11 Best Golf Handicap Apps for Android and iOS

How good of a golfer an amateur might be is determined by looking at their prior scores, which are what the golf handicap is built on. To avoid any confusion when determining your golf handicap, you may wish to use one of the top golf handicap apps available.
Numerous golf handicap apps are available for both iOS and Android. You can choose the app that best meets your needs from among its many features. There are a wide variety of useful apps available on the App Store, from GPS trackers to handicap calculators.

11 Best Golf Handicap Apps for Android and iOS

The development of golf handicap apps are aimed at amateurs has made determining one’s handicap a breeze. The following tools will improve your golfing experience and allow you to keep track of your handicap.

1. GHIN Mobile

GHIN Mobile

Access to comprehensive golf handicap data is available through the USGA’s GHIN program. As an official app, GHIN Mobile makes it easier to administer games and gives users a more personalized mobile experience.
Golfers whose clubs use GHIN’s services will find this app particularly useful. Included in its useful features are a scorecard and a golfer lookup directory. Your final score and hole-by-hole performance may be displayed.
You may keep track of your driving accuracy, greens in regulation, and puts with the help of GHIN Mobile’s statistics tracking feature. The handicap calculator is the main feature you’re looking for. The golf handicap calculator is a breeze with GHIN Mobile.

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2. Diablo


Diablo is a popular handicap tracker that helps players find their relative strengths and weaknesses. This free tool lets you keep tabs on your pals while also posting reviews, ratings, and comments on Facebook. It’s even feasible to use the contact list to directly attract new members.
Using Diablo, one can accomplish a great deal. After submitting 5 scores, you will receive a Handicap Index in addition to being able to share your results on social media. As an added bonus, you can join USGA-approved golf clubs and review your previous scores.
Diablo’s GPS features also make it a great tool for finding local golf courses. It has information on 18,000 different golf courses, and you can use that to plan your next round.
There is no need for a handicap card because your scores will be recorded online. Without worrying about losing your handicap card, you may check your scores anytime, anywhere on your smartphone by logging into Diablo.

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3. TheGrint


For all levels of golfers, TheGrint is a must-have app. This device satisfies the standards set by the United States Golf Association (USGA), and it comes with a number of features, such as a GPS rangefinder and golf statistics. TheGrint was developed for those who need a virtual caddie in the form of a mobile app.
When you join, you become part of a large network of golf enthusiasts. Connecting with other golfers allows you to compare scores in real-time scoring events, post and comment on stunning golf images, and brag about your skills. There’s nothing missing that would make golfing more enjoyable.
This app not only makes keeping score easier, but it also keeps track of your stats in one convenient place on your phone. With this program, you may evaluate your game stats and get a reliable handicap index.

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4. mScorecard


Enjoy a higher level of play with mScorecard, the best golf handicap calculator software available. Up to five players’ stats, including pars, eagles, and bogeys, can be recorded. It’s great to be able to quickly and easily input your game stats and shot data.
This program will keep track of your golfing stats, including your handicap, as you play. And it works with a wide range of disability programs already in use in many countries.
mScorecard does more than just keep score and calculate handicaps; it stores the whole game history in your pocket. A limitless number of courses, players, and rounds can be played, and there are also sophisticated round statistics. Put them on a server so they may be accessed from anywhere.
This app makes use of your phone’s GPS to show you the distance to the closest golf courses. It opens the door to exciting add-on games like Skins, Stableford, Eagles, and Birdies. You should brag to your pals if you’re pleased with your result.

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5. SwingU


For golfers of any ability level, SwingU is an indispensable GPS rangefinder and scorekeeping tool. The developers put a lot of thought into making sure you’re happy with this program, so it’s not surprising that it’s quite efficient and uses little power.
The GPS rangefinder can be used on most golf courses around the world once it has been downloaded. A digital scorecard is also provided to keep track of your strokes and birdies. After submitting scores from three rounds, you will receive a free handicap.
Do you consider yourself a golfing rookie? The app’s daily golf lesson recommendations will start working for you. Get daily lessons from PGA pros to help you round out your game. SwingU is fantastic because it is trustworthy and easy to employ. You have access to highly functional supplementary software for your games, and the creator is constantly improving new features.

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6. Simple Handicap

Simple Handicap

Are you on the lookout for the best golf handicap applications that include a clean design and user-friendly interface? If that’s the case, you could find that Simple Handicap is the best solution for your needs.
If you want to quickly determine your golf handicap, this app uses the World Handicap System. This system has been meticulously crafted for the use of amateur golfers who are responsible for tracking and learning their own handicap index.
Downloadable at no cost, Simple Handicap’s user interface couldn’t be easier to operate. All you have to do is pick your favorite course, submit your best 18-hole score, and then tally up the round. Your golfing score will be automatically calculated by the program.

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7. Golf Handicap Calculator

Golf Handicap Calculator

Among golf handicap trackers, this is among the best. Millions of casual golfers have put their faith in this mobile app to determine their handicaps because of its robust set of features. It’s a good bet even though the USGA hasn’t approved it.
With the Golf Handicap Calculator, you may determine your handicap in accordance with the most recent ruleset. It offers tens of thousands of courses and supports 9-hole scoring combos. The course’s grade and slope can also be entered manually.
This is a revolutionary improvement above previous methods of determining handicaps. For a given course, the computer determines your handicap and the maximum stroke allowed. It also lets you hang on to every drawback forever. Being able to confide in one’s companions about one’s weaknesses makes one’s situation less lonely.
Moreover, the Golf Handicap Calculator promotes communication between players. You can keep tabs on their handicaps and scores, as well as get alerts if they publish new scores.

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MOGC is a great way to improve your game of golf without complicating things. You can submit an infinite amount of scorecards, keep track of your golf handicap history, and use it at the vast majority of courses across the world.
It is a competent scorekeeper as well as a handicap calculator. The program supports a variety of supplementary games and penalties, and it gives you the ability to keep track of scorecards from any golf course. In addition, this tool has you covered in terms of tracking the highest levels of success.
The statistics of the game of golf are also covered at MOGC. Using this function, you may view round statistics, weather information, par 3–5 data, and more.
Why not get in touch with old pals? Scorecards, statistics, and even friends’ handicaps may all be shared and seen with MOGC’s built-in sharing feature. If you want to challenge yourself more, you can compete with your friends and keep tabs on the standings on a real-time leaderboard.

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9. Golf Handicap Group & League

Golf Handicap Group & League

If you’re looking for a free app to keep track of your golf group’s handicaps, look no further. While the software isn’t designed for casual golfers, it’s a great resource for league organizers. By adhering to the latest USGA handicapping standards, this ensures that your group is in good standing.
An infinite number of golfers’ handicaps can be managed on this platform, created by the same people behind the Golf Handicap Calculator program. It also makes it easier to determine golf handicaps in accordance with the new rules. Furthermore, it allows for the inclusion of thousands of course ratings and gradients.
Using this program, your group’s handicaps can be saved and accessed later. Your mobile device serves as a repository for the data, making it available whenever and whenever you need it. Additionally, the ratings can be saved up and recovered in the event of data loss.
This program’s UI is well-designed and easy to use, making it a pleasure to use. The features are easy to use, and the software runs very smoothly considering it’s free.

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10. Handicap Tracker

Handicap Tracker; golf handicap apps

As a follow-up, there’s Handicap Tracker, a handy tool for keeping score and calculating your golf handicap. This app’s simplicity and clean design are its strongest points. This iPhone software can help you play better.
There are many ways in which Handicap Tracker can help you. Using the USGA Handicap and Slope (WHS) formula, the handicap calculator is the main draw. It works with the vast majority of golf courses across the world, giving you plenty of opportunities to push yourself and hone your game.
It is our hope that Handicap Tracker will make keeping track of your handicaps much easier. The application keeps track of your performance over time, saving data such course name, date, rating, slope, score, and differential on your mobile device. When the time comes, launch the program and show the information.
Free to download and use, Handicap Tracker is an excellent software for your iPhone. Without any affiliation with the USGA, you may still get a rough idea of how good a golfer you are.

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11. MyScoreCard

MyScoreCard; golf handicap apps

When it comes to keeping track of your golfing stats and handicap online, MyScoreCard is your best bet. Complete with USGA-compliant handicap indices and a detailed performance report, it has everything you need to monitor your game.
The functionality of MyScoreCard will quickly become a favorite. It tallies up the score from beginning to end, hole by hole, and shot by shot. It shows not just your current golfing ability but also the score you hope to achieve in your upcoming round. The program also allows you to monitor more than 40 different professional indicators.
Make an effort to input your score for each hole, and MyScoreCard will automatically produce your statistics. This software is useful for times when you need to track down your pals at a crowded bar or nightclub. See how your most recent results stack up against theirs.
MyScoreCard provides its users with a wealth of features, including round history, a database of thousands of courses, and easy account access. Thank goodness, you don’t have to empty your wallet to get your hands on this golf app.

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The top golf handicap apps aim to improve your game. Make use of these helpful golf handicap apps for automatic handicap calculating and save yourself the time and effort of doing the math by hand.

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