Top 8 DNS/Content Filtering for Home to Protect Family and Kids from Cyber Threats

You can safeguard your children from visiting hazardous websites by employing DNS filtering. Even with today’s fast-paced technology, one thing remains unresolved and may never be solved. It is the Internet’s security issues. Whatever our technological advancements, the Internet has always been a fertile ground for hostile attacks and cyber dangers.
Stopping using the Internet is not the best advice. Because it is such a useful item, doing so will limit your living options.
One fantastic solution that will safeguard your family from cyber-attacks is to utilize DNS or content filtering. And that is what you will learn in this post. But first, let’s go through the definition of “DNS filtering.”

What exactly is DNS filtering?

DNS filtering, which stands for Domain Name System filtering, is a method of preventing you from accessing dubious web pages or IP addresses. Once you’ve enabled a DNS filter, you can browse the Internet with confidence, knowing that the filter will prevent you from visiting harmful websites by displaying a “block page” that explains the purpose of the prevention. You can also manually ban individual URLs if you are certain they will not be visited in the future.

Advantages of DNS Filtering

There are numerous advantages to adopting DNS filtering for you and your family. You’ve definitely had a taste of it by now, but here’s what more you should know:

Ensures secure Internet access

By using DNS filtering, you can prevent dangerous websites from stealing your personal information. Other dangers include:

Safeguards your information

We all have essential data on our devices, and most of the time, we are clueless about backing it up. If this is the case for you, you risk losing everything if you access unsafe web sources. Fortunately, the following software does it for you.

Safeguards your gadget

We all have essential data on our devices, and most of the time, we are clueless about backing it up. If this is the case for you, you risk losing everything if you access unsafe web sources. Fortunately, the following software does it for you.

Protection from viruses

Visiting malicious websites, whether from your phone, tablet, or computer, has the potential to harm your device. Some websites can remotely install viruses on your device, compromising its functionality and rendering it largely worthless.
So let’s look at the following tools.

8 DNS/Content Filtering for Home to Protect from Cyber Threats

The following options are suitable for both personal and business use; you can also look at DNS filtering for business.

1. Sophos

Sophos Home is an effective DNS filter with artificial intelligence that blocks viruses, malware, and other hazardous threats with ease. It has been praised by firms such as IGN and Mac World. It is available for both Mac and PC and provides a wide range of security features, including:

  • Parental authority
  • Banking safety
  • Identity theft prevention
  • Browser security
  • Privacy safeguards
  • Malware defense
  • Antivirus in real time
    It is designed to keep up with the real-time dangers that occur on a daily basis as a result of your browsing habits. You can download and use this for free with restricted capabilities, or you can choose one of their subscription plans, which start at $45/year.
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2. CleanBrowsing

CleanBrowsing is a superb DNS-based filtering application that will keep your kids and the entire family safe from dangerous attempts by allowing you to browse the internet without any “surprises.” You will not need to download any additional software to utilize it because it is DNS-based. All you have to do is alter your internet service provider’s DNS. It’s as simple as that. The free plan itself includes numerous fantastic features, such as:

  • Filtering security against phishing, ransomware, and dangerous sources
  • Blocks unsuitable pornographic content
  • Specially developed family filter for age-appropriate usage

If you want to use more advanced features, you may sign up for one of their subscription plans, which start at less than the price of one Starbucks coffee per month.

3. ESET Parental Control

ESET Parental Control, another excellent DNS-filtering solution, operates perfectly on both desktop and mobile devices. In a nutshell, this service does the following:

  • Filters off unsuitable pornographic content.
  • Limits screen time and prevents the installation of potentially harmful software.
  • Tracks browsing habits.
  • Tracks the location of your child’s phone.

You also receive a 30-day free trial with all of these outstanding features. Following that, you can choose among their paid options, which start at $49.95 per year.

4. Cloudflare Gateway

Cloudflare Gateway is an excellent solution for home or workplace networks. It contributes to Internet security by keeping malicious content out of your network. It works by routing all traffic through their DNS servers and developing a policy that allows you to specify what you want to allow or restrict. All configuration is done via the lovely dashboard, where you can adjust everything.
SafeSearch should be enabled. Block questionable websites, malware, phishing, spam, spyware, crypto mining, and botnets. Block traffic based on categories such as narcotics, child abuse, safe for children, deceptive advertisements, and others.
You can also expressly approve or deny access to a website. The best part is that you can get started for FREE, which is plenty for household use. Once configured, Cloudflare will begin filtering traffic and display the “Access limited” page if it is intended to be prohibited.
Cloudflare DNS can be set up on a computer running Windows, macOS, Linux, or a network router. If you have several devices, installing on a router will safeguard every linked device.

5. SafeDNS

SafeDNS lives up to its name by providing a powerful web security barrier that puts you in complete control of your children’s browsing habits. It is an award-winning solution that safeguards your family from a variety of cyber threats. Some fantastic aspects include:

  • Blocks pornographic, aggressive, and malicious websites to ensure acceptable browsing.
  • The ability to build three distinct filters for your family’s various age groups.
  • Set a timer to limit your screen time.
  • Ads that are spammy or annoying are blocked.
  • The ability to filter certain networks or the entire network.
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SafeDNS is giving a 15-day free trial with all of these fantastic features. Following that, premium plans begin at $19.95 per year.

6. Open-DNS

OpenDNS is one of the most prominent DNS service providers available today. According to studies, one in every three US schools uses OpenDNS to safeguard their network. This service has two free options as well as two paid plans beginning at $19.95 per year.
An outstanding feature of this service is that once the DNS filter is active, each device to which you connect from then on will be protected from a variety of risks. You can connect any device, including a laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

7. Net Nanny

Another DNS service that employs artificial intelligence to easily block dangerous online sites. Net Nanny is ranked first among other parental control apps by Tom’s Guide. That alone demonstrates how terrific of a service this is. It has a lot of wonderful features, such as:

  • Capability to monitor your child’s internet usage.
  • Limiting children’s screen time with a single finger touch.
  • Suspicious websites are blocked.
  • Control what your children may and cannot access on the internet.
  • Adult content is blocked, and individual URLs can be blocked.

Net Nanny is available for Mac OS, Android, iOS, and Kindle. It has different plans for different devices, so check out their price chart to get a better understanding.

8. Circle

Circle, a fantastic device that comes with an interactive app, has to be one of the greatest selections on our list. Forbes, TechCrunch, and USA Today have all lauded it. It protects your children’s browsing behavior in a variety of ways, including:

  • Imposing restrictions on their phone’s use.
  • Review what your child has been browsing throughout the day.
  • Be able to switch off the internet before bedtime or when studying.
  • Be able to reward your children with additional screen time as needed.
  • You can pause/resume internet access whenever you want.

The app that comes with this service is, in my opinion, the most appealing aspect of it. It’s so much fun and easy to use that you’ll want to keep using it. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Circle, unlike some of the other DNS filters on this list, is a physical device that is mailed to you when you order it. It costs $129 for a one-year subscription that includes all features.


I hope the DNS filtering tools listed above help you prevent becoming a victim of cyber threats in the future. To secure your identity, you may want to employ VPN services in addition to filtering programs.

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