12 Best Hidden Camera Detector Apps for Android and iOS in 2023

It’s impossible to tell if a hidden camera has been set in a hotel room, a public changing room, or a public lavatory. Thankfully, you can protect yourself from eavesdropping thanks to software that can detect hidden cameras. If you own an Android or iOS device, you can simply download apps to help you relax.
Most apps that claim to find hidden cameras also feature a scanner that can see through an entire room. Certain programs also feature a magnetometer that employs the phone’s magnetic sensor to locate cameras.

12 Best Hidden Camera Detector Apps for Android and iOS

Apps can be found in both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. We have selected the most reliable hidden camera detectors to help you find spy cameras in any area with a simple search.

1. Hidden Spy Camera Detector

Hidden Spy Camera Detector

An excellent camera finder for Android devices! After being downloaded to a user’s smartphone, the app instantly sweeps the entire house for signs of surveillance. Any covert spy camera in the room can be easily located with a lens detector.
An effective network scanner can reveal inconspicuous cameras, GPS trackers, and Bluetooth or Wi-Fi-connected listening devices. Check if the gadget you found is spying on you by clicking on its IP address if you find one.
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth scanners, as well as an easy-to-use UI, are just a few of the features found in Hidden Spy Camera Detector. It features everything you need to protect your privacy anywhere you go, so there’s no need to spend money on pricey detectors. This program is free to download, but more features can be purchased within the program for a small fee.

2. Hidden Camera Detector

Hidden Camera Detector

Over five million people have relied on this app to successfully scan for and locate hidden cameras. The software’s sleek and uncluttered layout makes it a breeze to learn and implement. Place your phone close to suspicious items like plant pots, artwork, or anything else.
It has a magnetometer that reads data from the mobile device’s magnetic sensor to determine the presence or absence of magnetic activity. A beep will only be produced by the program if it detects magnetic activity typical of a camera, so it won’t constantly buzz at you.
The software also features a detector for infrared cameras, allowing you to spot them. Put your gadget in motion and scan the white light on the screen. Since infrared is likely implied by the white light, more research may be necessary.

3. Hidden Camera Detector – Spy Camera Finder

Hidden Camera Detector – Spy Camera Finder

This additional safeguard against covert cameras will keep you safe from prying eyes. In public places like hotels, locker rooms, and washrooms, it can assist you find hidden cameras to ensure your privacy. Microphones, transparent spy cameras, and hidden cameras can now all be detected with the use of cutting-edge technology.
To get the best results, place the camera in close proximity to the objects of suspicion. Up to around 15 centimeters away, it performs optimally in detecting cameras. A magnetometer can help locate magnetic devices like microphones and cameras.
It also has an infrared detector for checking objects for infrared cameras and a radiation meter for finding covert cameras. Thanks to this app, your mobile device can serve as a practical camera detector.

4. Hidden Camera Finder 2020

Hidden Camera Finder 2020

You can use this helpful program to find covert cameras. It has a radiation meter and a magnetic meter built right in, so you can pinpoint the precise location of any nearby microphones or speakers from the convenience of your mobile device. It also has an infrared detection system for finding hidden cameras that use that technology.
The absence of domestic privacy concerns is a blessing. If you want to make sure no one is watching you while you change clothes or use the restroom in a public place, run this program first. This is how you protect your personal information while hackers advance their tools.
It uses magnetic analysis in the same way that other apps do to locate hidden cameras. What sets camera apart from other metals is the length and temperature at which its magnetic activity is at its strongest. So, this software will only make a noise if it finds a camera.

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5. Hidden Camera Detector/Finder

Hidden Camera Detector/Finder

Protect your personal safety and privacy when out in public by using Hidden Camera Finder. Use this reliable program to check that no one is tracking your every move. Detecting hidden microphones, cameras, and other spy gear is a breeze with its high-quality features.
It’s one of the best apps for Android devices thanks to its straightforward design. It has a magnetic field that makes electronic devices, notably cameras, easier to detect. It also has a microphone detector hidden within so you can rest assured that nobody is listening in on your conversations.
If you’ve been having privacy problems, this software will help immensely. Make sure a magnetic sensor is installed in your machinery. Put it on your Android and relax on trips and in the restroom.

6. Electronic Device Detector

Electronic Device Detector

Watch out for sneaky crooks who might be hiding anything! If you’re going to be using the hotel’s changing rooms or staying there for any length of time, you should probably check to see if anyone is watching you. Finding small, concealed gadgets that could cause unwanted exposure is a breeze with the help of an electronic device detector.
The instructions for using this program are rather elementary. Place it adjacent to the potential culprit, such as a vase of flowers, a lamp, or a mirror. If it senses metal, it will perform an assessment and emit a buzzer. By doing so, you will be able to go deeper into the spying thing.
It also provides several do-it-yourself methods for finding covert cameras. Protect your privacy when you’re out in public so you’re not contributing to the criminals’ extortion efforts. Make sure your phone has a magnetic sensor in order for the app to work properly.

7. Hidden Camera Detector

Hidden Camera Detector

This amazing app helps iOS users find and disable hidden cameras in public areas and on their networks. This apparatus has a built-in lens detector that can instantly search an area for spy cameras. It works great in private homes, communal restrooms and locker rooms, hotels, and even on the internet.
Not only does it work for covert cameras, but it also rapidly scans laptops and phones that may be used for espionage. This program can detect and inform you even if the device is being accessed remotely.
It has many features for enhanced performance. Use the iPhone’s camera and flash to locate concealed cameras; it’s that simple. There is a no-cost edition available, so you can try it out and see whether you like it before shelling out any cash. Increase your functionality by purchasing a premium version.

8. Spy Hidden Camera Detector

Spy Hidden Camera Detector

Spy Hidden Camera Detector is a good software to try if you don’t mind shelling out a few dollars. You can get unlimited access to all the features for a single price. You can use this software to find covert cameras in places like hotels and apartments.
Detection can be done either manually by a human or automatically by a machine. Whenever you spot a strange lens, you can use manual detection to know you’re looking at a concealed camera. Automatic detection will check for the presence of a covert camera in the meanwhile.
It also comes with an electromagnetic field (EMF) scanner, which can identify the presence of hidden cameras and other electrical devices by their signature magnetic fields. In addition, a Bluetooth scanner is also built in.

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9. Electromagnetic Detector EMF

Electromagnetic Detector EMF

Each piece of electronic machinery generates magnetic fields with different wavelengths and temperatures. Like many similar programs, it makes use of an EMF scanner to find covert cameras. Although it was not created with the explicit purpose of finding covert cameras in mind, it does a fantastic job of it nonetheless.
Once installed on an iOS device, it can instantly scan and identify electrical appliances that emit a magnetic field, such as microwaves, phones, and cameras. You’ll see on your screen all the data we have about magnetic fields.
It can find covert cameras and identify dangerous magnetic fields. You are in the vicinity of magnetic radiation whenever you hear a warning beep. You can learn more if the phone beeps when it comes close to suspicious items.

10. Hidden Spy Camera Finder

Hidden Spy Camera Finder

With Hidden Spy Camera Finder, your iPhone can now detect hidden cameras. With only one click, you can search, analyze, and find potentially dangerous devices. It works well for scanning public areas like conference halls, locker rooms, and hotels.
After initiating detection with the Start Detection button, the current network is scanned for any potential threats. There are a wide variety of cameras that benefit from this, including pinhole cameras, infrared cameras, wireless cameras, sleep cameras, and more. The interface is intuitive and clean, making it very easy to use.
In addition, the gadget employs cutting-edge technology to identify the camera’s infrared light source. Pick something to test the detector on, like a wall plug, some plants, a painting, or the edge of a mirror. You can use this program at no cost, however additional capabilities are available via paid subscription.

11. DontSpy 2

DontSpy 2

DontSpy, the most downloaded app of its kind, has a completely new look and is ready to take the surveillance camera detection world by storm. Peace of mind is afforded by the lack of in-app purchases and adverts. This revision makes it much easier to understand the data by illustrating the strength of the magnetic field with signal strength bars.
This program works with all forms of espionage technology, including hidden cameras, listening devices, and communication devices. A magnetometer is built in to report on any magnetic fields it detects from nearby devices. It has everything you need to make sure no one is spying on you.
The user-friendliness of the interface lies on its simplicity. Once loaded on an iPhone, it makes quick use of the device’s magnetic sensor to evaluate its immediate magnetic environment. It is recommended that you place your phone in close proximity to any potential threats for the best results.

12. DeviceOwl


Finally, DeviceOwl detects cameras in places where privacy is paramount, such as conference rooms, washrooms, and hotel rooms. Spy gear such as covert cameras and listening devices can be detected by it.
The trustworthiness of this tool is ensured by the incorporation of AI point-and-shoot technology. Made with discretion in mind, it blocks any attempts to record or listen in. This app makes it much easier to maintain your privacy when you’re away from home.
In order to scan a device with your iPhone, you must point it at the device in question. DeviceOwl explains what this gadget can do.


You should always be prepared with hidden camera detection apps on your smartphone if you frequently travel. This prevents anyone from prying into your personal life.

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