How To Change The SEO Title In WordPress 2024

How To Change The SEO Title In WordPress will be described in this article. This comprehensive tutorial teach you how to modify the WordPress SEO title. You can add keywords to this HTML field to help improve a web page’s ranks and traffic from search engines like Google & the Yahoo, and Bing, therefore changing the SEO title is crucial.

The “meta title” or “page title” are other names for the SEO title. Regarding instructions found in the WordPress content management system, all of these phrases are interchangeable.

How To Change The SEO Title In WordPress 2024

In this article, you can know about How To Change The SEO Title In WordPress here are the details below;

1. Install an SEO Plugin

Installing a plugin will enable you to change the SEO title information on WordPress, as it is not editable by default.

The most well-liked (and cost-free) WordPress plugins for this use are as follows:

  • All-In-One SEO (AISEO)
  • RankMath
  • Yoast

Since the functionality of each of these plugins is identical, following these detailed instructions will enable you to modify the SEO titles for your WordPress blog posts and pages.

Simply select one of these plugins, install it, & the activate it on your WordPress website as the first step.

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(Note: There is an instruction book available if you would like to learn the many methods of adding keywords to WordPress without the need for plugins.)

2. Open the Blog Post or Page

The procedure’s second step involves opening an already-existing blog post or page or starting from scratch.

3. Scroll Down to the SEO Metadata Section

To access the newly added SEO metadata section beneath the content editor in the WordPress dashboard, you must scroll down after opening your blog post or page.

The SEO plugin you’re using will determine how the user interface appears. and that phrase or “Post Title” may be used to designate the space for the SEO title. Nevertheless, regardless of the plugin being utilised, the process for modifying the SEO title is the same.

The SEO title box in the majority of SEO plugins contains placeholder text like “Post Title,” “Separator,” or “Site Title.” If you would like, you can remove these variables so that in the following step you can start over with a new title. Also check Best Website Builder Features

Scroll Down to the SEO Metadata Section

4. Change the SEO Title

The next action is to update this field and make a simple adjustment to the SEO title.

The SEO title field may appear automatically in the SEO metadata box, or it may require a click on the “Edit Snippet” button.

You will see a character counter next to the new SEO title as you create it. You can see how many characters you have used in the SEO title so far with this tooltip.

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Change the SEO Title

Making your meta titles 60 characters or fewer is a recommended practice for SEO title optimisation, since this will ensure that all of the information appears in Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) for your website.

In the event that the SEO title exceeds the allotted 60 characters, Google will truncate the meta title and display ellipses for your web page listing, signifying that the page listing contains more content than it is able to display in the search engine results.

5. Preview the SEO title in the Google Snippet

You can see an example of how your new SEO title will look as a Google snippet in each SEO plugin. This enables you to preview how the title will appear to search engine users and make necessary adjustments.

Preview the SEO Title In the Google Snippet

6. Save the Blog Post or page

Saving the blog post or page is the last step in modifying the SEO title. The updated SEO title data will be saved in the WordPress document once you save it, making it easier for the search engine & the crawlers to find and index the page. Also check SEO tools 

Changing the SEO Title in wordPress Summary

I hope this tutorial on changing the WordPress SEO title was helpful to you.

As you found out, altering the WordPress SEO title merely requires six simple steps. However, as it is not built into the content management system natively, you will need to install a plugin in order to use this feature on a WordPress website.

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