Top 10 Best karma Alternatives In 2023

Best karma Alternatives will be discussed in this article. Karma is a Food Sharing Application that enables users to find delicious and tasty food to save the world by doing the minor things on the earth. You can request and buy food from the wide library of over 9000 restaurants, cafes, bakeries, supermarkets, etc. Furthermore, you want to take deals the brand offers, become the first to see unsold and latest deals and start following brands.

The surprise bags and surplus food will be available to you at discounted prices. Download the App and help the community to save and rescue food waste.


  • Rescue Food Waste
  • Many Items
  • Discover Brands
  • Discounted Prices
  • Gift Cards

Top 10 Best karma Alternatives In 2023

In this article, you can know about karma Alternatives here are the details below;

1. Olio


Olio is a Sharing application that enables users to share those things that are of no use to them and don’t throw it away. Olio – Share More, Waste Less offers ingenious methods and you can share everything in your home instead of food, like clothes, books, vegetables, furniture, toys, cleaning products, kitchen gadgets, and more. The process is simple: snap and upload a photo, choose the pickup location, get notified of the request, check the user profile, and share.

2. Imperfect Foods

Imperfect Foods

Imperfect Foods is a Food Saving, Sharing, and Delivering Application that enables users to get their favorite surplus food items at low cost at their doorstep. Using Imperfect Foods, you can contribute to creating a world with less food waste with each weekly grocery purchase. Imperfect Foods is a grocery store that offers hundreds of delicious products, including snacks, pantries, plant-based, dairy, meat & fish, and more that you can add to your cart. Furthermore, you can save money, time. Also check  Watchasian Alternatives

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3. Food Rescue US

Food Rescue US

Food Rescue US is a Food Saving Application that links companies with extra food to organizations that fight hunger, rescue food, and help the environment. This App uses a fantastic way to reduce food waste & give back to the community, no matter you are a company for the service or a volunteer to help transport food. Additionally, it makes it simpler for volunteers to move the food from one place to another.

4. GoMkt


GoMkt is a Food Saving and Sharing Application founded by Matthew Holtzman that helps businesses reduce food waste by offering customers different deals. GoMkt encourages you to support nearby restaurants and stores that report having surplus stock. Using the App, you can obtain push notifications for local product offerings or browse for the specified product. In order to connect bigger food businesses with charities, composters, and other facilities, the platform intends to grow to include them to save money.

5. Food for All

Food for All

Food for All is a Food Sharing Application that helps restaurants interact with customers and provide food normally thrown away. Using this App, you can buy food up to an hour before the restaurants shut down and get discounted items to save money. Furthermore, you can enter your location to view deals in nearby towns and collect up your orders at the restaurant’s specified time. Using Food for All, you are able to give food donations to people who.

6. YourLocal


YourLocal is another food-saving application that enables users to buy food deals from their nearest stores at discounted prices to prevent food waste. Using YourLocal – Save surplus food, you can discover local shops and restaurants and select and purchase food you like up to 70% off. Furthermore, you can complete a list of your cited grocery stores and restaurants on YourLocal, and you can sign up for notifications when they offer deals on their leftover food.

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7. Flashfood


Save food from Landfills using Flashfood, Food Saving Application that helps users rescue fresh food items like meat, milk, etc, that are near to expiration date. You can save money and find groceries from your nearest grocery stores, including fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, bread, dairy items, and more. Furthermore, track items on the App, add to your cart and purchase directly from your phone. Follow brands to get updates about the latest deals from your favorite stores. Also check Totalsportek

8. nosh


nosh is a Food Management Application that enables users that enables users to easily track, organize, and manage the food in their fridge. Using nosh –  Reduce food waste, you can check what food you have, check expiry dates, plan your meals, create integrated shopping lists, and avoid unnecessary purchases to save money. Furthermore, it also allows you to track your grocery list and food, which is eaten or expired, and delete them. You can add items manually, scan.

9. Kitche


Kitche is a Home Food Waste Application that enables users to save food and money by tracking, organizing, and managing their food lists. You can add food items to the list using different methods like scanning receipts, typing your text, adding voice, or using barcodes. The App also allows you to track your food, check expiry dates, and get reminders to eat the food. Furthermore, it provides 1000+ tasty recipes according to the items in your stock.

10. FoodCloud


FoodCloud is another Food Sharing Platform that connects businesses, receives surplus food, and shares it with local charities and community groups. Using FoodCloud, users can contribute and rescue food to help the planet by sharing and wasting less. Charities and community groups in the field help to save the food and struggle to provide it to those who need it the most. FoodCloud connects and shares expertise with other food banks to keep good food from going to waste.

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