Top 5 Ways To Film Stunning Makeup Reels For Instagram

Ways To Film Stunning Makeup Reels For Instagram will be described in this article. Now that you’ve created the private label makeup business of your dreams, it’s time to build content to get your brand and products into the digital space! Filming makeup reels is a great way to use your creative juices and have fun with creating content.

Top 5 Ways To Film Stunning Makeup Reels For Instagram

In this article, you can know about Ways To Film Stunning Makeup Reels For Instagram here are the details below;

Types of makeup reels

There are a few types of reels to choose from, but don’t be afraid to experiment with every reel type.

  • Entertaining: These are composed of funny and/or trending audio and filming formats. This is your chance to create content to get further reach if you decide to use trending audio.
  • Educational: Giving value to consumers is a great way to set your brand as an expert in the makeup industry. People will start to look to your brand for advice or resonate with your products because you know what ingredients work best!
  • Product presentation: Great for product launches and showcasing the best parts of your product.
  • Share your story: Sharing the personal side of your business such as showcasing the team, behind the scenes, and more. Putting a face to the company allows customers to feel more connected to your company.

You may find that having a mix of all of these types of reels can work for your business! The best part is? You can repurpose reel content to create Instagram stories that people want to watch so you can reach a bigger audience. Without further ado, here are 5 ways to film makeup reels for Instagram.

You may find that having a mix

1. Get ready with me (GRWM)

Nothing like sharing your “get ready with me” (or GRWM) routine for your followers to watch! Creating a GRWM reel is a personable way to share your lifestyle and a subtle way to give shout-outs to your favorite products (including your own makeup brand).

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The step-by-step routine is not a new trend but it continues to grow as more celebrities showcase their routines with Vogue in the “Beauty Secrets” series. It feels like an inside look or an intimate moment as we watch GRWM videos. Not convinced yet on creating GRWM content? If you peer into TikTok, the hashtag #GRWM is garnering 35 billion views and Instagram has a growing number of 800,000 posts for #GRWM content.

As you get ready for the day, you can take extra time to film this video. You can spice up the video by sharing some fun facts about your company or yourself or share what you’re up to today, as if you’re talking to a friend while getting ready.

The set-up:

  • Ring light positioned in front of your face
  • Makeup mirror to apply makeup
  • Camera or phone on tripod for a stable shot
  • Face the window for natural lighting

2. Makeup transformations

Play with transitions, quick camera pans or a head/hand swipe to transform your look and surprise the audience. When creating makeup transformations for Instagram Reels, it’s important to showcase your process and make it engaging for your audience. Use a variety of shots and angles to keep your viewers interested.

Makeup transformations

3. Morning and night routines

Now more than ever, consumers are more health and wellness-conscious about their body and skin. A great way to pique the interests of your health-conscious consumers is to share morning and night routines in your Instagram Reels.

Morning and night routines

Sharing your beauty routines on Instagram is an excellent way to showcase your products and demonstrate how they can be used. This can help to increase brand awareness and encourage your followers to try out your products themselves.

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4. Swatch videos

Swatch videos

People love seeing swatches on different skin tones. Visual representation of your products show an authentic look of what your products look like – a fantastic tool for consumers to make a purchasing decision. Also check video editing apps

Swatch videos are great to show a visual representation of your beauty product’s texture, color, shine, and finish. This is especially important for makeup products like lipsticks, eyeshadows, and blushes, where it’s difficult to judge the shade just by looking at the packaging.

Swatch videos can also be visually appealing and entertaining to watch. The process of swatching products can be relaxing, and the different colors and textures can be aesthetically pleasing.

5. Highlight ingredients

Highlight ingredients

One way to communicate your brand values to your customers is to showcase the key ingredients of your products. If you’re looking to serve customers who care about the ingredients that go on their skin, you can make mini 6 second reels with close-ups of your product to share your love for your favorite ingredients. Also check instagram video downloader


There are many creative ways to make reels that can increase your brand awareness, you just need to find the ones that resonate with your audience!

Finally, don’t forget to add music and text overlays to your reels. This will help to enhance the overall look and feel of your video and make it more shareable. You can also believe adding links to your Instagram stories to guide viewers to the right place.

Overall, creating makeup transformations for Instagram Reels can be a fun & innovative way to showcase your beauty brand. With the right video plan, lighting, and editing, you can make stunning videos that will captivate your audience & help grow your following.

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