10+ Best Free Cell Phone Tracker Apps in 2023

Want to find a cheap way to monitor your phone’s location? If yes, then you have reached the right place. In this article, we’ll go over some of the best cell phone tracker softwares on the market right now, as well as how reliable they are, how much they cost, and what features they offer.
Virtually every parent today is curious about their child’s digital activities and whereabouts. The existence of potentially harmful dangers is causing this. Furthermore, your gadget can get lost or stolen during a disaster too.

Purpose Of Phone Tracker Applications?

Phone Tracker applications, which utilize powerful and precise GPS tracking software, help you find your phone and friends. Your Tracking system will notify you when a close relative is in the area. The use of cell and GPS tracking in this program helps to extend battery life and improve accuracy.

An program called a “phone tracker” can be used to monitor a mobile phone’s whereabouts. To track down a misplaced or stolen mobile device, download this program. The program also has a parental monitoring feature. You have access to all of the data stored on the kid’s mobile device, including their position, contacts, and even what they’ve been up to online and in their various social media accounts.

Why Should You Use A Cell Phone Tracker?

The need for a GPS tracking software is evident when considering the following factors:

  • It ensures your child’s security by letting you keep tabs on them in real time.
  • Geofencing enables you to set up safe areas for your kid and receive notifications if those areas are ever entered.
  • They can help you find your belongings if you misplace them.

Best Phone Tracker Applications in 2023

This piece lists the best ten free phone tracker apps for monitoring a cell phone without installing anything on the target device.

1. FlexiSpy


FlexiSPY is another widely used phone tracking app on the list, and it is routinely rated among the best of its kind. One of the finest apps for remote monitoring, it offers a wide range of features that are easy to grasp.
FlexiSPY claims to be the most feature-rich of these surveillance apps. Users looking for a comprehensive phone spying experience will be pleased to know that it works flawlessly with both Android and iOS devices. However, it costs too much for most people to have access to all of its advanced functions.
In addition to monitoring calls and texts, the software can also be used to keylog and snoop on a target’s camera. The program works perfectly, and its features can be accessed with zero intervention from the user.


  • Using hidden mode to avoid program removal is a good idea.
  • The program can be automatically disabled or removed.
  • Provide alerts within the user experience.
  • Sending commands remotely via the Internet.
  • Making use of a trusted secret code.

2. mSpy


When it comes to tracking down a mobile phone, mSpy is hands down the best option. It gives users access to nearly all of the apps installed on the target phone thanks to its extensive suite of sophisticated surveillance features. It is distinct from the rest of the apps on the list because of its main purpose as a parental monitoring tool.
Mobile phone tracking, GPS monitoring, multimedia file tracking, and web history tracking are just some of its functions. In this way, you can manipulate software on a hidden gadget from afar. Screen Recorder can be used to record activities in programs that mSpy does not directly enable for monitoring.
Knowing the significance of keeping private information safe even while being monitored, mSpy encrypts all data sent to the user with bank-level security.


  • Most text communications are tracked and read.
  • It is not necessary to jailbreak your device in order to access Chats.
  • Access to previously erased messages and chats.
  • It allows you to watch videos and music that you’ve saved to the gadget.
  • Take a look at your photos, browser data, camera, and contacts.
  • Inappropriate content on the target device can be blocked directly.

3. Glympse


Share your whereabouts with friends, family, and colleagues with Glympse, a free app that does just that. The app, which can be downloaded for free on both Android and iOS devices, shows users their current position in real time. This update can be disseminated without users downloading the program. Glympse is an app that lets you share your position whenever you want, with total control.
It’s the simplest method of letting your friends and family know where you are. It’s analogous to forwarding a route map via electronic messaging. There is no need to sign up, register in, or download an app. You can download Glympse to your mobile device and use it to broadcast your current position to anyone, for as long or as short a period of time as you like, making it ideal for sharing your whereabouts with new friends upon arrival at an airport.

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  • Allows for tracking of specific locations.
  • Gives users the option of using Public tags to talk about things like bike trails and local activities.
  • Integrated interactive map (with Changing Features).
  • Work on iOS 9.0 and later, and Android 4.0+.

4. Life360


The Android version of Life 360, a mobile tracking software, is available for no cost. The free software has a ton of features, some of which include a location history, the ability to share current and past locations, and notifications about nearby landmarks. You can create a “Favorites” list with the places you visit most often. Automatic SOS and accident notification are both part of the base package. There are premium membership tiers available for those who need or want access to more advanced tools.
It’s got good enough ratings to be featured as one of Google Play’s top picks. The free version will meet the needs of the vast bulk of users. To get access to premium features like emergency roadside assistance, limitless location alerts, identity theft security, and family safety monitoring, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid membership plan.


  • It makes tracking and sharing of where you’ve been easier.
  • Offers notifications based on location.
  • The automated SOS is included.
  • Supports Android 8.0 and more.

5. Snoopza


Snoopza is a free mobile phone tracking software that can only be used with Android devices. Tracking a phone virtually allows you to listen in on conversations, read text messages, and discover where the device is at any given time. Its target audience has no idea the program even exists.
As an added bonus, it takes up hardly any room at all and effectively eliminates memory loss warnings. A great aspect of this app is how quickly it can be installed—roughly five minutes. Once downloaded, the program can only be used on the specified Android device. Snoopza provides an excellent breakdown of how to implement it.
If you need just a few things from Target, the free option is all you need. Caregivers for young children may not have many requirements, so a complimentary plan is appropriate. You need a plan with more features to access your phone’s saved data and online activities if you have teenagers in the house or if you want to learn more about your partner.


  • Conversation can be listened in on.
  • Command short message service.
  • It has the capability to spy on online behavior.
  • The device has tracking features built in.
  • All Android versions 4 and above are supported.

6. Phone GPS Tracker

Phone GPS Tracker

The Google Play Market is where you can find the free app Phone GPS Tracker. The apps help you track down your phone using GPS technology. The GPS device has multiple uses, including free phone tracking. The device’s current location can be watched on another mobile phone. In addition, the program produces records detailing the user’s movement and actions in a given area.
Despite its superior features, Phone GPS Tracker has a relatively slow loading time. People who use the program but have slow Internet connections have complained that the interface doesn’t work. Furthermore, some customers have complained about the phone’s accuracy.


  • This is a web-based tool for tracking down a lost or misplaced phone.
  • Geofence.
  • Alerts for tracking are provided.
  • Features an adjustable time between checks.
  • It works with Android 5 and higher.

7. iKeyMonitor


One of the best cell phone tracking applications in 2023 is iKeyMonitor. A phone’s location, calendar events, and text texts can all be tracked with iKeyMonitor’s free plan.
For an additional $199.92 per year, users can also watch their inboxes, social media messages (including Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp), and even Snapchat conversations. This strategy is unique among spy apps in that it incorporates tracking of matchmaking services like Tinder and Bumble.
We also like iKeyMonitor because it has a focus on monitors. This eliminates the need to log into a web portal in order to get updates about new calls and texts on the target phone while on the go. The paid version of iKeyMonitor comes with video guides and a 30-day refund policy, but email is the only way to contact the company for help.

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  • WhatsApp and SMS text communications on iOS and Android devices can be monitored with iKeyMonitor.
  • It allows for scheduled screen captures of content created or viewed in a mobile device’s browser, camera, video player, messaging tool, or other web service.
  • You can restrict access to specific programs and services on iOS and Android with this tool.
  • On the device you’re aiming for, you can create a backup of your contacts.

8. GEOfinder

GEOfinder; phone tracker

To pinpoint a phone number’s exact position, GEOfinder works with any and all mobile networks. When seeking geolocation, your privacy will be protected. The best part about using GEOfinder is that you don’t have to run any additional software.
It’s a simple tool for tracking cell phone numbers that works on any mobile network and displays the position of any phone number on a map. Put in the target number and select the text message you want to deliver to that number. Then, the owner of the gadget will receive a text message with a special link. If you select the link in the user interface, the phone’s owner will tell you where it is.


  • Any phone number’s address is easily ascertainable.
  • Messages can be customized to your preferences.
  • You’ll be given a precise coordinate on a chart.
  • There are no limits placed on the posting of requests for geographic area.


Mobilespy. at; phone tracker

The monitoring software has many useful functions. It’s the only software of its kind that gives you constant access to your phone’s location data, camera feed, photos, call recordings, call alerts, and messages from services like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Vkm, and SMS. besides anything else you could possibly want.
The app does more than just monitor your whereabouts; it also alerts you whenever your phone approaches or leaves a specified geographical area (or “geofence”). In addition, parents may appreciate the app utilization tracker that shows which apps are frequently accessed on a child’s device. Limiting access to the phone during bedtime is just one of the many uses for’s time-based restriction feature.


  • One of Mobilespy’s features is a comprehensive summary of more than 2,000 different phones at once.
  • You can use it with any social networking service.
  • It keeps tabs on everything that goes through the targeted phone, including conversations, contacts, text messages, photos, and more.
  • Wireless data logging and positioning capabilities are built in.
  • All information stored on the phone is safe thanks to European data protection legislation.

10. uMobix

umobix; phone tracker

It monitors virtually all of the target phone’s activity. It gives real-time access to the target phone’s SMS messages, phone calls, GPS locations, web history, social media, and other data, and enables users to take screenshots of the device.
The tracker in uMobix makes it easier to keep tabs on a loved one’s phone. The use of a tracker can provide insight into your children’s online activities, including chats, websites visited, and messages sent.
As an added bonus, you can track down any accounts one might have made without your knowledge or consent. Any deleted or renamed friends along with any calls, connections, or texts will be shown. The dashboard is the best way to get a bird’s eye perspective of the device in question.


  • Real-Time user interface.
  • Enables real-time conversation recording.
  • Keeping tabs on incoming and outgoing SMS.
  • Integrated high-tech GPS receiver.
  • Allows for the tracking of a user’s browsing activity.
  • Allows viewing of the photo album.

Final Thoughts

The reliability of a tracking tool is the best indicator of its value. Having a bunch of extra features is useless if the software can’t actually monitor the phone. All of these apps have the ability to keep an eye on your gadget, and they all come highly suggested by actual users.
You should now have a much better idea of what to expect from the mobile tracker market thanks to the aforementioned summary. The effectiveness and affordability of the apps are assessed.
One of these programs will soon become your default option whenever you need to keep tabs on a mobile device.

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