11 Best Free Flashlight Apps for Android 2023

Android smartphones include a handy flashlight feature that is often neglected until it’s needed. The ability to shine a light is a feature of nearly every modern smartphone. On the other hand, you’ll have to settle for the standard fare of capabilities and features. Free Android flashlight apps are available if more advanced features are desired.
The Android Market is rife with free flashlight apps. However, it’s important to exercise caution while choosing, as certain apps can really damage mobile devices.

11 Best Free Flashlight Apps for Android

Here are some trustworthy and free options for Android flashlight apps.

1. Smart Flashlight

Best Free Flashlight Apps for Android: Smart Flashlight

Smart Flashlight is the best free app for Android that functions as a flashlight. Included with Smart Tools is a free flashlight app for Android devices. It’s general known that Android’s many features make a wide range of Smart Tools applications quite popular because they make our work easier. This application will use the camera’s LED flash for illumination.
If your device doesn’t have a flash, this software will turn the screen into one. You can also get more features and widgets within the app itself. For this reason, it is sufficient to launch the app straight from the home screen.

2. Flashlight


The creator of Peacock Photo Studio also made a flashlight app. In excess of 52,000 users have downloaded this app from the PlayStore. Different options for generating light from a mobile phone are included in this app.
The Flashlight’s most distinguishing features are its color-changing display and its torchlight functionality in the dark. This program has both a compass and a map, in addition to the SOS Morse Code Flash Light. So, you can continue reading in the dark even if the power goes out.

3. Torch – Tiny Flashlight

Torch - Tiny Flashlight

Over a hundred million Android users have downloaded this free flashlight app. The program’s power button and battery life indicator will appear upon launch. In addition, a notification will appear informing you that using a flashlight will shorten the life of the battery.
The program’s user interface is similarly straightforward. The flashlight may be turned on and off with the push of a button. Free plugins such as Police Light, Warning Light, Light Bulb, and Fast Light can also be obtained. The requirements for gaining access to the installation’s camera are similarly low though.

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4. Privacy FlashLight

Privacy Flashlight

If you’re concerned about the safety of flashlight apps, try this one out. The safety of user information is ensured by this application. This free Android flashlight software is quite compact, coming in at only 184 kilobytes in size.
Given the magnitude of the application, don’t count on it having many bells and whistles. The built-in LED lights and screen flashlight are guaranteed to meet your needs. However, you should give this program a shot. In conclusion, this program has a low resource requirement and provides security guarantees.

5. Brightest FlashLight

Brightest Flashlight

The LED flash on your smartphone is put to good use by this app. However, this utility will boost the illumination of the camera’s LED flash. Accordingly, this app will enhance your smartphone’s camera’s LED flash functionality.
Both the main screen and the backlit keypad on your smartphone can have their brightness adjusted within this application. As a result, this program has the potential to turn on every screen and LED on the user’s smartphone. The free Android software “Flashlight” has received 4.5 stars in the Google Play store.

6. Flashlight LED Genius

Flashlight LED Genius

The best free Android flashlight app is this one. That’s because this app has a Shake to Light function. Simply shaking your Android phone will now activate the flashlight.
This program also provides a wide variety of options for use with widgets and other forms of on-screen content. The Settings menu’s Advertisement submenu also allows ad removal. It’s worth noting that only camera access authorization is necessary for the installation.

7. Super-Bright LED Flashlight

Super-Bright LED Flashlight

The user interface of this app is better than that of competing apps. In keeping with its name, this app presents a flashlight that is noticeably more powerful than those offered by competing software. Also, the app’s intuitive design makes it easy to use.
The flashlight may be turned on and off with a slider on the home screen. The flashlight’s timer feature is useful if you want to turn it on for a predetermined period of time. There are nine different blinking patterns available when using the strobe effect.

8. Flashlight Ultimate

Flashlight Ultimate

It’s easy to find your way around with this free Android flashlight app. Plus, the interface of this app is designed to resemble a flashlight’s grip. Up top, you’ll find an on/off toggle and a directional compass on the screen.
Approximately one million downloads have been made of this app. When compared to similar applications, the brightness of the light produced by this one holds its own. There is a wide variety of exciting lighting effects at your disposal. Not only that, but the app’s light will continue to shine even while the screen is locked.

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9. Icon Torch – Flashlight

Icon Torch – Flashlight Best Free Flashlight Apps

Download this free Android app with a flashlight icon for those times when you need some extra illumination. To ensure that utilizing a flashlight won’t cause any problems when logging in or launching the app. If you need some extra light, just click the flashlight symbol.
Without a doubt, the absence of commercial breaks is the most compelling feature of this show. This software also guarantees an appropriate level of flashlight brightness. Just 27 kilobytes of RAM are needed to run this software, making it exceptionally low-impact.

10. Flashlight – Torch LED Flash Light

A free app, this one can transform your mobile device into a handy flashlight. Using this application is fast, easy, and effective. In addition, you can modify the software to meet your specific needs.
The Strobe function in this app rapidly flashes the LED light on your smartphone. It’s easy to get started with this software; all you have to do is hit the “ON” button. This software allows you to see while in the dark, so you can read while strolling.

11. Flashlight HD LED

Among the many flashlight apps available in the Google Play Store, this one is quite well-liked. Nearly 600,000 Android users have installed this app since its release many years ago. The interface of this program is simple and intuitive.
Also, a widget is included for quick access right from the start menu. Using this software, your mobile device’s screen can serve as a flashlight. To begin using this program, you should select the GO button.


That was a rundown of some of the best free Android flashlight apps available right now. They can be downloaded from the Play Store without cost. In order to select the most appropriate application, you must be familiar with its specifications.

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