How To Turn Off Waze App Completely When Not In Use

Waze app is a GPS navigation software that uses crowd-sourced information to help its users get where they need to go. However, it is always running, so you’ll need to find a method to turn it off.
Once you close it, your position will still be tracked. Keep reading this piece if you want to find out how to turn it off. If you leave Maps running constantly, you’ll quickly run down your battery.
Additionally, you will not feel at ease because it is constantly sending you alerts and keeping tabs on all of your drives. If you want to know how to deactivate the app, you should first know what it is and how it works on your mobile device.

What is Waze app?

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The Waze software is a traffic tracking and sharing tool. Information on traffic conditions, delays, detours, accidents, and police patrols can be found in such dispatches.
Using crowdsourcing, the Waze app makes guidance faster and more accurate than other similar apps. Users of the Waze app are able to communicate with one another and exchange relevant information. For this reason, the Waze app can be compared to social media navigation in that it enables Wazed users to share traffic information in a particular area.
Waze users can collaborate to find the quickest and easiest route to their location for all users. If you usually travel by car, this will undoubtedly shorten the time it takes you to get there. The user’s usual commute routes, destinations, and homecoming time will all be recorded by this app.
When comparing Google Maps and Waze, Google Maps has many more voice navigation choices. Even on the journey, there are practical alternatives. If you want to give information to other Waze users, you can record your speech and share it with them. The ability to use Spotify while using Waze is a unique and interesting function not available in other navigation apps.

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Waze Can Be Used Offline

There may be times and places where you have no access to the internet while journeying. Perhaps your data limit was suddenly reached, or perhaps you were in an area where your internet service provider had no reception. When venturing into uncharted territory, this can be a source of worry.
Waze can be used even when you don’t have internet connection, so you can use it without worry. Waze will remember your chosen location and route until you close the app on your mobile device. Keep reading this piece to learn how to turn off the Waze app in case you’re confused about the process.

Location Services from Waze App

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Waze makes use of your phone’s Tracking capabilities while you’re behind the wheel. Consequently, Waze can pinpoint your location on the MAP and warn you of any traffic or road hazards you may face. Based on the current position of the MAP and the desired route, the Waze app can function in either of two ways.

Location Service for Waze MAP

Waze can be directly activated to ensure that it functions when the app is launched. Select “Settings” and then “Private” to enable this function. Next, choose “Location Service” and then “Waze,” after which “You see: Never / Always” will show as a toggle.

If you’d prefer to wait to launch Waze until you actually need it, you can select “Never” from the drop-down menu. If you choose “Always,” your Waze software will run in the background without you having to actively launch it. If you take the same route to work every day, “Always” is the best choice. Waze can now function in the background thanks to this functionality. It’s important to note that Waze’s reliance on location services ends as soon as you switch it out of the background.

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Location Change Reporting (For iOS Only)

Waze makes use of position change reporting when it is synced with your iPhone’s calendar. If you have a drives reminder set up in your schedule, this app will launch itself at the appropriate time. Because the iPhone uses operator data and Wi-Fi, battery life will suffer.

How To Turn Off Waze App


You should know how to disable the Waze software now that you understand how it operates on your phone. Keeping Waze open at all times will use a lot of battery life and may even cause problems with your phone. The methods below will walk you through turning off the Waze app.

  • Launch the Waze app’s options and head to the Advanced tab.
  • After that, choose the category “General.”
  • To turn off the Waze program, simply slide the Location Change Reporting option off.

However, you should double-check the mobile phone’s state indicator. It’s recommended that the status bar no longer display signs for location services. You can check if any other programs are secretly making use of GPS by seeing if the location services icon is still visible.
Using the iOS Drive reminder and Time To Depart tools can help you conserve battery life while using the Waze app. These two features help preserve power while still allowing you to use the Waze program. Even though you know how to stop Waze from running, you still have to make a decision about whether to let it use your position or turn off the Waze Location service altogether.


These techniques can be used to save energy or to stop the Waze app from recording every journey. You can get the most out of the Waze app and speed up your everyday commute by using all of its features.

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