Top 10 Best Free Anti-Tracking Software, in 2024

No matter what you do, if you use the Internet, you leave a digital trail. If such footprints are not being monitored for financial advantage, then that does not seem to be a concern. Unfortunately, that is not the situation right now, but the truth remains that every minute you spend online is being monitored. You might not be aware of it, but all of your online activities—including browsing, gaming, watching movies on streaming services, talking, and using social media—are being monitored. This aids in understanding your preferences and interests so that adverts can be displayed appropriately. Your desire to purchase a TV and the rapid appearance of TV advertisements on YouTube, unrelated websites, and other apps that accept advertisements was never a coincidence. This guide will help you select the best anti-tracking software, which won’t prevent advertising from appearing but will ensure that they aren’t tailored to your searches.

According to the Beyond the Front Page Study performed in 2024, on average, 55 cookie files are downloaded when you visit a website, and approximately 78 cookie files are downloaded when you see more pages on the same website. Some websites won’t let you access their material unless you give them  permission to place cookies on your computer. These cookies gather your information and give it to those websites, who then use it.There is a heated debate about the tracking industry around the world, and Apple was among the first to implement App Tracking Transparency in iOS 14.5 so that consumers could choose whether or not they wanted to be monitored by the apps on their phone. Facebook has never supported this feature because it believes that many advertising and marketing firms, including itself, would lose the opportunity to draw customers by displaying goods that they are interested in. Let’s look at the best anti-tracking software to keep our data, browser history, and online activities safe and secure while the debate over whether tracking users is warranted rages. Included in the anti-tracking software are:

  • Extensions for browsers that are secure
  • Using Desktop Programs
  • Use the Best Anti-Tracking Software, Plugins, and Apps (2024 Edition)

Since browsers are the tools you use to browse the internet, it is only fitting that we halt tracking operations at their source. The best way to stop trackers from gathering any information about you is to use a browser extension, also known as an add-on or plug-in. In general, browser extensions are free, low-resource consumers, and compatible with the majority of widely used browsers. The most widely used extensions to stop adverts from loading on the pages you visit are ad-blocking ones.

The best browser add-ons for blocking tracking (2024 Picks)

See which browser add-ons and plugins are most highly recommended for use in 2024.

1. Disconnect

blocking tracking
The free anti-tracking software Disconnect’s basic version is compatible with all widely used browsers, including Opera, Samsung Browser, Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome. Since trackers are used in online adverts, this plugin eliminates all ads and trackers, making webpages load 27% faster and using 17% less bandwidth overall. Along with the prohibited requests from Facebook, Twitter, and Google, it also shows the actual numbers at the bottom of the window.

Additionally, a Whitelist button is provided, which enables users to manually manage websites that may gather data as needed.

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2. Ghostery

Ghostery, which is available for Firefox, Opera, Edge, Cliqz, and Google Chrome, is the next extension on the list of free anti-tracking software. The UI is simple to use and intuitive, and users can personalise the settings. Many websites that have started utilising counter anti-tracking measures do not identify it and it also displays status at the bottom.

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3. AdGuard

One cannot overlook AdGuard when discussing the best anti-tracking software because it boasts having a sizable collection of filters made up of over 5000 rules. By following these guidelines, trackers can’t gather any data or information without the user’s consent. The enormous effort of blocking web trackers, advertisements, and any other tools that are ostensibly used to collect data is carried out by this specific extension. It also shows distinct quantities of trackers that have been blocked for each website, but it doesn’t specify what trackers have been blocked. When utilising a Virtual Private Network, this addon also offers the ability to mask your IP address and search engine query history.

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4. Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger
The next free anti-tracking software on the list is Privacy Badger, which works with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Firefox. The Electronic Frontier Foundation, a nonprofit organisation that concentrates on civil rights in the digital age, created this extension. It employs potent algorithms to prevent cookies, local super cookies, and other domains’ usage of fingerprinting techniques.

Users of Privacy Badger have the ability to personalise the filtering process, accept or refuse websites, and block cookies. The list of prohibited web trackers is clearly shown and includes names, numbers, and sources. Additionally, users have the option of importing and syncing their settings from one browser to another.

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5. uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin
The best descriptive approach of providing the numbers and information on what has been blocked is used by the last extension on the list of the best anti-tracking programmes, uBlock Origin. Users can also manually prohibit certain parts from appearing on a web page. This indicates that consumers have complete control to turn off JavaScript and stop pop-ups. On many web pages, users can apply customer filters, and trackers and sources are visible.

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Secure browsers and the best anti-tracking software

Secure browsers come with built-in tracker blocking as a default setting and a VPN to hide your IP address, so they do not require addons. To some extent, browser addons can assist prevent tracking, but if you’re looking for more privacy and are willing to switch to a new browser, here are three that are very effective at blocking tracking.

6. Cliqz

Cliqz Browser, which was created on the same platform as Firefox and is relatively comparable to it, is the first software on the list of the best anti-tracking programmes. Both Windows and Mac operating systems support its use. The anti-tracking feature is quite sophisticated because it prevents any suspicious data exchange when a user accidentally accepts and permits cookies while browsing. There is a Strict box option that, when chosen, bans the appearance of any advertisements.

In addition to Google and Bing, this browser’s address bar also offers the Cliqz search engine. The search engine’s outcomes are pertinent, and consumers can use any other search engine of their choosing thanks to the browser.

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7. Brave

blocking tracking
Brave is the next free anti-tracking software in the browser category on the list. This browser has long been regarded as one of the most secure browsers ever because of the superior privacy and security it offers. All user data utilised while browsing is retained on the user’s hard drive because the Brave browser does not keep or store any user information on its servers. This browser’s default use of the HTTPS protocol ensures that all communications between the user and the website are always encrypted. This is another key feature. The default settings prevent other security risks including malware, adware, trackers, and phishing.

The distinctive aspect of the Brave browser is that it manages a rewards system using its own currency, called BAT. Users can get this currency by watching adverts from Brave’s partners and giving money to the app’s creators. Users can still change some options, such as those for an ad blocker, cookies, social media, HTTPS, blocking scripts, etc., at their discretion, even if the majority of the necessary settings are set by default.

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8. Tor

Tor, which runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems, is one of the best browsers and a free anti-tracking software. This browser gives users the option to bypass geo-restrictions and access an anonymous network of proxies. Since this browser was created using the Mozilla Firefox platform, it is compatible with all Firefox add-ons and extensions. Users cannot alter any of the predetermined sets of parameters in this browser’s heightened privacy settings.

Standard mode, a standard browser mode that accomplishes nothing at all, is one of the predefined sets.
The next setting is Safer, where fewer advertising are shown but a few do occasionally. The last level is the safest and prevents practically all advertisements on websites that use Javascript. The Tor browser is the most well-tested browser that currently offers the highest level of security and protection, despite the fact that it does not provide a list of web trackers and their sources. It masks your IP address and detects advertisements, scripts, cookies, and fingerprints.

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In conclusion, Brave can be your pick if you’re looking for ease of use and a VPN and want the anonymity, security, and protection that the Tor browser offers. But Cliqz, which offers its own search engine, should be used if you wish to cut Google out of your life.

Desktop programmes that offer the best anti-tracking protection

If you want to find the best anti-tracking software, you may need to look beyond browser extensions and choose a comprehensive software that keeps track of all online actions on your PC. Numerous functions, like anti-tracking, ad blocking, anti-phishing, anonymous IP addresses, parental control, fingerprint management, and the management of all your browsing history and data, are available with this software.

9. AdGuard


The first anti-tracking programme that can be put on your software is called AdGuard, and it costs $30 for a personal subscription good for a year. Parental control, malware protection, cookie blocking, anonymous IP address, ad blocking, and anti-phishing are some of the features. Advanced users can set the deletion of cache and cookies in the stealth mode. Additionally, users can disable WebRTC, Flash, and Java content and tick do not track requests.

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The IP address concealment functionality does not function as a virtual private network because it only totally obscures system and browser settings, allowing the IP address to be found. However, these settings are more than adequate because this software is anti-tracking. Users can limit search results and restrict adult content using the Parental Control tool. All browsers and other programmes like Utorrent are compatible with the AdGuard without any problems.

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10. Avast AntiTrack Premium

Avast AntiTrack Premium

The following anti-tracking software on the list is Avast AntiTrack Premium Software, which was created by the long-established software company Avast, which is well-known for its Anti-Virus. This application offers an exclusive overview of the data consisting of everything that has been blocked and has an easy-to-use interface. This app’s main functions include anonymous browsing, banning all types of adverts, alerting on web trackers, restricting access to dubious websites, and anti-fingerprinting.

Even though the software is running in the browser’s tray, it effectively disables incoming ad scripts.
You are only able to view the data in the report tab; no changes can be made. The ability to alter the digital fingerprint in order to prevent de-anonymization is one of the most intriguing security features. After identifying efforts at tracking, the application automatically modifies fingerprints.

Final Thoughts on the Best Anti-Tracking Software

Anti-tracking software is accessible in a variety of tools, including desktop programmes, browser extensions, and add-ons. Users can install an extension on their preferred browser to easily block advertisements and trackers, or they can choose Tor or Brave if they feel more comfortable using a different browser. For the majority of extensions and browsers, there are free versions available.

People Often Request:

What does web tracking mean?

A user’s online actions, including buying, watching movies online, playing games, and browsing the internet in general, are all recorded and analysed as part of web tracking.

What is fingerprinting, exactly?

Your IP Address is a distinct set of numbers, just like your fingerprints. Your IP address is the only piece of information that is continuous and specific to a user, therefore it is used in the process known as “digital fingerprinting” to follow your online activities.

A: Can utilising extensions prevent fingerprinting?

A: Because browser extensions can shield users from what is being browsed on a certain browser, they cannot completely eliminate digital fingerprinting. A browser extension does not provide protection for any app-related internet activities.

A: What are the benefits of anti-tracking software?

A: Anti-tracking software helps users keep their online activity hidden from marketing firms and advertisers, so you won’t get personalised adverts for the item you just searched for.

A VPN is what?

A: Users can conceal their IP addresses and keep their anonymity by using virtual private networks.
They are a component of anti-tracking software, which also includes a number of modules, among which VPN is one.

Can I substitute an ad blocker for an anti-tracker?

A user’s computer typically receives trackers through advertisements. Therefore, an ad blocker can disable pop-ups and adverts on your computer, which would disable most trackers. A simple adblocker, however, cannot stop all trackers that employ cookies to monitor your online activity.

How do cookies work?

A: Third-party cookies are little files that are downloaded to the user’s computer and kept on their hard drive.
These cookies gather data on the user’s personal information to enable automatic sign-in for users. These cookies frequently save the things that are retained in the shopping cart while doing online buying so that they are already there when the user wants to finish the purchasing from the previous day.

What does phishing mean?

A: Phishing is a type of scam in which an uninvited party acquires knowledge of a user’s personal information and utilises it for illegal purposes.

A: Can phishing be prevented by anti-tracking software?

A: When a user tries to access a new website, Anti Tracking Software compares the user’s IP address to a database of dangerous websites and IP addresses. And By using anti-tracking browsers and plugins, you can make sure that you are using HTTPS, a secure and encrypted protocol that is only employed by reliable websites.

Do social media platforms monitor your internet activity?

A: Some of the most popular trackers of all time are social media websites and applications. They keep track of all your online activity and interests since it enables them to tailor their advertisements, suggestions, and recommendations to each user’s preferences and past behaviour.

How can I stop my PC from tracking me?

A: The most widely accepted advice from specialists throughout the world is to utilise anti-tracking software like AdGuard, which would offer comprehensive protection against trackers. If you’re seeking for a free alternative, though, the Tor browser is the best choice.

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