How to Delete Someone from Messenger (Updated 2023)

Messenger is a fun, feature-packed instant chat app. Sometimes, however, you may want to get rid of a Messenger friend. You’re fortunate enough if you’ve been wondering how to remove a contact from Messenger. If you want to learn how to remove a Messenger friend, you’ve come to the right place. This program no longer features a delete button, but there are other means of erasing data (removing a contact).

How to Remove Contacts from Messenger

Even though the delete button was deleted in a recent update, there are still several ways to remove someone in Messenger. Whether or not you share friends, there is always a means to get things done. It’s also easy to remove someone from a club on this site.
Please be advised that a new version has been released. With this iteration, there are few modifications. You can now locate the People icon in the app’s middle-bottom. Tap this icon to locate the contact you wish to delete.

1. How to Remove a Friend from Your Friend List

Tap People icon then hit contact icon

How do you eliminate a contact from Messenger without the delete button? Even though Messenger has withdrawn the delete feature, you do not have to maintain contact with a friend you dislike. Fortunately, there is a straightforward alternative to accomplishing this. The following instructions will assist you in removing a friend from your list.

  • Activate the Messaging program on your device.
  • Select the People menu, and then the Contacts tab.
  • As of right now, you should be able to access your address book. Navigate to the profile of a person whose contact you want to delete.
  • To access it, look for an information symbol next to the contact’s name.
  • To start a new message, click the Message icon.
  • As soon as the new window appears, press the info icon once more for additional details. You should put it in the upper right area.
  • Please go down and click the Disable option.
  • You can block a user on Facebook or Messenger by tapping the corresponding icons. To access Facebook, a separate tab will open.
  • You can block a user on Facebook or Messenger by clicking the corresponding icons.
  • Repeatedly select the Stop button.
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It is not identical to removing the contact, but it functions similarly and even better. Even though they remain your Facebook friend, blocked contacts will be unable to send you messages. In addition, they can no longer locate you or send you a request. You can now enjoy Messenger without worry!

2. How to Remove a Non-friend from Messenger

Select Delete

If you frequently receive chats from a contact who is not on your friend list, the contact can be simply deleted. How do you delete Messenger contacts who are not in your friend list? It is truly a straightforward procedure, but you may need explicit instructions. Please adhere to these steps:

  • Release the Messenger program on your mobile device.
  • Select the conversation bubble at the foot of the display.
  • Select the person you want to delete and keep tapping it.
  • Choose the Erase option.
  • To cancel, press Erase.

This is how to delete a Messenger contact who is not in your friend list. They will no longer send you messages or appear as active friends after deletion.

3. How to Remove many Non-Friends from Messenger Altogether

Scroll down until you see Phone Contacts option

The number of calls to chat from strangers who aren’t already friends with you hasn’t decreased. If you’ve had enough, you can simply block them from contacting you further in Messenger. Although it may be tedious to remove each contact separately, you can eliminate them all at once.

  • Launch the Messaging program.
  • Click on your profile image. Position it in the upper left corner of the display.
  • Find the choice to add phone contacts by scrolling down. Click it.
  • Click on Manage connections afterward. A collection of people who are not friends with you has just appeared.
  • Choose the Delete All contacts option to get rid of them all at once.

This will remove all contacts who are not acquaintances from your Messenger. If you wish to prevent your phone contacts from synchronizing with Messenger, you may need to disable the feature.

Follow the steps below to prevent Messenger from synchronizing automatically with phone contacts:

  • Open the Messaging program.
  • Select your image from the menu.
  • Select the “Phone Contacts” choice from the menu that appears.
  • Tap Turn Off after you have chosen to Import Contacts.

This should halt the automatic synchronization of contacts with your phone. This means you will not see individuals in your Messenger’s active list or receive unwanted message requests.

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4. How to Remove Someone from a Messenger Group

Open group conversation that contains a person you wish to remove

An annoying and, at times, aggravating trait in a group is a member who never stops talking. The good news is that it’s easy to kick someone out of a group chat in Messenger. Once banned, the individual can no longer take part in group conversations. Here are several methods to remove an individual from a Messenger group:

  • Bring up the Messenger app on your Apple or Google smartphone.
  • You can’t just cut someone out of a group chat where they’re currently participating.
  • If you want to talk to someone, you can search for them and then tap their profile image.
  • Now, select the “Exit Group” button.

That is all. People who have been removed from the group will never be able to submit messages again. You and other members of the group may receive a notification that the individual has been removed.

5. How to Remove Friends on Messenger

tap on the profile picture to open the conversation box

Not only can you unfriend someone from Messenger, but you can also remove their contact information. Unfriending is a good option if you don’t want to put too many restrictions on the other person. If you defriend someone in Messenger, you won’t be able to reach them again.

When someone is blocked, you will no longer be able to contact them in any way, including through searches or texts; this is in contrast to the unfriending feature. That person can track you down again. Follow these procedures to remove a friend:

  • Open Messenger app.
  • Find a person you wish to unfriend. Use search feature to help cut your time.
  • Once the contact is found, tap on the profile picture to open the conversation box.
  • Tap View Profile at the bottom corner.
  • Choose Profile under the profile picture then select View Profile on Facebook.
  • Tap Friends option at the top then choose Unfriend.
  • Choose Confirm to conclude.

Once you delete a contact from Facebook or Messenger, they will be gone forever. Keep in mind that you may receive friend requests or messages from this person in the future. Once you unfriend someone on Facebook, however, they won’t receive a notice.


A Messenger friend may be difficult to delete after the Delete function was removed. The aforementioned choices, however, make it possible to get rid of an enem

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