and was the first online, national market for new and used cars. Thanks to its reputation, its reach and its abundant research guides, we have chosen the best site in general. There are 3,000,000 cars on the site and detailed car reviews, purchasing tips, financial calculators and many more. While the AutoTrader does not have a Better Business Office (BBB) accreditation, it has an A+ rating. An advanced search feature that makes the trial of its millions of listings much less intimidating is one of the best features of AutoTrader. The site offers detailed filters beyond simple fabric, model and year, allowing users to choose virtually any search criteria such as the gas mire, exterior and interior colours, the type of transmission, the technology, etc.

AutoTrader publishes a number of car buyers and sellers resources as well. These include comprehensive guidelines on how to manage, current car reviews, research and news items, car payment and finance calculators and even the ability to apply for a car insurance loan. However, those who want to sell on AutoTrader must pay. This site costs between 25 and 90 $, including three to thirty photos, reports about the number of people viewing the ad, and simultaneous Kelley Blue Book entries. Additional features cost between $15 and $20 more, including a vehicle history report, premium ad placement and extra photos. Ads can be renewed every 30 days free of charge after initial payment.

3. Autolist

Autolist was established in 2014 and features more than 1.3 million unique site visitors and 400,000 unique monthly users of its mobile app that makes it the best choice for mobile phones. The company is not BBB accredited, but has an organization’s A+ rating. The Autolist makes navigating millions of used car listings from car shopping applications and dealer websites easier for shoppers. It provides valuable information on every vehicle, days on the market, price changes and the CARFAX report, both on its web site and on the user.

Autolist contains a quote that compares the price of a certain car against similar listings to ensure the best deal for the shoppers. Registering for a gratuitous account also allows users to setup vehicle email alerts based on search criteria. Autolist also liken quotes from local car dealers to help shoppers save money when they buy a new car. In 2020, CarGurus bought Autolist which allows owners to sell their cars online through a smart tool that calculates the fair cost of their car on the basis of other vehicles in their area.

4. Hemmings

Hemmings was originally established as a small four-page car magazine in 1954 and is a leading classic car website with 20,000 searchable car ads. Combined with a market site for car parts and tonnes of classic car resources, it’s the best place for classic cars. The firm is not BBB accredited, but it is classified as A with the company. Hemmings also offers several resources for true classic car fans, in addition to serving as an online marketplace for classic cars. These include price guides, purchasing tips, online dealers and auction displays, a blog, a newsletter and several magazines for classic car lovers.

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While the major competitor to Hemmings,, has about 40,000 entries, Hemmings offers a searchable database of classic car components for sale and a choice of classic car die-cast models, clothing, books, walls and more. Hemmings offers a series of advertising packages based on each seller’s needs. A two-week auction list can be made available to users for $99.95 including a professionally-written ad, unrestricted photo, video, dedicated listing concierge and six months of premium advertising classified.

Hemmings offers two pricing packages for those who sell outright: Silver for $129.95 including a small 35-word commercial with up to 35 photos, and Gold for $189.95, with a big 75-word ad with up to 50 photographs. All adverts last one month and for six months online in the Hemmings Motor News magazine.

5. AutoTempest

AutoTempest was founded in 2008 as an online classifieds aggregator for cars. It is the best for comparing options because it draws results from the most databases, including Craigslist, eBay,, AutoTrader, CarsDirect, Carvana, and others. Aside from the sheer number of sites it visits, one of AutoTempest’s advantages is that it can automatically filter listings in your area when possible. If a shopper is in Chicago, for example, the site will only compile postings in the Chicago area. Users can also fine-tune their search by simply selecting the sites from which they want results. You can, for example, limit your searches to only AutoTrader and CarsDirect if you prefer.

While AutoTempest does not have as many search options as AutoTrader, it does allow shoppers to search by basic search parameters as well as mileage, price, Kelley Blue Book value, whether a CARFAX report is available, and other factors. Searches can also be saved and retrieved later via a web browser or the AutoTempest mobile app. AutoTempest also provides a number of helpful resources for car buyers, such as car reviews, buyer guides, checklists, negotiating tips, and more. Through a partnership with the company, car owners can even sell their cars directly to Carvana.

6. CarGurus

Langley Steinert, co-founder of TripAdvisor, founded CarGurus in 2006 to help consumers post questions and reviews about cars and local dealers. The company later added a marketplace to its site, as well as a car evaluation tool, making it our choice for the best site for cheap cars. CarGurus is BBB-accredited and has an A+ rating with the organisation. CarGuru differs from most other online auto markets in that it assigns a “deal rating” to each car and ranks the results from best deal to most overpriced. Because no one can pay to boost their listings, only dealers who consistently provide the best deals will receive the best ratings.

CarGurus also employs advanced algorithms that compare every detail of a car to similar cars on the market in order to determine the market value of any vehicle. When combined with information on how long a car has been listed and whether its price has risen or fallen over time, this helps shoppers determine whether they’re looking at a good deal or if they have room to negotiate. CarGurus continues to provide a wealth of car reviews and other research tools to help educate and inform car buyers about the quality of new and used cars. CarGurus also allows owners to list their car for free on its marketplace and charges a $99 fee when the car sells. A quick comparison tool assists sellers in setting a reasonable price, and the site’s pre-created fields ensure that the most important information is included in every listing.

7. Vroom

Vroom is a used car retailer based in New York City that provides a full-service e-commerce experience that allows customers to buy, sell, and finance cars entirely online. Vroom also allows you to shop by vehicle type, with trucks, SUVs, and sedans available. Furthermore, when shopping with Vroom, they guarantee quality inspected cars as well as a free CarFax vehicle history report and a free limited warranty. The limited warranty lasts 90 days or 6,000 miles, and the majority of the vehicles on Vroom’s website are still covered by the original manufacturer’s warranty.

Vroom provides a car-buying process that eliminates all haggling and hassle and streamlines the vehicle-purchasing process for you. Vroom will ship your vehicle to your home address or a nearby location of your choosing, making pick up and delivery a breeze. Furthermore, Vroom guarantees your vehicle selection with a seven-day return guarantee. You have 7 days or 250 miles to decide whether you want to keep your vehicle. If you are dissatisfied with your selection, Vroom will arrange for the car to be returned to their inventory.

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8. Cars & Bids

Doug DeMuro, an automotive reviewer and YouTube celebrity, founded Cars & Bids in 2020 to help modern car enthusiasts buy and sell cars quickly and safely. Because of its ease of use and emphasis on protecting both buyers and sellers, the site is our choice for the best auction site. Unlike other auction sites that can take weeks to list a seller’s auction, Cars & Bids lists cars as soon as possible and works with sellers to determine the best schedule. The site also has a simple submission process that informs sellers quickly whether or not their car will be accepted.

In order to protect car buyers, Cars & Bids provides a vehicle history report free of charge for every vehicle it auctions rather than asking the seller to pay for one. As an added bonus, Doug DeMuro will select a listing to review on occasion, bringing extra eyes and buyers to specific auctions. Cars & Bids charges less than other auction sites, charging between $49 and $89 per listing and charging a 4.5 percent buyers fee with a minimum of $225 and a maximum of $4,500. The site also provides a detailed description of its buying and selling process, as well as FAQs that guide buyers and sellers through each stage of the auction process.

9. EBay

EBay Motors is no longer just a rare car auction site. Thousands of used and new cars are listed in classified style listings by dealerships and private sellers. Whether you’re purchasing a custom show car or a late-fashioned Chevrolet, eBay probably has at least one of these cars. The “Replica/Kit Make” area and the “Racecar (Not Street Legal)” category include other great searches on eBay motors. It is one of the best car sites where nearly anything can be thought of.

10. Carmax

Carmax is specialised in high-quality pre-owned and certified used cars, many with the famous Carmax guarantee on the internet. This website is not the best place for anyone who wants a murderous deal with its hail free policy, but for people who want to shop easily and buy a car. Without the fear-inducing Craigslist test drive, Carmax can be a good option to those looking for easy browsing and buying online. You can browse, purchase, and pick up the car online or on your mobile app.

What are the functions of used car sites?

Used car sites allow people to buy or sell used automobiles online. Most offer robust search engines, car history reports and purchasing guides that help purchasers find what they need. Used car sites usually do not involve themselves in vehicle transactions and rely on sellers and purchasers to make their own arrangements. In addition, several Web sites offer market guides and car reviews that can help buyers and sellers and even provide funding calculators and partnerships with lenders and insurance companies.

How we picked the best used car sites?

For this review, we looked at over a dozen used car sites and chose sites that either had a long history of selling cars or provided safe and personal experiences for shoppers looking for specialty vehicles. We also made sure to choose sites that offered detailed search engines to help shoppers compare the features they most wanted, because buying a used car can be overwhelming, scary, and stressful. Our list was topped by sites that provided comprehensive buyer guides and current car reviews, as these resources can assist shoppers in making informed purchasing decisions.


There appear to be as many used car sites as there are used car types, buyers, and sellers. Nonetheless, AutoTrader stands out from the crowd due to its long history of selling used cars online and advanced search tools that make it simple to find the ideal car. For those looking for a more straightforward shopping experience, CarsDirect allows shoppers to compare listings from local dealers without becoming overwhelmed, while Autolist provides the best mobile shopping experience. In terms of pricing, CarGurus’ unique deal rating assists shoppers in finding the best value for their money.

Hemmings has a plethora of classic car listings, car parts, car shows, and car talk to satisfy even the most ardent vintage car fanatics. Those looking for one-of-a-kind cars from the 1980s to today will appreciate Cars & Bids’ quick and easy car auctions, as well as the reasonable listing and commission fees.

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