10 Best Age Progression Apps for Android and iOS

Predicting your future appearance in your current age is hilarious. Thankfully, a number of established businesses and innovative startups have created age prediction apps. It may take some digging to find the best age progression software, as both App Store and Google Play Store are flooded with options.
Most face-altering programs let you go from a younger to an older appearance, or vice versa. Sharing your experiences on various social media platforms is a breeze with these apps. The best age progression apps for Android and iOS are listed here.

10 Best Age Progression Apps for Android and iOS

How can you choose the best age calculator? Several indicators can be used, including ease of use, functionality, and user reviews. Based on the aforementioned criteria, we have compiled a list of the top 10 age progression apps for your mobile device.

1. FaceApp


With over 100 million downloads from the Play Store, FaceApp is one of the most downloaded age progression apps ever made. Selfies worthy of a magazine cover may now be created with the help of AI and this free app. Experience mind-blowing metamorphoses like changing your gender, changing your hair, and, most importantly, changing your age.
In addition to its many other features, FaceApp also lets you apply filters to your impression, change your appearance, and even add tattoos. You can modify your photos in many ways, from adding filters and lens blur to adding smiley faces. To switch the background, tap the screen.
Your selfies will never be the same after downloading FaceApp. This program is useful if you want to try out a new hairstyle or grow a mustache and beard before committing to the change. The AI-enhanced version of FaceApp is a free download for both iOS and Android users. You can buy extra features within the software itself.

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2. AgingBooth

Aging Booth

You may check out how you might age by using AgingBooth. Use this app to add years to your selfies, group photos, and family snapshots. Make it more interesting by telling your loved ones about it via email and social media like Twitter and Facebook.
Learning your future appearance is a lot of fun. This program does a lot more than just age your pictures. To be stunned, just choose an effect (or more) from Booth Collection. As an added bonus, it lets you pick out a single face from a group shot. It’s also worth noting that AgingBooth can be used even when there’s no internet connection.
An intuitive UI is more practical. To see the difference between the before and after shots, simply shake the device. Photos taken with the camera or from the gallery can also be manipulated and stored to the gallery’s photo library. Faces between the ages of 15 and 60 work well in the AgingBooth.

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3. Make Me Old

Make Me Old

If you want a straightforward age progression app, Give Make Me Old a try. Like similar apps, this one lets you alter your appearance by adding or subtracting years off your face. Although it lacks AI, it does have state-of-the-art representation technology, which makes the results look remarkably realistic.
Make Me Old uses a facial recognition scanner to find your picture and alter it accordingly. Moreover, a position marker and hilarious stickers can be added for enhanced accuracy. Post your finished project online. With this program, you can scan not only the faces of those close to you, but also those of celebrities and the people you admire.
Exactly how does it function? This program is really simple to use. Simply launch the camera, perform a facial scan, and the app will show you how you’ll look in the future. With Make Me Old, you may make your eyes bigger and thinner for a more realistic appearance. If you own an Android device, you can get a free app that will let you view your photos there.

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4. Fantastic Face

Fantastic Face; age progression apps

Next up is the over 10 million times downloaded Fantastic Face from the Play Store. It’s more than just a tool for fooling people into thinking you’re a different age. Your facial features could be analyzed and a report generated. The study’s findings will shed light on hitherto unknown aspects of your appearance.
Numerous tools and options are available in Fantastic Face. Its principal uses are emotion detection, daily face analysis, age estimation, and birth forecasting. As if the competition weren’t entertaining enough, there’s also a “smile off” and a “best dressed” round. As an alternative, you can use the Celebrity Match feature to find famous people who share your appearance.
In addition to a love compatibility calculator and a palmistry predictor, this versatile tool also provides insights into your professional and financial futures. Have fun filling out the form and learning about yourself!

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5. Age Recognition App

Age Recognition App; age progression apps

This amazing face app has a ton of cool options. Besides figuring out how old a person is, the Age Recognition App’s facial scanner is capable of reading their emotions and even their race. Moreover, this program may ascertain your location, sex, and circumstance, among other things.
Information about anyone can be easily gathered with the use of Age Recognition software. If you want to send a personalized gift to a friend, family member, or crush, all you have to do is take or upload a photo of them. Their approximate age, social standing, mood, and ethnicity can all be deduced in a matter of seconds.
Furthermore? Among the many features of this top-tier anti-aging program is a camera button, scanning equipment, an intuitive interface, and a thorough examination of the user’s brain. Everything you need is included in a highly flexible piece of software that you can get for nothing.

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6. Oldify

Oldify; age progression apps

The entertaining program Oldify helps you imagine how you might look in the far future. Users may quickly and easily find their aging face thanks to the app’s straightforward and straightforward layout.
There are a lot of cool features in this age progression tool. To make you look older, facial recognition technology simply scans your face and applies a mathematical formula to the results. Adjusting the true position with the marker is simple with face adjustment. Under the right circumstances, a simple tap can make your face look years older. How would you switch it back? If you want to switch modes on your device, just give it a shake. Make room on your mobile device’s or external storage medium’s memory for the altered photo. You might also use the various social media platforms to show off your old photos to your friends.

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7. What Will I Look Like Old Face

What Will I Look Like Old Face; age progression apps

You do not have to wait till you are 80 years to see your old face. The purpose of this tool is to help you visualize how you might look when you reach a certain age. This tool can make you look older or younger, depending on your selection. With just one tap, you can use it on any photo in your gallery or captured with the camera to change the subject’s age.
Through the use of facial recognition technology, this program can artificially age a photo. With the help of AI, it can handle most of your picture processing needs. Put it to the test on your loved ones and yourself, then choose the age you want to look like. It’s user-friendliness is comparable to that of other programs in its category: quite fundamental. To convert an image, simply select it and click “upload.” The result will be displayed within seconds.
What Will I Look Like Old Face offers a collection of filters that simulate aging. Select the one you like most and save the result. You can also share on social media and gain more likes than you can think. For the most accurate results, only front-facing images should be utilized.

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8. Face Cam

Face Cam; age progression apps

This app allows iPhone and iPad users to have fun with front-facing photos. Face Cam, which has a 4.0 rating on the App Store, uses artificial intelligence technology for more precise face swapping. It also contains art filters that allow you to apply a range of artistic effects to images, such watercolor paints, sketches, oil paintings, and many others.
To use the face swap function, you must import two images from your gallery or take them directly with your camera. Once imported, use ancient face filters to see how you may appear in the future. You can apply a multitude of stickers to make your photos more appealing.
Face Cam allows you to add wrinkles and gray hair to photographs to make them appear more authentic. All of these activities are possible without an internet connection. Moreover, this software does not keep your images, protecting your privacy.

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9. Face Story

Face Story; age progression apps

This is a popular face switching and aging software for iOS users. With several hundreds of possibilities, it provides alternative photo manipulation. Face Story provides what you need, whether you’re inquisitive about your appearance in a new gender or as you age.
Add wrinkles and alter the color of your hair to make your face appear many decades older. Or, uncover your celebrity twin and share with your relatives. Enhance your shot after obtaining the result by altering the layer, filter, and brightness, among other things. Everything can be resolved in a matter of seconds.
In addition to swapping gender and age, you can trim images using facial detection. It also facilitates the transformation’s processing. Face Story is incredibly user-friendly, so even individuals with minimal editing knowledge may effortlessly manage the project. This app is available for free download with in-app purchases. However, it also provides subscriptions starting at $4.99 a week or $49.99 for life.

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10. Make Me Old Photo Montage Editor

Make Me Old Photo Montage Editor; age progression apps

This software, which has a 3.0 rating on the App Store, changes your photo to make you appear 30 years older. It produces a camera effect that ages your face in a couple of seconds. This is the program you need, therefore there is no need to seek for other iOS programs.
What capabilities does this application possess? You may construct a collage with face stickers and edit a photo using a face changer. With the help of cool camera stickers, photos can be manipulated and made awesome. Upload an image from your mobile device to get started.
In addition to its tasks, this application adds realistic photo effects to selfies and photographs. Share each changed photo on social networking networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The software is available for free, however additional content can be bought through in-app purchases.

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Which age progression apps did you like the most? Whether you’re frustrated with regular picture editors or simply want to mislead your pals, these face applications provide hours of enjoyment. Determine your future facial appearance using the age progression apps and share it with others!

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