How To Stop SCRCPY Closing As Soon As You Open It

How To Stop SCRCPY Closing As Soon As You Open It will be discussed in this article. If SCRCPY closes without displaying an error message as soon as you launch it. This post will walk you through a few easy steps you may take to address the issue. Fortunately, it doesn’t seem to be a serious problem; instead, it appears to be a bothersome minor glitch that needs to be reset for SCRCPY to function correctly on your device.

The greatest and free program for seeing and managing Android devices on Windows, Mac, and Linux is SCRCPY. Along with being incredibly feature-rich and easy to use, it offers a tonne of options and functions. SCRCPY 2.0 and later devices running Android 11 or higher can also stream audio straight to your PC. For Android 10 devices, or for those who prefer not to use SCRCPY 2.0, SNDCPY can be used for audio forwarding.

How To Stop SCRCPY Closing As Soon As You Open It

In this article you can know about How To Stop SCRCPY Closing As Soon As You Open It here are the details below;

Even though SCRCPY is simple to use, many users report that it closes as soon as they open it. There are a number of possible causes for this, but if you followed the setup instructions exactly, there’s a good chance it was a problem. Thus, confirm that everything is configured correctly, then take the actions listed below to get rid of the bothersome small problem preventing SCRCPY from opening on your device.

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Note: Try this tutorial if you follow all the instructions below and the issue of crashing persists.

How do you stop SCRCPY closing as soon as you open it? SCRCPY keeps closing whenever I open it.

To prevent SCRCPY from shutting down the moment you open it, there are a few fast steps you need to take. Also check How To Fix Zoom Error Code 3160 

  • Disconnect your phone from your computer first, then turn off and then back on the Developer options.
  • After completing that, if you are using a Chinese device, return to the settings and enable USB Debugging along with any additional options that may be necessary.
  • After completing this, unlock your phone by connecting it to your computer once more.

How do you stop

  • When your phone is connected and unlocked, your computer will recognize it. You can now use your device to run SCRCPY, accept the RSA Fingerprint prompt, and then launch SCRCPY once more. It ought to connect without a hitch.

Your computer will detect your phone is connected and unlocked

In the event that this is ineffective, unplug your phone one more, switch the cable, and reconnect it. An imperfect or slightly broken cable may occasionally result in a connection problem that stops appropriate data flows. Also check How To Fix Spotify Keeps Crashing Error 

If you are switching between several different devices, you will probably need to repeat this process from time to time. SCRCPY and your phone occasionally have issues switching between different devices for unknown reasons. Fortunately, all you have to do is unplug and reattach your device after resetting USB Debugging and Developer Options. Not merely the most recent versions of SCRCPY can be used with this procedure. This problem has existed for some time.

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You should confirm that everything is configured correctly if, despite following all the instructions up to this point, SCRCPY is still closing as soon as you open it. Make sure the cable you’re using permits file transfers between your devices as well. You will not be able to use SCRCPY if it doesn’t. If you are certain that everything you did was proper, see this guide for further SCRCPY crashing fixes.

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