14 Best Songwriting Apps for Android and iOS

Thoughts about music lyrics are as random as the weather, as any artist will tell you. Sometimes a good line to a melody will come into their mind out of nowhere, but as soon as they sit down write it down, the idea night not be there anymore. The best Songwriting Apps will help you record those fleeting, but brilliant, musical ideas that will help you forget the pain.
Songwriting apps are convenient when you need to get your creative juices flowing away from your computer but still want to write some new tunes. You can capture all the memorable phrases and songs using these songwriting apps before they are lost forever.

14 Best Songwriting Apps for Android and iOS

There are songwriting apps for both the Android and iOS platforms. Here is a collection of the top mobile programs for composing music. Take control of your wild ideas by downloading one of these apps.

1. Songwriters Pad

Songwriter’s Pad

Songwriter’s Pad is one of the songwriting apps that makes it easier to compose songs. If you want to write a hit tune, this program will help you do it in a flash. If you have a great idea, you can record it in this program on your phone and refer to it later.
But hold on! More than just a note-taking app, Songwriter’s Pad also features a robust instrument for coming up with interesting musical concepts. Never before has it been this easy to write catchy lyrics. Feel free to come up with words that express your mood, whether it’s a positive one or not.
It can also find rhyming pairs of phrases (internet connection required). It also has a thesaurus and dictionary in case you need to look up a term or look up a synonym. Additionally, if you’ve ever struggled to keep track of your music scores and compositions, this program will solve that problem for you.

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2. Tully


Tully is an app that serves as a hub for artists and songwriters to not only create and record their ideas, but also organize and control them. This program’s user interface is so well thought out that it makes managing your creative material a breeze.
We think this is the best songwriting software because it provides a convenient place to record and organize your musical ideas. The primary function of this app is lyric writing, but other features, such as rhyming recommendations, a blend creator, and cloud server storage, are also available.
In addition to facilitating music distribution to key streaming platforms, creating share sheet agreements, and managing metadata, this application also provides a number of other useful features. Overall, it’s a flexible tool for any composer.

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3. Lyric Notepad

Lyric Notepad

If you compose lyrics, songs, or poetry, Lyric Notepad can help you keep your thoughts in order. Because it has a recorder built right in, this software can be used to do more than just jot down notes or look up definitions of unfamiliar words.
One of its features is a syllable counter, which helps you keep tabs on how many syllables are in your songs. On the left side of your computer, you’ll see a count of how many syllables there are. Lyrics can also be broken down into quarters using the measure option.
This software also features a metronome that can be viewed or listened to in order to provide an accurate BPM reading. Additionally, it has a journal feature that is useful for keeping account of thoughts and ideas.
To sum up, Lyric Notepad is a top-notch Android software for writing lyrics. It simplifies writing on your mobile device by providing a clean UI and a plethora of options.

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4. Maestro


The music composer Maestro makes it simple and quick to create new pieces. With over a million downloads on Google Play, it has helped millions of musicians, composers, and students all over the globe.
Quickly create your own melodies, harmonies, and layers with this program. And there’s a lot more you can do besides measure bar lines, like replicate symbols and use transposition. Also, you can change the speed, clef, time signature, and key signature.
More than a hundred different instruments, including organ, violin, guitar, percussion, etc., are supported by this program. Fun noises like a chopper taking off, waves lapping, a telephone ringing, birds tweeting, and a person screaming are all supported.
This program has many features and functionalities, including the ability to export to print sheet music, export to an audio file, and listen to your work. In a short amount of time, it rose to prominence as one of the best free Android apps for composing music.

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5. Write Songs Lite

Write Songs Lite

If you struggle to keep your lyrics in order or if you regularly neglect about great rhymes, this app is a fantastic tool for you. You can record your own creation, check a rhyming dictionary, store and share lyrics, and much more with this feature-rich software.
Manual management of both lyrics and playlists is an option for musicians and authors. In case you’re having trouble thinking of what to write, it can also come up with suggestions for you.
The ability to communicate musical ideas through different typefaces and emojis adds a new layer of intrigue to the process. You can save your music to an SD card or the cloud and secure it with a password.
The Write Songs Lite app is perfect for songwriters, musicians, and students who need to create their own songs from scratch.

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6. RoadWriter Lite

RoadWriter Lite

RoadWriter is a songwriting program designed for use on the go. Musicians, sound engineers, and other mobile workers who need to keep up their output and inspiration will find this tool indispensable.
Two distinct options are available in this software: Practice and Show. In the Rehearse mode, you can choose songs that have a structure, and in the Perform mode, you can see the full song.
The abundant features of RoadWriter Lite include quick and easy song creation, auto replay, skipping back and forth by 5 seconds, and erasing multiple tracks all at once. You’ll also like how it saves your work automatically whenever you get a call.
Have you been hoping to talk to some of your coworkers or clients? You can send song lyrics to friends via this app’s built-in support for email, Dropbox, text message, and more. It has a copy and restore function to make data restoration easier.

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7. Lyrics Writer with Chords

Lyrics Writer with Chords

If you want a straightforward program to write songs with, give Lyrics Writer with Strings some thought. Now it’s easier than ever to come up with your own songs thanks to the intuitive interface. This program allows you to write your own music lyrics or copy and paste your favorite one.
Auto-scrolling lyrics, crisp visuals, a plethora of typeface options, and automatic text highlighting are just a few of the features that make this application ideal for songwriters. Because you can use it without an internet link, too, your inspiration isn’t limited by your availability to the web.
The interface of this program makes its use intuitive. To add lyrics, pick the + button on the right side of the screen and start typing. The lyrics are yours to change or discard as you see appropriate.

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8. Songwriting Wizard

Songwriting Wizard

If you own an Android device, Songwriting Wizard is the best tool for writing music you’ve ever used. The formula is used to facilitate the development of a fresh tune. If you don’t know much about music, don’t worry; this program has you covered.
Features include the ability to change the song’s speed, tone, and genre, among many others. Each verse and chorus’s melody and chord progression are generated naturally by the subject.
Songwriting Wizard also helps with arrangement by letting you choose the sequence of individual elements. It also provides a wide variety of accompaniment rhythms for drums, keyboard, and bass that can be chosen at will.
If you like what you’ve written, you can save it as a MIDI file or print out sheet music. Sharing your songs with other users is another feature of this top-notch software for composing music.

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9. Simple Songwriter

Simple Songwriter

No matter how experienced a musician you are, Simple Songwriter could be the finest way to finish your song. This cool software has an easy-to-navigate interface and straightforward features, making it fun to make music with it. This program is tailor-made for musicians, letting you compose and record your own songs. You can also discover chords to use as building blocks for a great-sounding original song. Plus, the song’s key is easy to identify.
What if you find out the key doesn’t have a great sound? With Simple Songwriter, you can play around with different keys and analyze harmonic progressions on an individual basis.

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10. Songwriter Pro

Songwriter Pro; songwriting apps

The fact that thousands of songs have been written with Songwriter Pro makes it one of the most popular songwriter applications for iOS. This software boasts an extensive toolkit, all of which work together to boost efficiency and inspiration.
The finest songwriting app has many tools, such as a phrase and rhyme search, to help you write decent lyrics even if you’ve run out of inspiration. It also has a word search that can find terms depending on how we feel about them.
Audio recording and audio import are built-in tools for including instruments when writing. Recordings can be exported to popular cloud storage sites like Dropbox, Google Drive, and iCloud.

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11. Write Song

Write Song; songwriting apps

Anyone with even a basic understanding of music can use the Compose Song app to write and record their own tune. This program is popular for a reason; if you want to find out why, download it and join the crowd.
Because of how straightforward it is to use, anyone can compose songs with this program. It has many potential applications after being installed on an iOS device. For instance, you can use the same program to capture both the music and the lyrics.
Additionally, it offers music instrument calibration to aid in the fine-tuning of musical instruments. Since it has a color converter that actually works. It’s more convenient than ever thanks to the auto-scrolling text that won’t disrupt your sweet singing.

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12. Song Memo

Song Memo

In order to remember the meanings of lyrics, Song Recall is helpful. This program was made to assist you in the management of your recordings and the creation of harmonic progressions. As you take notes, the software will identify any recurring chord progressions for you.
In addition to songwriting and chord detection, this app also allows for key transposition and cross-platform music synchronization on iOS devices. In addition, this program lets you bring in tunes from the cloud, modify them, and then publish them for your friends to hear.

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13. iSongwriter

iSongwriter; songwriting apps

iSongwriter is a great app for anyone who wants to create songs but doesn’t have much musical training. This program makes it easy to make new chord progressions and alter existing ones for sections A through C. Making a melody that fits your chord arrangement is also made easier.
This software also lets you change the song’s speed, key, and tonality via the song’s properties panel. Patterns of instrumental accompaniment can also be generated.
This top-notch music-making software has an integrated streaming and projection system for streamlined collaboration. In addition, this instrument features support for audio bus, allowing you to record and mix music with other programs.

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14. Song-Writer Lite

Song-Writer Lite; songwriting apps

Song-Writer Lite is a free and easy-to-use music composition program. This software has a lot of great tools that make it easy to write songs wherever you are. While writing lyrics and recording audio are commonplace, a chord selector makes it easy to enter chords.
More than a thousand different chord diagrams for bass, guitar, banjo, or any other instrument can be found in this program. Easy PDF and MySongbook file saving ensures the safety of your work.

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Finally, the best songwriting apps can be a great help when it comes to keeping your songs in order. Using songwriting apps will help you have fun while composing songs by allowing you to capture any and all inspiration

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