15+ Best Video Editing Software in 2024

Video editing software provides innovative and intriguing functions to help you realize your concept. Transform your photographs and videos into breathtaking films. Create confidently while living a happy life.

We have compiled a list of the best free video editing software, as well as a few affordable paid options, from across the web. Due to the fact that each business has distinct needs, we have described the most desirable characteristics of each product. Superior video editing tools can be used to make professional commercials for sites like Instagram, Tiktok, YouTube, and anywhere else you publish marketing videos.

Significance of Video Editing Software

If you possess passion, you could create excellent videos. To create a high-quality video, you will require software that enables you to edit, add visual effects, add animation and graphics, and save files in virtually any popular video format. The video editing software is really user-friendly. It is essential for optimal flow, identifying routes to success, moving scenes and ideas, sound editing, and audio flows.

Video editing is essential because it enables us to combine visuals and sound to create an immersive viewing experience. Video editing is unquestionably one of the most important jobs in the film industry. Skilled video editing may aid in the creation of an emotional masterpiece. That can significantly affect your film. Hence, selecting the ideal video editor is as important as selecting the proper photographic equipment.

15 Top Video Editing Software in 2024

Several easy-to-use video editing software may help you stand out and have you producing films like a pro in no time. Here is a list of the top 15+ video editing software for you.

1. Hippo Video

hippo video

Hippo Video facilitates efficient and simple video editing. For a faultless video, utilize a straightforward editing program. Hippo Video Editor allows users to edit recordings, cut, resize, and add text, symbols, and callouts. Also, you may import videos from anywhere and immediately begin editing them. Using our in-built editing tools, you’ll be able to create stunning films.

There’s so much to do while editing creatively. If you intend to alter something, do so with care. Extensive editing allows you to import video, add audio and video files, distribute big bespoke films by adding combined portions, modify clip settings, and more. Take your original revision and convert it into results in record time.

  • Make notes while recording – To find the best photos, use various annotation options such as highlighting, focussing, erasing, stopping, and playing.
  • Using our Chrome extension, you can stream films right from your browser and share them to YouTube, GDrive, Google Classroom, Gmail, and other social media networks.
  • Analyse and secure recordings – See how many people have viewed your films and how they are performing in real time. Moreover, you can password-protect your videos. Set an expiration timer for the shared video link.
  • This is available for $49 per month.

2. Magix Video Easy


Magix allows you to select and create your videos while also designing them. Templates, fonts, and transitions are equipped with header themes, an extensive selection of sequences, and automated magnify capabilities. The current style of Magix is immaculate and brilliant. The real layout has been reduced to the bare basics.

This way, you will only be working with the items you require. It is also simple to maintain everything. It is easy to showcase your most cherished memories. You decide where and when your film begins and ends. Sharing wonderful experiences with your audience via video is simple and quick.

  • There are no issues with the accurate appearance of a clip, regardless of whether the brightness, white balance, intensity, or color are incorrect. Our color correction tool will correct everything in only seconds.
  • You have complete control over the tempo, which can be increased or decreased as you see fit. With a few simple clicks, you can add astonishing time-drift and slow-mo effects to your video.
  • With a few simple clicks, you can publish your video to YouTube without having to worry about codes or file formats.
  • It costs $2.50 per month to purchase.

3. Movavi Video Editor Plus


Movavi’s controls are basic and intuitive. It does not take long to master fundamental features, but it takes 20 minutes to create a final video that is fully functional. It is enjoyable and uplifting to create videos using this, and it does not hinder work.

It contains elements that provoke thought. It is significantly more than a video editor. It is a user-friendly video editing application. Use a variety of video editing tools to produce more artistic outcomes. It provides excellent effects, titles, stickers, and other important added stuff.

Movavi is a wonderful tool for bringing innovative ideas to life and sharing them with the world. Use effects, animation, and pre-made intros to distinguish your clips. With Chroma Key, you can easily change the background of your films to whatever you like. The updated graphical user interface is so intuitive that there is no need to learn anything new. In a fraction of the time, analyze and show data.

Prefer the simplicity of Movavi over the complexity of other professional software – Create movies, attract and inspire people with Mavavi software instead of other professional software with complex settings and variants. This item is available for $69.5.

4. Hit Film 4 Express

hit film software

HitFilm Express features professional editing capabilities that include all of the industry-standard editing tools in a straightforward user interface. Whether you are creating fast game montages or theatrical cuts, the GPU accelerator enables you to maximize your hardware so you can concentrate on what matters.

HitFilm Express features the most powerful and complete free effects package available. It contains “Quick 3D” capabilities for adding realistic simulations to your films and making color adjustments. HitFilm provides watermark-free 4K outputs in industry-standard file formats. There are no restrictions, no watermarks, simply excellent software for presenting work properly.

Motion tracking and animation tools – In just a few clicks, you can create motion graphics with a professional appearance, track them onto moving objects, and use HitFilm’s pre-built Conduct features to create natural animations. It is created just for creators, with all the gadgets and excitement but none of the hassle. Motion Tracking, Unified 3D space, Behavior effects, Puppet tool, and Value graphs are among these technologies. It is accessible at no cost.

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5. Blender


Blender is currently being used in numerous short films, commercials, television programs, and feature films. The superior design and animation skills allow for this. Tools for animation include interpolated B-spline bones, an envelope, a skeleton, and automatic skinning.

It provides storyboarders and 2D artists with unparalleled production versatility. Combine 2D and 3D within the viewer using Layers and Colors for Stroke and Fill. Python manages the user interface of Blender. Texts, hues, and forms can all be modified. Use the dozens of community-made add-ons or create your own with Blender’s Python API.

Blender has developed a powerful objective route engine, cycles, which generate stunningly attractive renderings. Its rich modeling capabilities simplify the creation, modification, and modification of your items. Available tools include advanced sculpting and brushes, Multi-resolution and Dynamic subdivision, 3D painting with textured brushes, and masking.

This is possibly the most effective tracker in the industry. Blender has adequate cam and item tracking for manufacturers. In your 3D scenario, you can import raw video, track it, filter it, and observe the camera movements in real-time. Eliminating the requirement to switch programs. It is accessible at no cost.

6. Corel Video Studio Ultimate

vedio studio

Video Studio provides cutting-edge functionality and high-quality effects. Use constructed tools to import your clips or capture multi-camera footage in order to create your most engaging works. Sophisticated capabilities, such as color grading, video sealing, and hundreds of bespoke filters and premium addons, enable you to surpass simple creation. Upload your work to major platforms for online sharing and watching on multiple devices, fast uploading to YouTube, and CD burning with a custom menu.

Face Effects – With the newest Face Effects, everyone in your video will seem their best! Use simple settings to improve or clear your skin, adjust your face’s dimensions, and even the size of your eyes in order to achieve a decent facial structure. Gif Format – To display emotions and immediately share highlights and outlandish sequences across all websites, use GIF Maker to record a portion of your film and convert it into a short, continuous GIF clip.

Build Transitions – Construct transitions that combine scenes and alter them to appear more realistic or magnificent, similar to your favorite films. Face Indexing analyzes video using face detection to automatically identify and eliminate footage of each individual in a film, thereby saving time and streamlining the editing process. This item is available for $99.99.

7. Adobe Premiere Pro


Adobe Premiere Pro provides an appealing and adaptable solution to its users. Adobe Premiere Pro is a well-known piece of video editing software due to its well-known nonlinear editing interface, unparalleled ecosystem of tools, and extensive features. Since last year, several features have been upgraded and new features have been added, such as enhanced text, HDR support, graphics, and audio tools. These capabilities make the Editor a tool of choice for professionals.

Adobe attempts to expand its professional video editing software in modest increments, providing cutting-edge capabilities and enhancing the UI. It incorporates innovative features, such as Linked Clips, Auditions, and a Trackless Timeline, that can facilitate management and editing.

Why is Premiere Pro the preferred option?

  • A unique approach for captioning made it easier to add, split, and format captions, and an upgrade will enable automatic transcription.
  • To adjust effects, insert the desired content into pre-made templates. A motion graphic template allows for the substitution of text and branding.
  • Instead of copying and pasting each effect separately, it is now possible to copy and paste entire soundtracks to the next audio clip. Several obsolete audio effects have been updated, thus you will need to update your works accordingly.
  • HDR-content with an expanded color and brightness range.
  • The annual cost of paying in advance is $239.88, whereas the monthly cost is $59.99.

8. Final Cut Pro

final cut pro

Final cut pro is Apple’s professional video editing application. Final Cut Pro has been substantially overhauled to facilitate incredibly rapid production. It combines video production with effective media management and exceptional performance. The primary functions of Final Cut Pro include:

It improves the playing stability of AC3 audio. On selecting Computer as the format, there was no Video Codec choice. Currently, it resolves issues with the Export File sharing destination. Utilizing Final Cut to complete your task with even and smooth outcomes is advantageous. It also facilitates the maintenance and organization of your materials.

  • Innovative video editing – The magnetic timeline utilizes robust metadata and Clip Links for rapid and simple editing. The Drag-and-Drop Item Tracker is a useful instrument.
  • It dynamically relates titles and effects to the behavior of features or things. It modifies the focus points or depth effect for video.
  • Effective Media Equipment – Organize your materials into groupings to facilitate media planning and interaction. For functionality and portability, you should create proxy backups of your data.
  • It enhances the speed and functionality of Apple computers.
  • This item is available for $299.99.

9. Cyber Link Power Director 365

cyber link

PowerDirector is an intuitive, feature-rich video editing application. It provides macOS and Windows users with the most recent and user-friendly technologies. The application bridges the gap between professional and user-friendly video editing. It has been consistently proactive in its pursuit of new forms and technology. This even includes tools to help you create a visually stunning digital video with transitions, graphics, and captions. Moreover, it is user-friendly and renders swiftly.

  • AI Sky Change – In editing tools such as Skylum Luminar and Adobe Photoshop, this type of automated tool has becoming increasingly common.
  • Wind Elimination and AI Speech Enhancing are two innovative audio technologies that reduce background noise levels.
  • Soundtracking Connections – The newly designed Fit Audio Duration tool enables you to modify the background sound duration in your clip while maintaining the track’s genre and tempo.
  • Object Segmentation is a method for classifying items into distinct categories. Green screening without the need for a green screen is the essence of Object Segmentation.
  • The Power Director automatically selects the subject, allowing you to remove or modify the setting.
  • The price is $69.99 annually or $19.99 each month.

10. Pinnacle Studio Ultimate

pinnacle; Video Editing Software

With the assistance of Pinnacle Studio 25 Ultimate’s potent tools, cinema-quality effects, and unrivaled precision, you can transform your fundamental artistic concepts into spectacular masterpieces appropriate for the big screen. Why limit your imagination? Instead, you must adapt your idea into a script.

With Pinnacle Studio’s array of exceptional features and precise controls, you may achieve the astonishing counter results you seek. Use the color palette and allow colors to enter. Enjoy spectacular effects, which give your story depth, add action and dimensions, and music, which plays an important role.

  • Smart object tracking – With the most up-to-date Smart Object Tracking, adaptive pattern motion tracking for masks fitted to common items, you can work more efficiently and save a tremendous amount of time.
  • New Blend Modes – Blend Modes provide on-the-fly adaptation, allowing you to select how one clip blends with another, from providing a layered effect to blending covered sections, light flows, and other colors’ exposure characteristics.
  • Utilizing distinctive sound patterns to remove background noise. Multi-channel sound mixing with pitch modification.
  • This item is available for $121.99.
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11. DaVinci Resolve 16

DaVinci Resolve Studio 16.0 Free Download - ALL PC World; Video Editing Software

Black magic Design DaVinci Resolve Studio 16 features a brand-new Cut page for the editing, color management, Fusion VFX, and Fair light audio post-production modules. Long ago, Resolve grew from a color grading application to a more comprehensive post-production tool.

Resolve incorporates all of these advanced features into a single software application. Simply navigate to the tab that contains the desired toolkit. Moreover, Resolve features a rich collaborative workflow and multiple control mechanisms, including the Resolve Editor Keyboard.

It is perfect for offline and online processing because to its new editing capabilities. Even with processor-intensive formats such as H.264 and RAW, the enhanced playback mechanisms permit lightning-fast editing and slicing. New Fusion VFX Features – The potent 3D compositing engine allows you to effortlessly connect filters and instruments via a flowchart.

You have a well-connected, powerful digital audio studio with a robust mixer. New Color Features- Color approaches allows you to modify color in a way that would be impossible with other programs, allowing you to create effects that would otherwise be unreachable. This item is available for $295.00.

12. Movie Studio

movie studio; Video Editing Software

Video editing with a movie studio is simple and straightforward. To create the ideal environment, improve films, and alter colors. It is easy to obtain shaky footage while recording due to wind or frantic movement, but the film studio ensures image stabilization.

Modify lighting, intensity, and color instantly or with care. Moreover, the Platinum and Suite editions operate on particular color ranges. A basic clip’s color, light, and contrast levels can be matched with a few mouse clicks. To create unique split screens and video collages, adjust the position and size of films directly on the video screen using the easy locks.

  • Adaptable software interface – For on-screen video processing, use the comprehensive overview or switch to Storyboard style for greater visibility.
  • Various editing tools – With options such as Divide and Remove beginning, you can select the optimal strategy. With function keys, you can access any of the features.
  • Wizards – It helps with the task.
  • GPU support guarantees that huge projects, including multiple effects and color correction, run efficiently.
  • This item is available for $129.0.

13. Nero Video

nero; Video Editing Software

Nero Video offers multitrack video editing in HD, 4K, and 8K formats, in addition to a variety of themes and effects. Professional features, such as alpha channel (green screen) and PiP effects, as well as AI-based media management and control for edge-to-edge video, produce an exceptionally simple clip. Nero Video enables you to make expressive rapid changes. Media is intelligently organized according to AI Labels, Persons, and Spots. It permits creation, playback, and streaming.

  • Managing-Introduce your photos and videos from smartphones, external storage devices, Flash drives, video recorders, and HD and 4K cameras to your computer, and store them uniformly in your Nero Media Home media library for further formatting, complete with the availability of information such as recording date, locations, and people depicted.
  • Using the most up-to-date film templates, which include an effect drop zone, they may create one-of-a-kind personal videos on topics such as families, festivals, adventure, sports, and many more.
  • Regarding exporting and burning, Nero Video makes no format concessions. You can alter videos in 4K, Full HD, and SD to the highest quality possible. Thus scenes from lengthy episodes can be exported individually. Finalize your DVD Videos TM by making the necessary modifications.
  • This item is available for $44.45

14. Apple iMovie

imovie; Video Editing Software

Make your footage appear to be from a film. It is not easier than with iMovie to create stunning, cinematic-quality video and to let your thoughts flow. With iPhone’s new Magic Movie and Storyboards, you can build your masterpiece from scratch and even receive assistance structuring the plot.

When it comes to cinematic narrative, you sit in the director’s chair. You may easily adjust and combine video clips captured in Cinematic mode1 on iPhone 13 to create more artistic and professional sequences. High-Resolution Filters, which allow you to apply filters to particular segments or your entire film and alter their intensity, are available on your iPhone.

Soundtracks – On iOS, there are approximately 100 distinct soundtracks that change dynamically to match the length of your footage. Appear wherever you desire and travel to your desired destination without ever leaving your home. With green-screen effects, you may instantaneously transfer yourself or your players to exotic locales.

Create Trailers – You have an abundance of videos. And you’ve always desired a career in filmmaking. iMovie trailers allow you to rapidly create exciting movie trailers in the Hollywood manner from any of your footage. It is accessible at no cost.

15. WonderShare Filmora

wonder share; Video Editing Software

Using Filmora video editing software, you can create an incredible video. Wondershare Filmora is an easy-to-use video editor with all the necessary editing tools to create Hollywood-style film clips with titles, textures, and animations from any clip, sound, or image source. Clips can be edited and customized by dividing, cutting, resizing, twisting, applying fade in and fade out effects, and adjusting the timing, among other techniques.

Use methods such as contrast, opacity, sharpness, and colour to enhance your footage. One touch is required to record video and audio with a camera and microphone. Use speed up, slow down, and voice-expanded version to make audio/video processing more fun.

Transitions and effects – It has a variety of transitions and effects, making it professional. To provide life to static images, utilize transitions between films and movement effects on photographs. Add elegant captions to your videos and photos with font, color, and other elements that may be customized for improved video content delivery. You may share your videos with family and friends in a matter of seconds. Upload your video to YouTube and promote it on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. This item is available for $79.99.

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